Saturday, October 18, 2008

Japanese Rice Bran Beauty

Look what this lucky gal got in the mail!!

Those are Komenuka Bijin Cleansing Powder samples!

Product Description:

Komenuka Bijin features rice bran in pure, concentrated beauty formulas. Rice bran (the outer hull of the rice grain) is the secret of the ageless Japanese complexion. It contains over 107 known antioxidants including Vitamins E and B, gamma oryzanol, and lipoic acid. Rice bran is a superior exfoliator, deep cleaning without tearing like botanicals, and without drying like soap. Rice oil's smaller molecular properties are better absorbed than other oils. Each formula is combined with other natural ingredients to produce tangible improvements in the health and appearance of your skin and hair.

Benefit from the miracle that's been around for centuries!

Komenuka Bijin's concentrated formulas let you use less and see results sooner, making these products an extraordinary value. Try the samples, and see for yourself what Japanese women have known for generations about the anti-aging power of rice bran. (source: True Renu website)

When I first started on my Japanese beauty product kick, my friend Jamie gave me the Komenuka Bijin travel set for my birthday. I loved it, particularly the moisturizer. My face just drank it in and stayed moisturized and supple. A little dab went a long way. Beautiful. When I ran out after a month, I purchased full size moisturizer and cleansing foam from True Renu and Miki's Beauty Shop, both which in turn sent me a bunch of samples.

Sadly, the full size moisturizer wasn't as dense as the travel size. It seemed a lot thinner and runnier. Winter came around and it just did not cut it. I'd wash my face, moisturize, and within minutes my face would be dry and flaking. Eek! (I have combination/dry skin, by the way.) Then there would be times where I'd washed my face and apply moisturizer...and feel a burning sensation on my skin. Double eek!

Well I know the rice bran makes the cleansing foam a natural, gentle exfoliator...gentle for those with normal or at least non-dry skin, but for me it was too much as daily use on my skin, so it was back to trying out different facial cleansers and moisturizers for me.

However, I look forward to trying the cleansing powder samples and while I'm at it, might as well use the other samples I'd gotten. I like the idea of using products with natural ingredients and benefits for your skin (even if this one wasn't the best for me in winter, it did prove to be great during the summer).

The travel set has been discontinued but if you're interested in trying Komenuka Bijin, you can purchase sample sets for $2.99 from Komenuka Bijin or $4.95 from True Renu (you'll have to check how much shipping is). Also, Miki's Beauty Shop currently has a promotion that if you make a $75 purchase, you receive 10 packs of cleansing powder FREE ($12 value).


  1. awwwwww YAY for Komenuka samples and goodies that make our face feel YUMMY!!

    and YAY for samples that don't make us feel guilty for breaking the bank to "try it"

    good stuff!!!

    p.s. i think you're sister needs a blogger too!!

  2. the cartoon on those jars look like snow white haha

    yea the brush is pretty neat... its soft enough... so its alrite... just to sweet off excesss.. since i want somethin more softer for my face since its sensitive...

  3. I noticed so many bloggers are into Japanese products all of a sudden. I don't blame them because they have the coolest things! :)

    Thank you! :) I'm glad I look young for my age (profile age)... lol~


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