Monday, October 13, 2008

Moisture Mania Review

Quick review of the new goodies I'd gotten in Moisture Mania.

The Merlot™ Grape Seed Moisturizer is simply wonderful. I was lucky to get a small sample packet at Walgreens to try beforehand. The texture was a bit thicker than my usual moisturizers, and somewhat like a soft, non-greasy petroleum jelly. It absorbed quickly, and my skin was super dry so I reapplied after a few minutes and that absorbed quickly as well (no icky layer of moisturizer over your dry skin). Note though, when I bought the full size jar with the free travel sample, the texture was completely different; it had the light, fluffy texture I'd expected from a face cream. It's advertised as "fragrance free" but has a light grapefruit scent.

The Merlot™ Moonlight Radiance Night Cream was super thick...I don't even think thick describes it. When I first put my finger into the jar, it felt like I'd hit recently melted and cooled down wax....yeah. But that too absorbed quickly, and left a cooling sensation on my skin (ever been slightly sunburned and put aloe vera on afterwards? It felt like that, cooling relief). It also seemed to whiten/brighten my face...not sure if that's what everyone wants but that's what I noticed.

The good news is, you quickly get used to the textures and it becomes normal to you. Even the cooling relief feeling and brightening don't seem as noticeable as the first couple of times.

Do I recommend them? So far, yes! But I will have to keep using them to see if there really is improvement or if they causes any problems.

The Soap & Glory shower gel/body wash is nice. It has a subtle, girlie scent...but I'm not sure it's really worth $9.99, so I doubt I'd purchase it again. The Soap & Glory body scrub is great. I've used a crapload of it so far, but I think it feels great (pleasurable pain I love from body scrubs), does its job and isn't a bad price for the size. The Soap & Glory body butter really is moisturizing! I didn't have to put on any body cream or lotion for the next 24 hours after using it. However, it has a distinct scent, not a bad one, sort of a light, subtle one, but one that I notice nevertheless and wouldn't want to smell like every day. And while it preventing my skin from getting dry, it didn't quite give my skin that super soft feeling that I like. However, using all three products did get my skin nice and smoothed and moisturized.

The Rimmel Glam'Eyes and Lycra™ Lash Extender weren't HG for me. Basically they both gave my lashes a natural look, slightly enhanced, but not a dramatic or very noticeable difference. I have stick-straight Asian lashes, and neither held the curl from my Shu Uemura eyelash curler. However, they were easy to apply, easy to take off, and didn't clump. I think they'd be good to use when you want that "no makeup" makeup effect, or everyday look, but still prefer my Lancome Virtuose for going out and special occasions.

Oh! I'd almost forgotten...the Sexy Mother Pucker™ lip glosses. I tried "What A Melon" from the gift set of three. A few minutes after application, my lips got all tingly, pins and needles, like they'd fallen asleep. The tingliness intensified gradually and then went away. Not exactly painful, but not exactly a comfortable feeling either. Did my lips swell up? Yes! I had that bee stung look going on. Phat lips FTW, haha. But within the hour, the effect went away. So what do I think? Decent purchase, $25 for three or one for $9.99, makes your lips look all juicy and full for a little bit (you can always press your lips together or reapply, but caution, reapplying too much may make your lips start to feel raw), smells like chocolate or more accurately Tootsie Rolls, and you'll have a nice gloss in your bag that says Sexy Mother Pucker.


  1. You are a sexy muther pucker... aww great blog review entry.

    Glad to hear the merlot cream is working out for you, sorry to hear about the other goodies being lack-luster >_<

    always great to be one's own guinea pig right?!?!? and btw, love the new profile pic!!!

  2. Great review m'dear! I'm gonna have to check out a few of those thangs myself ;]

    AND yesss it's guppy's! I saw your profy and saw that you live in LB too how cool is that!?

  3. thanks for leaving comment :)

    Ive heard alot about this moisturizer from other bloggers, Im glad it works for you :)

  4. heyyyy thx for commenting on the 3 generations post ;] but what part of lb are you from?

  5. im using the rimmel london mascara tooo i love it!


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