Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Natural Look...

Somehow turned into my "beach" look for Ms. Mimi's "Natural Look" contest. (Natural look for a So Cal/beach gal?)

Here are the three items I used:

♥ Dramatic Parfums Dramatic Volume Volume & Curl mascara
♥ MAC Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden
♥ MAC Lipglass in C-Thru

and my freebie item:

♥ Benefit Play Sticks in Jump Rope

I also used Garnier Fructis Style Wet Shine Gel and True Blue Spa "Tahiti, Sweetie" body lotion...that stuff smells yum and very tropical island-like...and I'm drinking Vitamin Water "Energy" (Tropical Citrus)...yummm.

Hmm actually I'm not really sure how natural I look...but eh. Since I was limited to three items, I chose items that would multi-task. The Benefit Play Stick became my foundation/concealer/powder even eye makeup base, the MAC Bronzing Powder I used on my cheeks, eyelids, eyebrows, even a little on my lips as liner (and cleavage! muahaha)...and the MAC Lipglass I used on my lips and dabbed a little under my eyebrows as highlighter. The mascara...was my mascara (I thought about making it do double duty as eye liner but decided it'd make my look less natural).

My real life three-item natural look would be eye liner, mascara and lip gloss with powder as the freebie...but for photographic purposes, I didn't go that route.

Who knew my makeup playing and camera whoring would ever have a purpose? But there are so many contests going on...I love it! Now the challenge is just really finding different ways to take pictures with my one-handed camera skills.

Happy SUNday, my beauties!


  1. She's natural and she's beeeeee U-teee FULL...Work that natural look like I know ya can!!! ^_^

  2. Even though it's supposed to be a natural look.. You look very sun-kissed beach sexy!! Summer style!! Not just cuz of that cute bikini top!! Nice and bronzey.

  3. This is a pretty look on you! :) You're very glowy, as well as, looking like you don't need anything to look good. Love it! :)

    I used Moda Dea yarns from Michael. They're actually my favorite yarns because they're so soft. I love them! :)

  4. thats a great natural look! good luck!!

  5. Hi Diana! Weee! I put you in my blogroll! :D And OMG you look naturally beautiful.

    Yeah my SD card is not compatible with this laptop. My old laptop broke so I had to borrow one. I do hope I can join Kimberly Tia's contest. It would be fun.

    Thanks for the info about marukai. I wasn't able to go. Probably next week I'll go. Do you know how much are the magz?

  6. Hey hunny!!! I had my tongue done 3 times b/c I kept changing my mind about wanting it or not and I got my belly a while back ( still have that one) and the ears of course but nothing else. I wanted the eyebrow and nose but never got around to it (b/c of stupid work)... :) Now I'm just not as into them I guess...I am wanting to get my first tatt though!! YAY!!

  7. cooool stuff !
    really interesting to see how many ways u can use your items. the lipglass as a highlighter was real clever. i'd never think of that!

  8. TAG!!! YOU'RE IT!!!


    Go To My Lil Blog For Details...


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