Friday, October 31, 2008

Love at First Scent

This candle is seriously yummy in a warm way. I went with my sister to Target and came across this delicious soy candle. It's called "Harmonize - Tea Leaf & Papaya (Peace And Tranquility Soy Wax Candle)."

Peace and Tranquility is a collection of fine fragrances combining aromatherapy concepts with ancient cultural beliefs. Carefully selected fragrance are combine to balance the mind, body and spirit. Create an ambiance of warmth and serenity, while softening your spirits with scents of the tropics. Tea leaf, a haven of purity with origins from sun-drenched Asian fields, revels in its blend with fellow anti-oxidant, papaya fruit. Bring peace and harmony to your home with this fine fragrance.

Benefits of Soy Wax

Soy wax is made from natural biodegradable materials which provide a longer lasting burn. Environmentally friendly, soy wax does not emit toxins into the air while burning, creating a cleaner burn for your home.

I never thought I'd pay more than $5 for a swanky candle, and I've seen soy wax candles and this particular Target brand more than once without more than an interest in the cute packaging, but this time somehow I fell in love at first scent. I couldn't put the damn candle down, you'd swear I was getting high off of it. When I finally put it down, I couldn't stop thinking about it over the next 36 or so hours and so went back to purchase it. Now I'm sitting in the glow of candlelight, inhaling the fragrance, and feeling very content (and wide awake at 3:33 a.m. but that's another story). And it's even made in Vietnam!

I also got this very yummy smelling Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum. It smells sooooo yum. (If you can't tell, my nose has been indulging in scents...and yes, "yum," "yummy," and "delicious" are my favorite descriptions because it smells/looks so good I could just eat it.) The scent is just so warm and slightly tropical. You can find it at many drug stores and even grocery stores, or buy online. I believe its price is $6.99 but was lucky to find at CVS on sale for $4.99, and my sister's receipt had a $4-off coupon so I got it for only $1.07!

I think when it comes to fragrances, I'm partial to very sweet and warm scents. I like very girly floral scents, like Ralph Lauren Romance For Her, Clinique Happy Heart, and Mariah Carey's Luscious Pink (the last which, by the way, I've been pretty good by not buying it for myself....yet...). I also like very sweet, indulgent warm scents, that remind me of dessert and make me just want to eat myself. I'm not really sure what that's about...maybe the idea of staying warm indoors, baking sweets...or the idea of being on an island, all sun-kissed and warm (two different ideas and scents but also two ways of keeping warm).

On that last note, I leave you with this Philosophy Recipe Collection. Bring the warm comforts of the kitchen into the shower with Philosophy's scrumptious collection of sweet bath treats packaged perfectly in recipe-inspired sets. Sounds...(what else?) delicious and yummy.

P.S. This Philosophy The Holiday Party looks yummy too! (I'm a fan of pomegranate.)

P.P.S. It's 4 a.m. and I hear rain falling outside!! ♥ Also...I wish computer monitors had scratch-and-sniff capabilities...wouldn't that be awesome?


  1. Yay for your new candle!! I get like that too. I remember when we had the Illuminations store down here, I shelled out like $20 for their Dulce de Leche candle!! It smelled so good!! I have a collection of scented candles that I love!!

    The Philosophy Gingerbread scent is one of my faves this time of year!! It's all I wore lotion & body spray wise last xmas!

  2. what are you doing up at 4am?!?! tisk tisk what a fein.. sniffin on stuff all night long lmao!!! addict!

  3. scratch and sniff. the philosophy stuff as AMAAAAAAZING! red velvet cake smells out of this world, so does cinnamon buns.

  4. ok..ok... stop twisting my arm -- im convinced -- I'll go buy myself a damn candle!!!! cuz u know i loves me some sweet smellin stuff!!!

  5. Look at all those yummy scents! The soy wax looks interesting and so pretty! I love coconut-y hair products =) yum!!

  6. The packaging of the scents/candles are gorgeous! :)

    I love Renji... lol~ My favorite episodes of Renji was when he first came to earth. He's such a goofball and that's what I like about him... hehe~

    I never got into Naruto because when I first heard about it, it was on episode 200 something. I didn't think I had the time to catch up... hehe~ :P


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