Saturday, October 18, 2008

What's in Her Purse?

It's more like, what's NOT in her purse? First of all, I saw a few other girls doing this blog and thought how fun! I've always wanted to do something like this when I was younger and often saw something similar in magazines, so here it is.

Proudly showing off my Tokidoki Mamma Mia in Citta Rosa bag!

What every girl should carry...the necessities! Keys, cash, and a sh*tload of cards (credit cards, store cards, ID, gym membership card...oh, I don't carry a wallet or coin purse)

You thought I was kidding but I wasn't! I'm a girl on the go...

ipod classic
cell phone and bluetooth headset makeup: MAC powder, eye liner, concealer, mascara, lip gloss, lip pencil, eye shadow quad palette, and mini brush set (because I always think, what if a boy makes me cry or I need to touch up or salvage my face?) hair stuff: hair clip, hair claw, bobby pin, and an extra hair tie Vaseline Lip Therapy in cherry (for soft, kissable lips) pink Japanese tissue (that my sister thinks looks like a maxi pad!) Japanese pink blotting papers sunglasses Hello Kitty band-aids (they were cute!) gum (fresh breath is a must and they clean your teeth...*ahem* morning after for long party nights) calcium chews (to be taken with food so for after dining out) Visine Tears and rewetting drops (I wear contacts) Hempz body lotion (for body, duh) and antibacterial hand lotion (hands only, after washing hands or sneezing) not pictured, my pink JDM camera!

On a tangent, I'm always curious how and where people keep their makeup and beauty goodies (aside from the bathroom, which by the way, is not the place to keep makeup...all the humidity from showers makes it a breeding ground for bacteria in your makeup). I've always wished for (and still do) a nice vanity table, Hollywood starlet style with the big mirror surrounded by bright lightbulbs, a little haven for my goodies and where I can beautify. I'm talking without the clutter of anything papers or pens or coasters, etc., lol. However, I have a small room so I won' have my dream vanity table any time what I did instead was dedicate part of a bookcase to beauty.

Everything's in front of a window, a great natural light source for me. You can see my makeup brush holder and Merlot™ moisturizers I've blogged about previously, as well as flower vases from Gaby's wedding reception and a JDM makeup bag with my favorite goodies (the pink box is my Sexy Mother Pucker™ gift set)

The left side is all body butters, lotions, favorite hair products, and perfumes

The right side houses my train case with my least used goodies, Pond's Clean Sweep towelettes, travel brush set, makeup remover, Too Faced The Quickie Chronicle palettes, Clinique loose powder, and Benefit blush in Dallas

And guess what? The mini pink drawer holds makeup too!

The top drawer holds my lipglosses...

And the bottom drawer holds miscellaneous eye goodies, like my Darkness falsies

I think I'm a girlie girl but I try to keep the balance between what's necessary and what's luxury or a splurge. I try to be a minimalist but my indecisiveness and love for change makes that quite challenging. After all, I enjoy trying new things but not to the point where it becomes maddening clutter, unused goods, and money down the drain! The beautiful thing about blogging is that I get to *research* new goodies by reading reviews and sharing our opinions and information. =)


  1. I hearrrrrrrrrrrrrt the vanity setup omg -- it's sooo pretty and fresh and airy looking with lil clothespin geishas looming around!!!

    love it girl - LOVE IT!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! :) Your collection for some odd reason all look so cutesy for me. I love cuteness! :)

  3. u have a lot in ur bag! haha and nice makeup collection =) u still got more than me i think xoxo <333

  4. ahh how cute! i carry those same pink rabbit tissues too! yay for marukai! i love that place! its seriously down my street <3


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