Monday, November 17, 2008

Magazines and Magazine Scans: Cosmopolitan December

I bought the December Cosmo magazine and made sure I skimmed through it tonight because I'm guilty of having but hardly reading two magazine subscriptions this past year.

I read books way, way, WAY more than I read magazines. So every month when I get my magazine subscriptions, they get placed into a stack until I have nearly a year's worth of two magazines cluttering my room. I've noticed that I rarely buy magazines at newsstands anymore, partly out of guilt of having unread magazines at home, but also because I rarely see a magazine that I flip through and must have (Japanese magazines being the exception). Also, when I think I want a magazine but don't get it, I forget about it and life goes on, and literally new issues come and go.
So I've decided to let my current subscripions expire and enjoy leisurely eying, flipping through and buying individual issues on a case-by-case basis. It might cost more this way, but then again it might not because it ensures that every magazine I buy is one that I have time for and want to read or peruse through.

The only exceptions are my new subscriptions to Cosmopolitan and O magazines because I'd gotten a year's subscription for just $2 each when I'd ordered from (That's a year's worth for less than the price of one issue!)

Anyways, since I've been talking about makeup a lot these days, I wanted to see which were being featured and raved about in magazines. (So for December, I actually have Cosmo, Marie Claire, O, and Shape magazines.) I thought I'd share what stood out to me in the magazines since it gives me a purpose in actually going through the magazine itself and putting my scanner to use. Sorry you can kind of see through the scans to the backside, my bad. =/

(click to enlarge images)

I was in a rush but knew I'd buy this issue when I saw this page

I also really love Splurge versus Steal...especially for beauty products!

And, I'd mentioned a few posts ago that "You Being Beautiful" was not a makeup tips book...but then look what I saw here!

(Vanessa's already written a short review on it!)

So tonight I ordered You: Being Beautiful ($16.19) and Cosmo's Sexiest Beauty Secrets ($12.35) from Amazon with free shipping!

It should arrive here with perfect timing, just as I make my December grad school application deadlines and have time to read, read, read! I ♥ reading & beauty.


  1. ooh thankies for the scans!!
    i am definetely checking out the smoky eye one!

  2. wooohooOooo putting the scanner and the magazine to blogger use!! GENIUSSSSSS and i love how your scans are almost "color coordinated" with your new layout..rawrrr...

    yay for new books, hopefully it will keep us away from the makeup counters ???? *evil laugh*

  3. Sweet!! I'm all lemming that book now!

  4. You and Kimberly... ahh.. YOU:

    hehe... that Splurge/Steal is a great idea!! We're all up for bargins!! But the NARS Orgasm Blush... That's a must have for me!! Use that sucker EVERYDAY!!

  5. I love the color of Kiera Knightely's eyes!

    hahha horny for makeup, I totally know how you feel!!! hahah. I'll try to do some looks soon!

  6. Wooohoo! I used to have lots of magazine subscription and they piled up in my room like crazy! fire hazard I tell ya! ;p

    But yeah I might check this Cosmo out! :D

    Yeah, uhm my sephora order has not arrived! I'm so pissed :(

  7. i love your new layout! oh how i wish i could redo mine..make it as pretty as yours! but too bad i suck at doing that, i tried though..and i ended up losing some of the links and yes,it would do me more good if i stick with this one :)

    i love splurge vs.steal articles..and beauty awards too :) it saves you money and time.

  8. Nope still can't see no pandas here! lol

    Ah! You read danc dance dance! Have you read Kafka on the shore?? I adore that book

  9. awww...thanks for the scans. I think this is the only section I read in every magazine. LOL.

  10. That's sux! I wonder why the location near you cost a little more. Where do you live? I guess they marked up the price depending on the areas :/

    btw, I like the description on your banner. So cute with a little spice!! yikes!!

  11. woe love your page!! so informative i love it! please accept the invitation to my blog so we can talk some more!

    i LOVE nars + dior

  12. omg you're so right about that extended convo snippet, that IS what happened.... PUWAHHAH

    Such super shopping DORKS - i swurr... but we WERE good girls last time!! ^_^

  13. Cosmo def has something to offer to any crowd -_0. Haven't checked O yet but will on my next mag stand visit oxoxox


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