Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thou Shall Not Be The Same Girl Twice...Part II

This is my third look for Yume-chan's contest, "Thou Shall Not Be The Same Girl Twice" where the challenge is to create five looks with only five pieces of makeup (palette = one piece). I'm still using the same makeup from Part I.

III. the "Party Girl" look

The name speaks for itself...

Face: foundation all over, concealer under eyes and for blemishes, set with all over powder
Cheeks: South Beach for contouring and Orgasm for highlighting, set with powder
Eyes: Smokey Eyes palette - Scant as highlighter, Gorgeous (silver) over Scant and inner corners, lots of Ambiance (glittery gray) all over lids and lower lash line, Satin Taupe between Gorgeous and Ambiance, Carbon as winged-out eyeliner and lower lash line, half falsies
Lips: MAC Coral Grade Lipglass
Hair: Lucido-L Hair Wax Volume Arrange; a bit messy but I flat ironed all of my hair starting from the ears down, faux hawked my bangs, pulled back the top half of my hair loosely into a flipped ponytail, then tied it all together in a low ponytail (about ear level)

Outfit: inspired by Glow Chaser! I love tights and leg warmers with ankle boots, and I had everything already sitting in my closet...surprisingly I think the entire outfit is from Forever 21, from head to toe (and underneath is VS).

Sorry I haven' replied to all of your comments from the last two posts (I love getting comments though!). This is the last week before my first grad school application deadline, so I'm working on my writing portfolio (30-40 pages) before I send it off Monday. I know, I had all year, but if there's one thing about me it's that I always come through in the end!

I should be MIA but I just can't pull myself off Blogger, haha, and most of the posts you'll see this week are what I actually wrote last weekend but haven't published or added images to yet.

P.S. I LOVE the sound of rain falling outside my window!! ♥


  1. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!! This look is supersonic on you.

    Awww you are so kind to link me! Tights are kickin esp at this time of crap year!! lol lol

    Keep me posted on your reading ok? Its great to chat about that too.

    WTF is an "artylaby"? Thats what your word verification is today!!

  2. i like this look! i like how yumeko named her contest... good luck!!

  3. I love this metallic smokey look on you!!!the whol outfit is hot...and i really love your hair pulled back it look sophiticated class...and i can see your face!!!...

    i think your quite fabulous!!!...
    i noticed on your profile your from Long beach ...

    would you care to join my xx mas nasty pow wow i am hosting in huntington beach...i would love to meet you and have you there...

    let me know so i can send you an evite...i will need your email!

  4. Oh my! I just noticed - You liked Science of Sleep!!! The Calander - I want one!!!

    Pink is right you ARE FABULOUS!!

  5. man i want ur waredrobe XD
    i looooove that top too!!!!

  6. HOTNESS!!! I like the whole outfit & look. I wish I could look as good in metallic fabric. I love that stuff but it makes me looks FAT!!! errr...

    p.s. My friend has a salon and offer me free hair dye so I might use that before trying the Japanese ones. I mean, if you got freebies, y not use it right? LOL. But I will definitely try the Jap hair dye later since your hair looks perfectly healthy to me! hehe

    p.s.s. come to the pow wow!!! I wanna meet your pretty face too!!! ^_^

  7. I love your outfit! I love tights and leggings too!

  8. i want to go and meet all the wonderful ladies!! i'm not sure though because there are certain days for work we can't request off cuz the holdays are coming up and such T_T stupid retail....rarr. and i'm in west's pretty close to tia. and you look great in these colors! stunning :]

  9. Hottie up in here!!! Thumbs up on the LOTD. oxox

  10. You look so pretty! I like your outfit and look!

  11. Pretty! I love your retro look! Your hair looks gorgeous!!

    The new hair color looks great! Look at you with your purple hair and lip ring! I like!

  12. good luck on the contest! it was so challenging to come up with looks & use only 5 different pieces of make up! haha but you did great


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