Sunday, November 2, 2008

Victoria's Secret and Sephora Discount Codes

Last night my friend sent me an email on how to get two bras and a panty from Victoria's Secret for just $20 including shipping! I heard the info is also on several forums. I don't know how long that deal is good for so don't sleep on it! UPDATE: As of Wednesday, 11/06, I've heard the codes don't work anymore. For those who missed it, sorry! =(

I ordered mine today. Original merchandise price $51.50 became $12 merchandise price + $5.99 shipping + 1.48 tax = $19.47!

Just in case you didn't already know, here's the info on the Sephora Friends and Family 20% discount!

Here are a few things I'm eying...

I'll probably also pick out shower gel/bath bubble from Philosophy because I love their yummy scents. I had a holiday sample from Sephora that had packets of Philosophy's Cinnamon Buns, Double Rich Hot Cocoa and Spiced Apple Cider. I liked Cinnamon Buns the best though they were all very rich, creamy feeling and lathered very well. I'm not sure if I should get a set or just get a big bottle of Cinnamon Buns. Maybe I'll have to go sniffing around Sephora to see what tickles my nose's fancy best.

Can you believe it's November already? The holidays are coming up...and in less than two days, the world changes! Don't forget to VOTE on Tuesday!

P.S. Go green with Target and get a FREE reusable tote bag! Read Kalila's blog for details.


  1. your lemmings look great! i can't wait!!

  2. We're both lemming for the Nars Orgasms! Yay! If I won't be able to pick any, for sure I will get that blush and the curler! Yay! :D

  3. And oh, for the gothic lolita look, I bought the headband at F21, thinking it would be great for the contest, plus the husband said it looked great on me so I got it today. The dress, I have lots of black dresses. I love it. I can wear them on any occasions :D

  4. hello! I placed that awesome v.s order yesterday. score! great deal! my total was only $17 & some odd change though!


  5. That's a GREAT deal!! Thanks for passing the info on!!

    Love the NARS Orgasm. Use it every single day! It goes great with any eye color combo.

    Philosophy Gingerbread!! I'm tellin ya it's the shizz!

  6. Woohooooo $20 bra/panty haul and discounted makeup -- oh the joy of BEING A GIRL!!!!

    what could be better???

    Ohhh --- I know -- "hang time" awww g'yeah!!!

    and p.s. we LURVE frieda for sharing her VS coupon and making sure all our boobs are happy!

  7. i got orgasm this past weekend! your gna love it! and i want that nars lippie set too :)

  8. Hey girlie ^_^
    Glad you enjoy the seasonal Philosophy goodies as well :). I normally pick up their peppermint shower gel for the holidays cuz I'll end up wanting to consume the cinnamon buns version lie...that smells sooo tasty hehe. oxox

  9. Those are great deals! I wanted to get some bras but they don't come in 32 =(. Great list for Sephora! =)

  10. im so mad. i hopped on that VS code right away but it didnt work =[


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