Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And The Winners Are...

Iyah the Wallflower and Kon the Daydream Believer!!

Thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to enter my mini contest, and thank you to everyone who voted! On my end, it was a lot of fun to read all of your creative entries and also to get to know a little bit more about you beautiful girls! You put my own little blurb to shame, easily. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the voting poll had over 100 votes (I have no idea how much traffic comes through my blog except for those who leave comments) and that the poll and I actually agreed! (So don't think it was a popularity contest.)

Iyah sent me her blurb the first night that I'd posted the mini contest! Wow, I couldn't believe it was that fast and easy for her, and she even claimed to have always been bad in English class! Her blurb was very sweet, I would have never thought of this sweetheart as a wallflower in the background, and the timing of her twist and ending were perfect, very much like the Too Faced Quickie Chronicles that I had posted as examples of the fun style I was looking for.

The Wallflower


She was the girl who's always been at the background. Did you notice her? Many will say no.
The girl who had a lot of insecurities in life, always been so conscious about herself.
Always been thinking she will never be pretty like her mother. Girls made fun of her, guys laughed at her.
But now, everything changed. Shyness in her disappeared. They laughed at her, she laughed with them.
Are you ready? Because she's here! Indeed a flower, but not meant on the wall.

When I first received Kon's entry, first I knew nothing about her since she was new to blogging, but once I read her blurb, I knew it was a winner! Not only because I'm a daydreamer and bookworm also, but blurb really captured the magical effect of reading and daydreaming, as well as has that fun and lighthearted tone that made her writing so enjoyable to read. Also, like Iyah's, the ending was just perfect!

The Daydream Believer


Every book was a different world; libraries were galaxies. That silly girl, that Daydream Believer, loved novels like princesses loved their princes. Each page turned was a different place, a different life; who could get enough? Not she, never ever! Her every thought was a dream, an adventure. Every waking moment was the same as every night spent asleep. She dreamt of que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be. Maybe she should pull her head out of the clouds and keep those feet on the ground―who knows when her real Prince Charming will come by! Knowing this girl, though, she probably won't even notice, not with that face buried in those books…she'll just pass him by!

I've been rounding up goodies and will have them in the mail either tomorrow or Friday, so you girls will be getting your prizes sometime next week! Thanks again and congratulations!!


  1. yay!! congrats guys!

  2. congrats to the winners! wooohoo!

  3. CONGRATS to the two winners!! Both their blurbs were so cute!!!

  4. Good choices! I loved the Iyah's wording too!

    Kon's is very creative! I'm a bit of a daydreamer myself!

  5. Congrats to the winners!!! They both got nice blurbs!!!

  6. yay!! i liked the first one a lot too :]

  7. OMgosh! When I saw my picture on your heading, I got so excited! :p Thank You so much :D Thanks to everyone who voted for me. :)

    Great contest and congrats Diana for your 1st contest! It was soo fun :D

  8. Mucho congrats!!

    I loved this contest!

  9. Congratulations Ladies!!!!
    Excellent job!!!

    And wooohooo your 1st contest completed and successful!!! GO YOU!

  10. Yay & Congrats to the winners and the participants. I'm still too shy to enter a contest. Maybe next time.

  11. love their entries! congrats to the winners!!

  12. Actually, I saw this last night because Blogger is the last site I check before I go to bed, and I was literally so excited that I randomly chatted up a friend on AIM just so I could keyboard smash at her. I wrote something like, "kdjsfl;ksdjfa I WON OMG!" in the chatbox and she was so confused.

    This is cool! Haha, my first win in a contest. Thanks for holding it, Diana, and I'm happy that people voted for me, too. (*^o^*)

  13. hahah that was hilarious! nipples nipples everywhere!

  14. Yey congrats! I love their blurbs.... def pretty and creative girls.=]

  15. Hahha good plan! I regret calculating this! And you're right, your face is worth every single penny!!!

    Thank you! I want my hair to be long, but I still miss having short hair to curl like that.. Very Samantha Who? !!


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