Thursday, January 15, 2009

Goodies in the Mail and ABDC!!

Soooo what's this surprise I saw from my mailbox earlier this week?

The lovely Linda from My Pretty Pink Box sent me another Tu Bella full size perfume! She read my blog that I'd gotten a full size in the same scent that I'd gotten in a previous pink box, and she was such a doll to send me another one! This one smells like the Vanilla Cream, I love warm vanilla scents! So for all you ladies who worried that if you buy pink boxes you might get the same thing more than once, Linda really takes care of us customers! Thank you so much, Linda!!

And a day later...what should I see but this? A package from JAPAN...with the cutest cow sticker on it in honor of the new year! (Lunar New Year is January 26, it's coming up!) Yume-chan sent me all of these great goodies for winning second place in her contest "Thou Shall Not Be The Same Girl Twice." Everything's super cute! (Of course! It's Yume-chan afterall!) I will post pics of my prizes later this week (I took some pics but they're crappy).

I've been so busy I've totally neglected my now I'm thinking about just letting them grow out since I've had bangs for the past year. (And maybe I can just buy bang pieces to wear!). Maybe I'll do the long hair look again...though this is only fun until the weather gets hot again. It was already 84 degrees today where I live! Too warm! Gotta put away the winter blankies already...wth? On the bright side (literally), nightfall doesn't happen by 5 p.m. anymore, woohoo!

And tonight's the season premiere of ABDC America's Best Dance Crew!! The great thing about Direct TV is that I get to watch cable shows 3 hours earlier...ha! Steppers, B girls, and even Puerto Rico, hooo! (Don't mind me, I'm just being stupid.) And what's this...a Japanese boy from L.A. with a British accent...whoa. I love me Asian boys who can dance!

Okay...back to watching the show...I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised that it's a good show so far. I loved the first season but after that didn't think it would ever be as exciting again, and that it'd get more predictable and commercial but so's good! Wheeeee! ^_^V

One effing day I will write a short post, dammit!


  1. oh no....i haven't watched it today. i better tivo the next show. i love watching abdc!

  2. OMG i'm watching ABDC right now too! I love all the new styles they're bringing on!

  3. Linda's the best!! She is soo accomedating and sweet!!

    And yay for winning 2nd place!! Congrats girl!!! Can't wait to see the cute stuff you got!

    And LOL!! I like your long posts!!

  4. 84 degrees for you! Lucky! Here in La Crosse, WI its -8. Its so damn cold that all school district was cancel for today. Brr...

  5. oh blah, I don't have a tv and no cable XD so no america's dance crew for me. some of the websites don't work either.
    I can't wait to see the things from Yumeko.
    I think when I finally get a real digi cam (instead of my cell cam haha) i'm gonna try to take pictures of the stores, just to tempt you =D

  6. awwwwww hooray!!!

    u musssst tell me and share with me how this yummy scent smells... mmmm tu bellaaaaaa

    Linda effin ROCKS.

    and ABDC -- darn you and your TIVO arse.

  7. Yay for the vanilla perfume and yay for winning Yume-chan's contest :D I cannot wait to see what you got!! :D

    Oh, and I emailed you back. All I can say is you are very sweet and nice :D Thank You so Much! I feel so loved! :D

    I'm feeling better now :D yay! I can eat now without throwing up :)

  8. I voted for you!!!!

    I love your posts!! Keep posting forever - more more more.

    Love from your friendly stalker!xx

  9. Contrats on the win!!

    That's why i hate bangs! you have to keep up w/it!

    I am hating the warm weather. it is still suppose to be Winter!! i can't wear my new boots and scarves =(

    Lastly, ABDC!!! it was goooood!! looks like it is going to be good this season!! HAHAHA to "I love me Asian boys who can dance"

    I do too

  10. hey diana! i'm going to consolidate. find me @ my personal site! =D thanx for your input!

  11. so how do you like after dark?? at first i was really into it and i ono...i think the eri asai story is...ehhh T_T and the focus is on her right now [where im at] and i can't pull through!! other than that...i like the other story lines :]

  12. hey, diana. i added you to bloggerswap. i think you have to check your email and accept the invitation. tell me if you get anything in your email. oh, i did watch abdc last night - FINALLY!

  13. I loved the first season of ABDC... hehe~ I think the best team won! :) I so want to watch it, but I'm too lazy to see it online. I don't have cable!!! :'(

    I don't understand the cosmetic settlement either. I'll find out Tuesday when I just walk into Macy's... lol~ :X

  14. Aishie~ My comment got deleted *sigh*. I said I want to watch the ABDC, but I don't have cable! :'( The sad thing is I'm too lazy to watch it online. :X

    I don't know how the cosmetic settlement works. I'll find out on Tuesday when I walk into Macy's... hehe~

  15. That Jap boy from LA with the British accent is from So You Think You Can Dance. He's sooooo talented!! This season is going to be much better than the previous!

    Dammit, you guys are prepping up for hot weather already?! I'm currently freezing cold! =(

    Aw look at all the kawaii stuff you got from Yumeko! I'm always blown away by her!


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