Saturday, January 24, 2009

Japanese Goodies TEASER and More Camera Whoring

I had the pleasure of hitting up Mitsuwa, Kinokuniya, and Mitsuwa (dif location) this week. I am biased but I believe I live by the best Mitsuwa (Torrance), and I also happen to live between two Mitsuwas, woot woot! (Torrance/South Bay and Costa Mesa/OC).

I've been itching to go to Japanese stores but waiting until my contest ended so I could pick up prizes and surprise goodies to send out (although voting is still going on! so please vote if you haven't already). I reallllllllllllllllly want to post what I bought BUT I want everything to be a surprise for instead, I'll just post teaser pics of my Mitsuwas and Kinokuniya (I didn't photograph everything so they really are teasers). For all of you Japanese products & magazine junkies, enjoy!!

First stop, the Fits Sexy Girl display...

Hmm what's that I'm smelling?
The body whipped cream! Strawberry smells delicious...but peach is to die for!!
the ever-so-popular MANDOM...
and Naris UP face peels...
the Lucido-L yummy hair products (actually this is only some, I didn't take a pic of the pots)
my fav Japanese hair dye...
the full hair dye selection...
Tsubaki hair products that I'm so curious to try, thanks to Yume-chan!
KOSE sheet masks that I might get next time...though the last ones didn't fit as neatly on my face as the Kracie ones...hmmm
and the Bihada Ichizoku section!

Why do I love Mitsuwa? Well it's obvious, isn't it? It satisfies my craving for Japanese goodies! It's nearby, it's well stocked, and reasonably priced. I think the Torrance one is the best because there's a large Japanese community in the area, so it has a more authentic and less touristy feel than the Costa Mesa store (plus I've noticed a lot of Japanese products are imported to and distributed by companies in the South Bay area which includes Torrance, Gardena, etc., i.e. it's fresher and cheaper). Workers speak to me in Japanese...I just smile shyly and nod in reply, haha so demure! ;)

I went to Kinokuniya for the first time. Actually I went to the one in Little Tokyo, which was small and prices and selection were average/okay, and then I went to the one in Costa Mesa (on Harbor, pictured above) which is much nicer! By far. It has lots of cute stationary products and the likes, and countless Japanese books.

Kinokuniya seems like a huge bookstore but its women's magazines selection is limited compared to Sanseido (the bookstore that's inside Mitsuwa). The Torrance Mitsuwa Sanseido is Japanese magazine heaven to me!

the sign doesn't say no cameras/pictures! :P
the top row is stocked with back issues of the previous month(s)!
I look like such a poser since I'm Japanese illiterate! Yay for pictures in Japanese mags :P
The February VOCE cover is so darn cute!

I'm really spoiled by the Sanseido at the Torrance Mitsuwa, so I was a little let down when I didn't see any recent Honey Girl issues except for December. =( But then again, all of the stores vary just a tiny bit, and I'm lucky enough to have options of different stores to go to (for example, I've noticed Marukai carries some Lavshuca items while Mitsuwa doesn't).

My purchases...
Are they for me? Or for others? or both? Hmm... ;)
these semi-recent mags are mine...
and here's my Japanese magazine collection to date!!

I have 31 total, ever since I first started buying them in 2007, I think. Since I've paid anywhere from $10-$20 per mag, that's over $300 worth, haha...well averaging $15 each = more than $400...wowie, talk about love/addiction. (Did anyone notice the Shonen Jump? That's actually the nephew's, hehe.)

Lastly...what's a blog post without some camera whoring? Another simple/natural look with the Visee Jewel Crush Eyes in E-5.

What I used:

MAC MSF Natural in Medium Plus
MAC eye shadow in Mulch (eyebrows)
Visee Jewel Crush Eyes in E-5
K-Palette Winter Limited Edition eyeliner
Dramatic Volume & Curl mascara
NARS The Multiple Duo in Orgasm/South Beach
NARS Blush/Bronzer in Orgasm/Laguna
NARS lip gloss in Orgasm

These Skin Food goodies came in the mail via Tia! I've been wanting to go to the Skin Food side, lol, so thanks for the samples!!

Good night and happy Lunar New Year!!


  1. oh dear...this post is so wonderful. And Bihada Ichizoku is there..I want to pay some visit to Mistuwa..tons of Japanese goodies are available at there.I wish I have Doraemon's magic door..I can go there without taking airplane..

    Kinokuniya bookstore is available in Malaysia too.but I seldom go there because it is abit far for me,plus I use to lost in the middle of road,new driver I supposed.haha =D
    Magazine from Japan are well up to date.Hmm..good good...

    Yay,skinfood items...whewwww =P
    hope you enjoy ya ^__*

    Happy Chinese New Year
    and receive many,many red packets!

  2. Hoooooooray for eye-spy photos and j mags, and j goodies...
    MmmMm SEXY GIRL -- YOU GOT SOME! I'm soooo happy!!! I'm still addicted to my peach yum yum jar

    Happy Lunar New Year Hunny!!!

    and enjoy those samples!!

  3. For you Jap. Mag feens, you can always try "book off" on Harbor & Bake next to uh that other Jap. Store uhh M..something. It totally passed my mind right now. They have quite a selection but it's used so it's not 10$ per mag like 5$ or something. Save a few bucks [:

  4. Soooo many nice things to look at - did you spend far more than you meant to?? I am envious!!

    You are such a natural beauty - you really are beautiful!!

  5. Oh mi gosh the Mitsuwa is closing down in Little Tokyo!?!? I didn't know that! :'( I can't remember is it the one in the mall?... lol~

    You're comment on "you're just scoring all over the place!" cracked me up... lol~ :P

  6. I love sexy girl's products!!! Especially, their body cream. Omg, the scents are delicious!!!

    I've never been to Mitsuwa in Torance. Seems like they have a lot more stuffs than the one in costa mesa?

    Love your cam-whoring pics. Please do more! hehe

  7. yay for japanese magazines and i have yet to go to the bigger, better kinokuniya!! yay!! love the goodies you bought and you're so pretty as always!

  8. This is a teaser post!! SInce I don't have any of that within 500miles of me!! LOL!!

    Look at you soo cute posing w/ japanese product!! :D

    ANd dang... that's big collection of mags girl!! Shiz adds up!! LOL!!

    And I love the FOTD very sweet and natural... hrmm.. JUST LIKE YOU!!! LOL!!

  9. thats a hell lot of japanese magazines! look at u.. look sooo cuteeee.. its like a candy story lol

  10. Oh wow, you have the VOCE that features Keiko Kitagawa on the cover. I remember reading her blog and she was so happy to make it on the magazine, I was wondering what it looked like. Thanks for showing off such cute things! :)

  11. omg what a fun post!
    kino use to offer 10% off on all mags but stopped doing that a few months ago. i was not too happy about that. lol. =)~

  12. oh! and i saw that dramatic veil when i was @ mitsuwa sale but decided not to buy because i didnt know what it was suppose to do..or if it even matched my face. lol! they also had some dramaveil brand base. didnt buy that either because i wasnt sure if it was a foundation base, or a eye shadow base. wish i could read japanese too! =(

  13. omg you are soo lucky to have such easy access to all those japanese goodies! whereas i have to search high and low in toronto to get them XD
    ooh! the new vivi is out already!?

  14. you're so lucky to have those stores! *sooooooo jealous!

  15. ooooh great post
    i looooove all ur store pics girl!!!

    btw my blythe is a neo not a petite heehee superdolfies are just that big.

  16. those japanese goodies are to die for! :) happy lunar new year! :)

  17. I am so jealous of your Mitsuwa!! Not only do you have better items, but you have better prices!!! That Naris mask cost me $8!!! I need to move! lol

  18. omg your mitsuwa is the best! that's a LOT of goodies they carry!

    is there a books off by you? they sell older japanese mags for much cheaper

  19. Your eyebrows are sooo swooon worthy!

    I am totally with you on that one - spending and sending break!! I need a holiday so slum it on a beach!!!! SAVE SAVE SAVE x

  20. i loves it when you camera whore! lol and i sooo wish i had a little shop like that by my area :(
    great stuff babe

  21. I have a Kinokuniya inside of my Jap market! I had no idea it was outside of WA and OR too! That's where I get my Jap Mags, but my store selection pales in comparison to yours! =(

    Wow I'm so jealous of your access to Mitsuwa! I'm definitely going to have to go when I'm in LA!!! The Visee palette looks so good on you!

  22. Whaaaa? there was a Mitsuwa in Little Tokyo the whole time!! i totally missed out!!! Boooo I even missed on the 50% off sale!! ahhhh it sucks to be me. I've been wanting to try the "ever so popular Mandom" and Naris up face peels!

    I'm sure you get this a lot, but u have the perfect eyebrow ever!!

    Anywho...I just got a lot of freebies because i have a sister who is careless about beauty products. hehe LUCKY ME!!!

    Hope u had a wonderful weekend!!!

  23. That's so hilarious you dreamt about Chanel lotion freebies!... lol~ You're too funny!!! :)

    At first, I didn't understand why they would open up a H market in a Japanese mall, but now it makes sense. You know most of the stores own in that mall are by Koreans? :/ I don't know why though... lol~ We Koreans are everywhere! :X

    Yeah, I went to K-town this past Friday. It was nice and fun! :) You can get Korean beauty stuff anywhere in K-town. They have a beauty store in the two big malls, Koreantown Plaza and Galleria Plaza. They're both located on Western. They're only two blocks away from each other. It shouldn't be hard or at least I think so... hehe~ Across from Koreatown Plaze, there's an Amore store still on Western. ;)

    Happy Chinese New Year to you too! :)

  24. Wooooow!! A teaser indeed! :D Lovely japanese magazines *SQUEALS* and how do you like the SEXY GIRL Line? I saw it at Mitsuwa but I dunno if its good or not that is why I did not buy anything from that line.

    Wow! Skin food! I have yet to try that product :D

    I love your skin! It looks very flawless and very natural! :D You are so beautiful! I would really think you look japanese :D

  25. I haven't tried the SANA pore gel but in my opinion, I think they will work the same. I mean I saw reviews of both products. The big difference is the price. lol!

    Ohh, I cannot wait for the mitsuwa anniversary. maybe I can try some of the sexy girl line.

    Do you use any concealer? I think I might need to buy one since I have redness around my nose and I so don't like it. I look like Rudolph. lol! especially when its cold. :(

    yeah walmart has some serious but cheap goodies! :P

  26. The castledew products are quite popular so I see them everywhere. Still haven't used it myself tho lol. I think they rane from 14000won-24000won....soo...$10-20 for you?
    i think if you look them up on the korean g-market site they'll have some prices. i've noticed that most of the prices on gmarket is what they cost at retail price so it's fairly accurate.
    i could help you do a cp or a swap if you'd like, but it'll have to be in march as my money's already counted into my budget for my trip XD

  27. that was a lot of great stuff! The picture on the top looked good

  28. Your soo good with your store spy pics! I went to Borders the other day and your stationary section is definitely bigger then mine >_<
    The Sexy Girl products look FUN! Take me too that store PLEASE!!!

  29. Bihada Ichizoku is so cute!! I would buy their products if only for the packaging ;)

    Love Kinokuniya too!! It's the only bookstore in my part of the world wif a comprehensive range of Japanese mags even though I rely heavily on the pictures to understand what's happening.

  30. :O That stuff is to die for!
    i love Japanese goods. Can't get them in AUS though.

    That post was like heaven, lol.

  31. So many goodies!! I wish I could actually touch these things; so tempting! Lucky girl! Hope you enjoyed all the things you got!


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