Saturday, January 17, 2009

Looming Contest Deadline, Poupee Lucky Bags, and Prize Pics!

This is the last weekend until my contest deadline! Next week, I will post all of the entries and a voting poll to see what all of the ladies think...although ultimately, the decision is mine and it's holistic scoring (no points breakdown).

Thanks to Yume-chan and Yasumi (how cute was your outfit and comment yesterday!), I've become addicted to Poupee should all join (Tia and Fuz already have)! Poupee is French for doll, and on the website you create a character and earn ribbons by posting your pictures of your fashion and beauty items so that you can buy dress up items for your Poupee. Right now, they have special lucky bags (fukubukuro...a New Year's surprise bag that has up to double the retail value inside, I learned this from Yume-chan) for your Poupee Girls! Too cute...I've whored out my beauty and fashion products to earn lots of ribbons for the lucky bags, ahahaha.

What I really like is that it gives me a quick glimpse into others' closets, which not only gives me a sense of their style but also arms me with knowledge for gifting (it's a good way to see if a friend will like the type of gift you chose or if she already has it!). Aside from that, it also encourages me to keep track of the things I buy, especially makeup (gotta make an Excel spreadsheet sometime).

You can sign up at the site yourself OR you can ask me or any of the other girls for an e-mail invitation, in which case both you and the "inviter" gets 30 ribbons!

And are the prizes I won from Yume-chan's contest, "Thou Shall Not Be The Same Girl Twice." Thank you, Yume-chan and those who voted for me (thank you, Yasumi doll)!!

super cute cow sticker on the envelope!
everything inside! so many cute goodies!
Hello Kitty Oil Blot Tissue Papers! So cute! I'm stocked for the year lol
Ohhh cute stationary, I love it!
Face wash net! It's the bomb (1990s much?) makes foaming cleanser all fluffy, it's like a loofah for your face wash.
Ohhhh individual false eyelashes!
DHC samples!
Super cute pussy...earrings! ;)
Cute piggy tape! Aww!
And my favorite, 2009 planner! Kawaii!

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend and I hope you all have a long weekend at that! Woohoo!


  1. awwwww shizz... poupee enabler....


    and there i am ADDICTED, like some horrid crack.
    but i love my lil mini me =)
    I'll hit u up later for pointers and ish...

    i loveeeeeeee your piggy tape!!
    and this swap/prize round is so much more kawaii to me, with cutesy things! that yumeko, what a living poupee she is!

  2. How cute are those! :D I love the blotting tissue! Its cute :D I love anything hello kitty! :D Haha!

    Those Poupee girls are too adorable :D Are they time consuming? I might forget to study and get addicted to it. haha :p

    Oh, when I was a lil kid, I used to collect stationaries. I dunno why :)

  3. I WAS WONDERING WHO FRIENDED ME ON POUPEE GIRL! I kept asking myself, "Who's Kiana???"

  4. I loove poupee! Ive been a member for over a year but only found out about the bags a week ago lol eep

  5. wow, alot of cute stuff from Japan !!! that earring is very cute, I have one of these pretty tape also !

    :) Time to play with your goodies lol

  6. Cuteness overload!!! Yea I'm addicted to Poupee!! Haha. Thanks to Yumeko.

  7. wow! OK send me an invite! Haha! I would love to try the Poupee! Yay! :D

    I know I hope I will be able to sell them fast too :D

  8. I think I will add you on poupee!

  9. hi dear,I just came back home.That's why now only able to drop u comment ^_^

    the cow sticker is so cute.Almost all items are cute. DHC items nice?? I plan to try some.But it is not available in Malaysia.I need to pre order to get them ship into Malaysia. Thanks alot for your comment too.

    hug hug ^__^

  10. is the poupee thing addictive?? lolz...I better becareful before joining ;) and super cute earrings!!!

  11. Omg...the piggie tape is so cute!!! Will take a look at Poupee girl. Hopefully, I won't get addicted. lol

  12. oh wow that poupee is sooo cute!! i created one, but not sure how to work it yet!

    cute prizes!!! i like the lil cute animals!!

  13. i signed up for poupee last week during work, but didn't get a chance to play around with it yet!

    stuff from yume-chan are always so cuuuute!

  14. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Look at all that cute stuff!!

    Haha we do amuse ourselves on Poupee don't we?!!

    You are sooooo right though!! I love the fact that I can keep a record of almost everything I own on there. Its like a shopping diary of sorts and definately a great way to peak into each others styling habits etc.

    See you there sooon!!

  15. My BF saw me on poupee last week and whilst out shopping on saturday he commented that he is "not sure if I am dressing like my poupee or if I dress my poupee like me"!!

  16. You collected so many cute things, just like me!! LOL


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