Sunday, January 11, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty, Kracie Hadabisei Mask, and Mini Contest Deadline Extension!

Ahh I don't do well with these damn online 3-day sales. As you know the MAC 25% off everything sale (except Viva Glam) expired Thursday night at 11:59 p.m. EST (or 8:59 p.m. PST). When the sale started two nights ago, I first filled my shopping bag with everything and anything I might want to buy...I quickly filled it up to $503 ($500 is the online limit). Then surely enough, items were sold out and removed from my bag until two items were left this morning (haha). Most of the brushes I had my eyes on were sold out...until Thursday night, I noticed after 8 p.m. that all of the previously sold out items were now marked "temporarily out-of-stock" and could be placed in my shopping bag again. So went the mad dash, and as I typed my damn info to order, the seconds passed and the code expired...HA HA! Similar thing had happened back in November with the Sephora F&F Sale. Online 3-day sales=too much pressure, damnit. =)

It's just as well, because I want to get at least an eyeshadow quad and lipgloss and/or lipstick from next month's MAC Hello Kitty Collection, and maybe even something from the Kitty Kouture line. Plus I want to look at the brushes in person too so I can see the sizes. Iyah wrote a nice MAC Hello Kitty post so you can check there for more info (as well as and all the usual suspects). You can also sign up on MAC now for e-mail news about the Hello Kitty collection...and, speaking of MAC, I returned my MSF foundation at Del Amo mall MAC and got this cute MAC Hello Kitty invitation!

I'm so fucking there! A chance to play with and purchase the Hello Kitty collection first...HELL YEAH!! Hmm...Del Amo MAC is not as nice as South Coast Plaza MAC...looks like I might have to swoop up an invitation from there too. Anyone else in my area going?

On to a review...Yume-chan was kind enough to throw in this Kracie face mask for me to try in our December swap. This is the Kanebo Kracie Hadabisei Hikishime Mineral Black Facial Mask (or just Kracie Hadabisei for googling purposes).

Review at a Glance (out of 5 ♥s):
Product: ♥♥♥♥
Quality: ♥♥♥♥♥
Packaging: ♥♥♥♥
Price: ♥♥♥
Overall: ♥♥♥♥

Price: a box of 4 is about $16.99 USD...if I compare it to the KOSE once/twice-weekly box, that's a box of 5 for $12.59 USD, so this one is more pricey (both prices from, of course prices vary from other sellers).
it has peep holes for eyes so I can still do other things while wearing the mask.
it feels refreshing, like a facial mask fits very well on my face, not too big or wrinkly at all.
it's nice and thick and soft material.
all of the above makes it stick and stay well on my face so I didn't have to lie down for 20 minutes (the mask doesn't peel or slip off).

♥ it's very put it on right away before it drips...but more than that, I couldn't really tell after wearing it for 20 minutes if my skin was more moisturized or soft (I mean, I did just basically soak it with the mask, so of course that would make it more moisturized and soft, but I can't attribute how much the mask actually benefited my skin).
♥ I'd have to try another one...and maybe even another see if I notice a difference/improvement in my skin.

My Thoughts: It looks like wet black seaweed, doesn't it? hehe On my face, it makes me look like a SUSHI NINJA! But it felt nice, and my face felt fresh and moisturized afterwards. It's a mineral one and it's suppose to be super moisturizing and for dry skin. I've only use the KOSE box masks so far, which are thinner and meant for more daily/every-other-day use as opposed to this one, which is much denser and made to be used once or twice a week, so I can't really compare. I do like it, but I'd just have to try it again to know if I love it, and also try a KOSE mask similar to it to be able to compare/contrast.

More Info:

In other news...I've extended the mini contest deadline so there's now one week left for my mini contest! I've been pretty busy myself so I've decided the deadline is now January 18th, Sunday 11:59 p.m. PST (ohh just send it in before I wake up Monday morning). Please note, when you send your e-mail to include your actual blurb in the e-mail (not just your blog link!). Thanks! I'm excited to go shopping for the prizes and hope you are excited about the mini contest too! =)


  1. You're so lucky you got an invitation to MAC Hello Kitty collection! :)

  2. Ooh.. Presale!! I gotta ask my MAC if they're doing that..

    Nice review!! And contest extensions!! Common peeps!! Enter in!!

  3. I was suddenly so startled when you mentioned being at the Del Amo mall because I was honestly just there a few days ago, checking out the MAC section of Macy's. I didn't buy anything, though, so I didn't get any invitations, haha.

  4. ww sorry to hear about the promo at mac..but at least you got an invitation to the new collection of mac :) hahaha

  5. ooooh yet ANOTHER fabulous Japanese mask to try - FUN FUN FUN
    and you're right it DOES look like seaweed..mmmm "SEAWEED FACE"

    annnnd that is suuuuch a mega cute HK invite -- hooray for hello kitty is cute hooker boots right?

    rofl word verify: aches

    i aches for sushi... puwahhaha

  6. Girl! They're having a pre-sale at South Coast for the Hello Kitty! :D I have an appoinment there at 7:30pm on Feb 07! 1 week before they will sell it on public! That means we can buy it way before everyone else buys it! I'm excited I hope I get the money before that day :D

    Yes I want 2 palettes, 2 lipglass, 2 lipstick, a blush, and a beauty powder! eeek! I wonder how much would that cost me :p

  7. Doesn't Yumeko have fabulous taste!? She gave me one too and I still need to try it! My damn clogged pores make me scared to use this mask right now. I don't want to close it all off =P haha

    I hate shopping pressure! I hope you still get to buy everything you wanted, even without the discount

  8. I know! Isn't she great?! haha. The Castledew shadow palette is GD240 I think. And the sinn powder I think is translucent. We were trying to decide which shade would be a match for me so we thought translucent would be a smarter idea =P. I think it gives me an airbrushed finish, similiar to that of MUFE. Neither one gives me complete oil control (which I really don't expect of powders anyways haha).

    Hahha, I swear I do though! Maybe I'll take a pic and prove just how many scars I have! =P

  9. woo invite! u lucky thing u!!!!
    take pics!!

    and sushi ninja!! ahhaha u made me laugh out loud

    thanks for the extension!i got it written , i just need to get it posted! will do asap!

  10. omg the same thing happened to me on the 3rd day of the MAC sale!! First time i clicked on place an order, gave me a stupid error so i pressed the button again, and there the stupid offer expired!! ARGH!

  11. ouuu! i was @ del amo today but didn't step inside the mac store. >=( awwWww..i think i'm going to try to check out the pro store @ south coast too!

  12. Hahaha well you have great taste ;)!

    With the ex, at Riverside haha. We're broken up, but when we see each other, it's like we're together still. Weird, I know! Lets hope neither of us start dating before April! Otherwise my plans will probably be called off >.<

    Hahah it's cause we swap too soon and forget to swap other things! Hahaha.

    Thank you dear! I wish I could get my curls like yours! I need longer hair!!!

  13. wut is in that HELLO KITY MAC PALETTE? where did u get the pic yet? i am curious.. looks cute! im readin ur blog but i dont see links to it...

  14. Yeah they said they will have a promotion on HK and they will pre-sale all of those things on Feb 07! :D I have an appt there and they said I could totally bring my friends so lemme know so I can call them :D We can buy the HK together!

    Also the Kouture will be release on March I think??

  15. whoo hoo! i cant wait!! i believe it is being released the day after my birthday...hrm hrm hrm...i cant wait!

  16. that kitty invite is super duper adorableee!

    i tried the same mask last week! had a bit of a tingly sensation afterwards?

    thanks for the link on the contacts! I def don't wear them everyday, thank god and not for long periods either

  17. the invitation is so cute! i think it's kinda funny that hello kitty is black's still cute.
    ooh i tried the kracie mask from yumeko as well..i love how it's so refreshing!

  18. yay yay. Dear,I just noticed about your mini contest,I thought I will miss it..thank godness you have set a new deadline. Lucky I've pay a visit to your blog. hehe... to make sure I can keep in touch with your blog,I have already make myself become your follower.
    yay !!

  19. how fabulous! that hk launch is gonna be off the hook, they're gonna have pussies walking around and everything! LOL.

    but foreal... that's just jealousy talking... thanks for the extention on the contest as I'm sure i'm not the only one conjuring sum idears about what to do.

  20. hey! cool post! Yu-Be sent me an extra sample set. Maybe they had a internal thing problem. If you want, I could throw a swap with me..

  21. I'm so glad you're doing an extension on the contest! I'm so not the best at taking self pics and then editing haha.

  22. I wish I have more time to enter your contest >_< but you'll have another contest in the future wont u? :D

  23. lol. i was always curious on how people do their makeup first. i sometimes don't understand how some people could do their eyemakeup and then curl the lashes...what if you touched your shadows? lol
    I really do want to take pictures of the stores, it's kinda difficult because the skinfoods near me are really small and the SAs are standing a breath away from me.
    you could try taking a look at the korean skinfood website, all the prices are the same as the stores.

    they have just a weee bit of english that tells you if you're looking at skincare, makeup, masks etc.
    i think Japanese magazines could easily take up all your makeup money lol. why must they cost a fortune! haha why not go buy some magazines now? it can be your....spoiling yourself day XD

  24. ok seriously hello kitty and MAC whohooo..i just hope it don't sold out in a day just like the dresscamp collection because just what if?? if i didnt get to buy in time hello kitty love for most of us asians is like love for eating RICE..hahaha
    ok im definitely now a fan of your blog me darling.xox

  25. I went to MAC today to return my MSF and I asked about the Hello Kitty Collection, then the lady told me about this event and she said I have to pay $52 to get an invitation :S Did I mishear her? I'm sure I heard her right! She had an accent, so I probably did! WTH WAS I THINKING!!! I'm suppose to get that invitation!!!!! AAH.


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