Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mail Love and Surprises

Are you ready for a little mail madness? Here are pics of the packages I'm sending out!

I reused a stack of boxes I'd gotten back around Christmas

Eight packages! (One is being delivered in person. Actually I'm hoping to deliver two in person. *fingers crossed*) $100 at the post office and now you know why I'm taking a break from spending and sending. =P Though if I had more money, I'd spoil some of you more, and more of you!

it was looking like Christmas madness again...

I was so happy when I received a little surprise in the mail from Mona...penguin bookmarks! Aren't they so darn cute? And I just LOVE penguins! Thank you, doll!

Funny 'cause I'd seen these and thought about getting them, but put them back down. She didn't even know! What a mind reader.

I also received a sweet package from Ning*Star just for being her first blog follower! She sent me some Skin Food goodies since I hadn't tried any yet and I was touched by her kindness, as well as excited from seeing many blogs post the delicious sounding Skin Food products (I've told you I love the idea of anything that sounds and smells delicious and yummy right? Like food or sweets and words like BAKED make me drool!). I wasn't ready to take the leap to purchase for myself yet so this is a great way to try out some of the products. (When I poked around the site, so many things look good! Just begging me to buy them all.)

The box was wrapped in cute paper

And filled with all of these goodies!

nice-sized samples of
♥ Skin Food Black Sugar Wash Off Mask
♥ Skin Food Rice Wash Off Mask
♥ Skin Food Great Tea Cleansing Gel
♥ Skin Food Peach Pore Serum

She also surprised me with VOV Daily Fresh Masks!!! I have been wanting these but having no luck finding them here (I believe they are about $1 each on Gmarket, but on ebay they are $4 for one!), so I'd given up hope, haha.

♥ Tomato Collagen Sheet Mask
♥ Green Tea Collagen Sheet Mask
♥ Berry Wash Off Mini Pack
♥ Honey Lemon Wash Off Mini Pack
♥ Volcanic Powder Mineral Wash Off Mini Pack
♥ and a Shiseido Sheet Mask!

I am so touched and appreciate her kindness and generosity! Thank you so much.

Random pic but...I think this was my smallest haul ever at Target. =P


  1. awwwwwww my lil postal girl =)

    i'm right there with you girl, but yay for going green and recycling your christmas boxes, i had to do that too, in fact I still have xmas and swap upchuck looming around this friggin room. grrr

    anywhosies hope you're having a fabulous weekend, you gotta come over again so we can crochet and um start those damn granny squares!!!

    you, leah and i should get together to see he' just not that into you and confessions of a shop-a-holic, have a girl's day =)

  2. Dang woman! Looks like inventory when I used to work at BORDERS!! LOL!! Aww and you're hand delivering a few.. so sweet!

    How nice of Mona & NingStar!! Great goodies for you!! And I love the Burts Bees Cuticle Cream!! It works wonders for my dry ass cuticles and fingertips!! I used it all the time at BORDERS and even now. I'm a paper pusher, so my work just SUCKS the moisture out of my hands!! And it smells good too!!

  3. that burts cuticle creme is the bomb! =)

  4. hi sweetie, glad that u like it..

    hope you enjoy them ^__^

    hugs <3

  5. wow that's a lot of packages to send out it's like Chirstmas all over again. Good to see that you're reusing the boxes you got from Christmas it's a good way to go green. You've probably even used a box or two from the item's I've sent you lol.

  6. wow you're keeping busy with the trips to the post office hehe
    that's so sweet of mona and ning star!

  7. oooh u got the masks!!! do let me know how they are!!

  8. whereee are you from?!! >=( I don't think I have a japanese store in my city!!! im jealous (:

  9. woah! 100 at the post office?! crazyyy!

  10. Wooooooooooowww! Pink boxes! I LOVEEE!! and Wow $100 at the P.O?? Are you swapping some that's why you have lots of boxes to send? :) hehe Sorry I'm being nosy :p But you are soooo generous and thoughtful :)

    and wow again at skinfood! :D Ive seen a lot of post about them :D Lemme know how they will work for you :D

    I cannot wait to see you :)

  11. aww, what great gifts you got! I love the Burt's Bees cuticle cream - I'm constantly misplacing mine, haha

  12. I agree! Shipping costs suck! Especially when shipping costs as much as the value of the package contents haha. But oh well, it's worth it =).

    Aww cute penguin bookmarks! Mona is good at reading minds, it seems like! haha

    What a great collection of samples!!~

  13. Wow!!! No wonder you're so busy... hehe~ :P

  14. curious about the burt's bee cuticle cream! do share your thoughts on this one!

    omg, that's a lot of boxes!

  15. WOW that's a LOT of postage!!!! I have those bookmarks..thinking of getting one of them as a tattoo. =)

  16. WOW thanks for the package I just got it today. Love the candy and the movies.

  17. oOoh are u mailing me anything!??? lol

  18. Burts Cuticle Cream is the bomb! I keep it on my desk. The smell reminds me of Pledge or Bacardi Limon, lol. Your mini Tar-jay haul is cute. I went there yesterday with intentions and only ended up with 2 little things in my cart. I must of looked lazy pushing a cart with nothing in it.

  19. Sweet goodies! How did you manage to walk out of target with just 3 things? Now that's self control. =P


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