Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I'm still sick, booooo so I opted not to go to Vegas with friends this weekend. *sniff, sniff* Feels so bitter sweet, haha, I could have gone but I just wasn't ready and can't imagine partying with snot dripping down my nose!

Mail Love!!

Anyways, I got mail sniped! Valentine packages from Tia, Mona, Wuz and Linda too. WOW!! Thank you for the sweet surprises!!

Wuz, the ANGEL

You really did snipe me since I didn't know you had my mailing addy!! I love your Hawaiian day we'll be sipping pina coladas on your tropical will be tipsy! haha

Such a cute card with a sweet message!

the goods from my Hawaiian honey!
I've been wanting to try Dessert Pocky to see what's the dif! And how cute is the Hawaiian Bear Biscuit...too cute to eat just yet!
Bath & Body Works Magnolia Blossom! Smells lovely!
Cute satchel with Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Body Bar!
Also a Dash Minerals Peach Silk Finish! You know me...I'm peachy! lol jk
and cute mark lip gloss sample in Girly Girl, aww!

Linda's love!!

Such an expected surprise! Linda, my dear, you already hook me up with nice things in my Pretty Pink Boxes! Thank you for this sweet Valentine's package!

Soap & Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel! smells lovely and perfect for weekend trips
mark self sanctuary body lotion!
mark Rebel Rose fragrance sample
Chapstick, Sunsmackers and Murad mini body wash!
And how cute is this Pez? Thank you, Linda!!

Bat your eyelashes at this!!
A package from Tia for Valentine's! So cute!
girly cotton squares...
Hello Kitty and Pocky snacks!!
crocheted cupcake!!
Hello Kitty marshmallo pop!!
and a Honeycats bath fizz!! Thank you!!

Mona sent me her love in two parts so I'll wait until I have both to post. ♥

Non-blogging love!!

cute card from my friend Ron!!
and a super sweet card from my friend Hannah!!
She loves Hello Kitty too and included these goodies!!

Thank you everyone!! You all really caught me off know I am a cynical closeted hopeless romantic (haha) and I've never had a special Valentine's so I wasn't expecting anything at all! Thanks so much for making me smile...and you never know when you'll find something in the mail from me too!

Video Love!!

I recorded a video...I dunno, just for the hell of it. How come no one ever told me it takes a few outtakes?! haha But I guess I am just a bit of a narcissist so I uploaded my outtakes too. Sorry for the low lighting but I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. You are SO cute!!!!

    LOL @ "love in the club" ..

  2. You got some love !! Happy Valentine's Day to you :D
    I just checked out your youtube videos and you made me smile lol
    I also enjoyed watching your other videos :P

  3. Cool Valentine's Day mail love.

  4. such great goodies!!!! happy vday babe hope you feel better oon :)

  5. cool..even though you are sick,but those surprise definitely make your health turn better,haha... happy face will have healthy Diana =P

    I have that lip smacker too.. I like lip smacker...there are so yummy to lips...

    Happy V day <3

  6. YAY!! A VIDEO!!! :) I love your voice & seeing you in action!! :)

    Feel better babes!! And I'm glad you liked everything!! And dang girl you ARE LOVED & SPOILED!! Linda & KT hooked you up!! And you know Mona's a generous soul!!

    And your vday card & HK goodies are cute too!!!

    LOVE YA!!

  7. Adrian and I wishes you a happy valentines! <3 we're both working so boo to that! :( We watched Confessions of a Shopaholic yesterday but it was soo diff from the book, but still nice :)

    Sorry to hear that your sick, but uhm, can I have your addy as well? hahaha :) I love your video! You should make more!! :) You look so lovely :D

  8. Gasp a Vlog entry... OoOo
    I loooooves it -- of course now you know that you made ONE, you have to continue with a few more right?!?!


    Very cute goodies, enjoy - and enjoy!!!

    Happy Hearts Day!

  9. Wowww. Now thats what i call some good, loving friends!


  10. yea uploadin shit on youtube takes decades! lol nice cards and goodies! so kind of them..

  11. Happy V Day! Enjoyed your short video.

  12. Aww you're so cute in the vid :) Those are some nice presents!

  13. Ahhhhhhhh you sound so cute! And my my my arent you graceful!! SO COOL to see you in action. Do more videos!

  14. You're in a tank top? I'm so jealous!

    I hope you get better soon!

    Aww look at all the cute stuff! Mmmhm I wanna try the Pocky Dessert!

  15. Get better~ Cuuuute vid! Hehehe, you should make more vids!! Make love in da club? Hahahaahahaha~

  16. Your soo cute!!! I love your hair!! You better watch out if you see a crazy black women with scissors trying to steal it! :)
    Hope your feeling better! Sorry about Vegas :(... I went to Mohegan Sun for V-day and it was soo lame. I ♥ Vegas! I'm thinking about going in the spring!

  17. dear hot sauce, i wuv u mucho

    get well soon, tho the voice i sexy

  18. aww, hope you feel better soon hun! what sweet gifts to get for valentine's day :)

  19. For some odd reason I expected your voice to be husky, but it's not... hehe~ You have a cute voice!

    I spent my Valentine's Day sick too... hehe~

  20. Oh no! Not babies yet! Haha! It will end my make up addiction for sure! HAha! I'd be buying diapers x(

    Yeah work sucks! Hopefully we'd get through it. School is very stressful.

    Hope your okay. Moooree vids!! :p

  21. I hope you're feeling better! What lovely V-Day gifts..I'd go loco with all that delish candy :)

  22. wow. your so lucky. you got so much. heheenjoy the goodies! xx

  23. wow! those goodies are eye candies! they are so lovely! and so are you. =) nice to "meet" you in this world of blogging. Can we exchange links?


  24. Aww, so cute in your video. =) xoxo


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