Monday, February 2, 2009

So my homeboy IM-ed me and gave me a Denny's link...

me: take me a trip I want to go to Denny's...
me: I really want to, eat Denny's with can be my Denny's boyyyyyy
me: do your rap
me: who's killing pigs in Denny's...
him: crazy Diana

LOL I just wanted to share. (If you didn't get it or don't listen to hip hop, I was *singing* "American Boy" by Estelle featuring Kanye West, but substituting with Denny's.)

Tomorrow is the MAC Hello Kitty pre-sale event, yippie! But guess what? I'm not that interested in the collection! So we'll see what I walk out with. =)

EDIT: I do really want a MAC Hello Kitty Dazzleglass or two! But that won't be released until March. I was poking around and saw MAC will also release a Sugar Sweet Collection that sounds absolutely delicious! The glosses look sparkly in dif packaging and there will be new MSFs...right up my alley. ;)


  1. What?! Not interested in HK?! OMG!!! LOL!! Haha... well everyone's different... I'm excited!! I just hope I get what I want, and that no bitches ruin my groove!! LOL!!

  2. Diana! I was so excited when Iyah told me you were going to be there! Please come by my page again. I just updated. Won't be going tomorrow anymore.

  3. you are tooo funny! no denny's by me!

    omg.. MSFs... how adore thee!

  4. Leeeeettt's go to Denny's!!! Adrian and I were just talking about that when I saw the commercial. Haha! Maybe after my class, I'd stop by at Denny's to have some brunch :)

    Not interested?? OMGosh! I'm already shaking and you know I even called off just for this. haha! :) I'm so excited to see you finally :D

    When are they releasing the Sugar Sweet Collection?

  5. my class will be over at 11am. Its okay, I'll just have brunch around here in my area :) Our appointment is at 7:30pm so I guess they will give us 30 minutes tops? because people have appointment at 8pm and I'm guessing they will have to kick us out to accommodate those people. lol! Ohhh! I will wear my deep throat also! :D

  6. I miss western breakfast!!!!!!! that picture is making me drool!

  7. hoooooray take lots of pix today!!!
    and show us whutcha got lil mamaaaa

    p.s. im poupee addicted. DARN YOU.

  8. I just called my bf and sang that song to him....... He thinks I'm CrAzY :)) I love it, been singing it all day... Actually I totally forgot I was going to treat myself to pancakes this morning at Denny's but I forgot. I'm such a piggie

  9. HAHHAHA...I was driving passed Dennys today and saw a long line. I didn't know what it was for but wow, free wonder! lol.

    Sorry I couldn't respond to your email earlier. I'm keeping my butt out of the Kitty collection so I won't be poking head inside the mall for quite a while. Take lots of pictures!!! I'd love to see what you're gonna get. Make me jealous ^^

  10. Hahha thanks for sharing!

    But lots so you can show your purchases to us! =)


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