Sunday, March 1, 2009

WWBW...What Would Blair Wear?! My Gossip Girl Look

I'm sure you all know by now about Mona's fabulous contest, so this is my entry! (Deadline is Sunday night/Monday morning so enter if you haven't already!)

I choose Blair, aka the Classic Prep, because I love her style and makeup even though I think I dress more like Serena (Blairena? Blaireniana?). Would Blair really wear what I'm wearing? Prob not! But here's my look anyways.

My makeup inspiration...neutral eyes with peachy cheeks and lips that pop...

the lighting makes me look more pale...

my "secret" pose for Mona...

My outfit inspiration...

Note to self...I really must clean my mirror for mirror pics! Just pretend it's a NY snowstorm!

I did my homework by watching Gossip Girl...and I also did some extra credit by making a video!

It's 5 a.m...time for me to go to bed!

"You know you love me...XOXO...Gossip Girl" ;)


  1. woe nice i think you totally NAILED it . it camem out amazing the hair the clothing everything very well executed !

  2. I'm sooooo proud of you dood!!!
    Your first tutorial video with music, w/out being drowned out and under 10 too!!! GO YOU!!!

    and you knowwww now -- that's one of many... so on to the nexxxxxxxt!!!

    woot - woot
    and 5am --damn girl u be workin OT!

  3. you're cute, i love your hair!

  4. you look sooooo good!!!

    what editing program do you use and how do your vids come out sooo clear??
    is it your cam?..if so what kind are you using!!!

    loooves it!! :]

  5. really pretty.
    I wonder how u do the trick,open one eye and close one eye,and yet your other eye still can open widely.. oh, I can't do that,me and my bf watch this video together and we both get so curious because I've tried and my eye just can't open as wide as yours... xD

    Love it so much <3
    it is 1.08am Malaysia time, and I will sit for my exam at 8.30am. I just can't control myself to drop on your blog.Haha..

  6. drooling at your cape! oh how i love thee, you look so wifey to me <3

  7. Oohhh I LOVE the cape you added. It's totally blair!

  8. love it and i love your eye brows!! when are we and tia getting together?! i have yet to meet you lovely ladies!!

  9. Both these looks were great! I love the curls in your hair!! And those boots are HOT!!

    Yay for another vid!! ANd a tut at that! I've done vids, but never a tut, so YOU GO GIRL!! LOL! I blend with brushes, qtips, & fingers right before I walk out the door!! Oohh and falsie application too!! I loved it!! Great neutral look!! :) ps. thanks for using the NARS Mulitples! LOL! I'm still trying to figure out how to use the Cococabana & Malibu that's in the palette!! LOL!

    And yes I do LOVE YOU!!

  10. another great entry!! you look beautiful!! you got everything from the makeup to shoes!1 perfect!!

    good luck hun!!!

  11. You NAILED this..the make up, hair, outfit,perfect! I don't know how you said you wouldn't look Blair like, because you nailed the look and you look beautiful!

    Thanks for the comment on the red dress :) I just hate that one boob is freakishly higher than the other, at least people know they are natural then haha.

  12. Perfect execution!!! :D You look preppy as ever, hehehe~ Love the video too!!

  13. love the tutorial and your outfit rocks!

  14. I would have to say blair would rock that! :) You look so cute!

  15. You got the look down 100%!!! I love the curls!! That itty bitty skirt is tres cute!!! Love the vid!! I really need to learn to edit my vids, mine are sooo bootleg.

  16. 5am and you're still awake! you crazy girl!
    great entry, i looove your flowy waves

  17. Hahha your first time watching the show? It's such a guilty pleasure. I love watching for the fashion and beauty! I WANT Serena's Burberry trench from Nordys!

    You did such a good job with the makeup! And you make such a cute prep! The hair is beautiful!

    Dammit, I don't have sound right now so I can't watch your video! =(

  18. You're pretty much spot on with the look, i love it.

    Oh and that outfit is so cute ^-^

  19. I love your curls, you chose such a great picture to imitate! I love Blair's look with that cape, your outfit definitely rocks. :D Good luck!


  20. great contest entry - your hair looks sooo cute!

  21. WOW!! you made a tutorial!! YAY! I'm so happy! You gonna be making MORE right??? :D

    I love your outfit girl! C'mon we should go out like that :) It looks sooo cute! & loving the curls too! :)

    Yeah the boys need to accept that we love lipgloss & they should never try to erase it. hahahah. :P

    I dunno if I should get the HK dazzleglasses :(

    Btw, lots of new things at Poupee :D

  22. VIDEO!!! I love it!!!!! Go Diana GO GO GO!!

    WHITE TIGHTS!!!!! You are now officially my gave gossip girl!

  23. hey there missy!
    are you awake right now?
    if you are could you email me your addy in the next 4 hours? i'm sending out a few packages tomorrow and i wanted to pop something in the mail for you XD..otherwise i'm gonna visit the post office later this week =p

  24. wow, your curls look so pretty! I love the little cape thing, it's very different from the other contestants. It sort of reminds me of bat girl haha, goodluck!

  25. Thanks!! It's just my shoulder that's bothering me really, besides my cold haha.

    I know! I love my necklace! Steph is a wonder woman! Like Yumeko and Miss Tia. How on earth can they be so crafty?!

    Yuup! It's hard to discover your shade based on the description online. I believe has a color guarantee though, with free shipping. But it isn't on sale. For me, I found 01 (the lightest shade) to be a bit dark. So don't get too dark of a shade when you're picking!

    Hahaha.. well consider me enabled =P. I'm definitely going to check out those scents when I'm at the mall next!

  26. Wow how long is your hair!?!? It's also amazingly healthy looking.

    I also love the hairband! :)

  27. Ohh that's a pretty look! Great job on the GG look! Everyone is doing a great job for that contest. I am loving the peachy tones this season too!

  28. yay for face shop masks :) so far I really like their pearl mask, but I need to go to the store and see if they have more (they were sold out during my last mask haul, haha). The coq10 one is pretty nice too, and the lemon one had a nice scent to it :)

  29. oh wow! you look so so pretty :)

  30. Yeah the Dazzleglass are sooo nice!! I love it since the charm is removable so I can put it in any lipglass that I have! :D

    I so want the compact :( I hope Adrian would get it for me but I doubt it coz the dazzleglass alone is very expensive for him! hahah! :) He's very nice to tolerate all my make up habits :p

    I know, Yay for our P&J blush! :D I love it! :D Heehee!! I want moreee P&J :p

    Yeah I did my 1st swap. It all happened this week. It started Monday because Annie from Xoannie wanted the NYX pencils plus the Laneige so we agreed to swap. I didn't ask for anything particular. Any HK, I'd be happy to get. lol. I mailed it out today and put in priority so she would get it by monday! Yay! I'm so excited :p Its my 1st ever! :D

    Oh, I did a bad thing.. I took advantage of the Sephora sale :(

  31. Yes Ma'am! I took advantage of the Sephora Sale :( I clicked the check out button! Now I'm doomed! I was only gonna get the Dear John Moisturizer (its my 2nd jar now! haha!) because it was just too great for a combination skin like mine, but I got tempted :p

    Oh btw, Adrian said that SEPHORA TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME because of their sale and not the other way around! hahah!

    What is a sheet mask? Is it like anti wrinkle or something? We are never too old for any anti wrinkle skin products :) I am using eye creams now like everyday! :D I noticed brightening of my undereye :)

    I know what you mean about P&J! So lovely :D

    I can't wait to see your review on the laneige peel :D


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