Saturday, April 25, 2009

Peach Love from Betty at!!

What Am I Addicted To? Beauty products and Japanese products, of course!

Betty of the beloved Japanese Products Lover ebay store has just launched a new website,, dedicated to bringing you tons of Japanese goodies!

The website design is so clean and lovely! And you'll be happy to know that since April is its grand opening, everything is 10% off when you enter "JPL10" at the checkout!

Anyone who reads my blog knows I love going to Mitsuwa, Marukai and Book Off...but I always feel so bad for those who don't have those stores where they live. Now, you can simply visit iMomoko for most of the same products I get from Japanese specialty stores!

The site will also be open to international customers next month.

And now...of lovely items from iMomoko!

KEVIN Beauty Bible
Buy it HERE
I've wanted this baby since I'd seen KT's back in December! Gorgeous photos and wonderful tutorials (that I can't read but hope someone will translate for me one day)

Rhoto Lychee Eye Drops
Buy it HERE
I had a co-worker who used to live in Tokyo, and he told me if I ever go there I HAVE to get some eye drops. Yes...that was his number one recommended thing. And how fricking cute is the packaging?!

I got the light pink one which is for contact users and there's 's a dark pink one for non-contact users. I put a drop in each eye...ahhhhh! Potent stuff! Seriously...for a brief moment my eyes felt like I was on they just dilated...was it my imagination or did my eyes look all big and glossy in the mirror? ♥

KOSE Clear Turn White Hyaluronic Acid White Mask Sheets
Buy it HERE
I absolutely LOVE mask sheets. I have dry skin and since using mask sheets, I have noticed visible improvement not only in hydration but also the softness and plumpness of my skin. Hyaluronic Acid FTW when it comes to skin hydration! Here they are next to my box of KOSE Clear Turn Collagen Masks which I am almost out of.

FITS Sexy Girl Whipped Hand & Body Cream (Peach)
Buy it HERE
I love, love, LOVE this stuff! The scent is delicious! You just want to eat it, or lick the person wearing it hahaha (please don't lick me). I've yet to come across another body cream product that has such a delectable scent as this peach one. ♥♥♥♥♥

And on top of that, Betty was so generous she threw in more products and samples for me to try!

KOSE Sekkisei White Powder Wash
Buy the full size HERE

Kanebo Dew Superior Cleansing Cream and Wash Cream samples

Naris Up Parasola Ice UV Cut Spray SPF 40PABuy it HERE
SPF 40 Continuous Clear Spray stays strong in the sun as long as you do. It especially designed for long-lasting photostable protection that won't break down in the sun. This any-angle spray can get to those hard-to-reach areas for complete coverage. Apply generously and evenly to all areas 15 minutes before sun exposure.

Okay seriously this could not have come at a better's been summer hot here lately! 95 degrees! 100 degrees! Ahhh! Actually I think I got a slight sunburn while driving.

Bihada Ichizoku Kurobara Mask Sheet
Buy it HERE
I'm such a sucka for packaging! I just want to collect all of the Bihada sets of two, one to use and one to keep! It makes me happy to be surrounded by cuteness.

SANA NAMERAKA Makeup Cleansing Oil Mini Trial Size
Buy it HERE
A cleanser that penetrates deep down into the pores, removing dirt, oil, and make-up for a softer and smoother finish. Made with organic soy beans packed with isoflavones and added carrot extract, this facial cleanser is gentle on the skin and improves the natural moisture of the skin. You will see visible rejuvenated skin. Removes make-up just as effectively as make-up remover. Non-fragrant, no color added, non-oil based.

Japan Marusan Selena Fresh Facial Puff 110pc
Buy it HERE
Soft, gentle, and strong textured cotton puffs! Ideal for applying lotions, toner, oils and astringents. Ideal for removing eye makeup, face makesup and nail polish.

And lastly, this super cute turquoise winged heart mirror!! So cute and sweet!

The package says "look good, feel great & have fun."

Thank you so much, Betty!

All you ladies should check out the new site...I've already added some more items to my wish list, since she sells the new Queen Beauty Bible Spring Edition, Majolica Majorca Mascara, L'egere bb creams, Heroine Make Kiss Me, and lots more...definitely worth taking a look!

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

P.S. I finally played with some of the makeup that the talented and generous Glow aka Yasumi gave me! Here's a subtle daytime look I did today. I used the Skin 79 Shiny Pearl Water Drop BB cream, Boots Chilli Pepper Blue Butterflies eyeshadow palette, and Beauty Credit Lovely Cheek Colour in Peach Girl and my usual arsenal. The lippie is MAC's Lollipop Loving.

Beware...shameless camera whoring!!

The necklace I'm wearing was also given to me by Glow! Check out her exquisite handmade jewelry blog, Worship at the House of Blues, where every piece is handcrafted and unique because she only makes one of each piece! Hurry because they go fast! I am NOT kidding.


  1. lol, wifey u got sooo many things. I saw the beauty bible last week it is MYR50 but I didn't buy because I don't want to add on more things when I'm moving.

    whee, is bihada, tons of mask sheets and SEXY GIRL... yummy ;]

  2. Great haul. (I'm semi- cheating cuz I read your entry but didn't watch your video) The eyedrops look so cute! I wanna try em out (even though I never use eyedrops!)

    LUSH's comforter bubble bar is AWESOME! I love it! I personally think it's worth it for the price (tho it's a bit more than the other bubble bars), it's bigger and I divided it up into 4 pieces and they're a ton of bubbles in my tub. The pink-ish part of the bar would turn your water pink, which is totally girly. I love the smell. Oh yha, when the bar crumbles under hot water, it may "stain" your palms a bit but don't worry cuz it'll come right off after the bath :) Hope this helps and hope you like it as much as I do.

  3. So pretty pictures with you :)

  4. The Selena cotton IS super soft! If you end up using your
    Bihada Ichizoku Kurobara Mask Sheet, would love to see a review!

  5. u girls are pretty lucky to have those stores!!

    awesome pictures though

  6. awww that is a great haul!!

    I absolutely love Rohto Lycee eyedrops!! they are so kawaii and make my eye all fresh! the are love XD
    yasumi is so nice great items! :)

  7. oh! i just bought the strawberry version of the hand cream thing. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm~

    your camwhoring is so cute xDD

  8. I have rohto eye drops which are even more potent!!!!! Yipeeee!!!!!!!!

  9. I just got those eyedrops but haven't used them yet =P what lovely extra goodies she sent you to try out!

  10. wow thank you for the post. i love cant wait to buy from there

  11. Do you love anything else beside Japanese products??!

    Seriously, you always made me jealous with your Japanese goodies haul every time I visited. Can you feel the intensity of my jealousy here? lol.

    <3 your vids.

  12. most of the products ur addicted to r asian products.. but then usually asian products works better on asian skin huh? i wanna try some bb cream!! =[ gorgeous pix of you!! haha remember.. "ill be ur teddy bear" lol =P

  13. Haha!! You got the books!! The only thing that keeps me from really wanting those, IS the fact that I can't understand it! LOL! But when you do find a translator let us know! *winkwink* LOL!

    Wow that's a lot of masks!! But if you use um everyday like you said, then it makes sense! *sniffs screen* Damn I told you we need smell-o-vision! LOL! Haha remember "taste it, see if it tastes like Lychee"! LOL!! Crack drops!! They are! 'cheese' is hooked on the reg one!

    Wow Betty hooked you up with the extries!! The mirror is cute! LOL! Haha! You trying to pronounce the Japanese name of Sana stuff! LOL!

    Yay for camera whoring!! You look great with all the stuff the wonderful generous Yasumi got you!! And the necklace looks great on you!! Even better in the dark on D-TV! LOL! ;)

  14. Betty is such a doll face isn't she!!!
    Her store is Japanese Product overload on my mental and my wallet!


  15. i use the lychee drops and skin79. woohoo! love the drops. the non contact one is a bit stronger.

  16. Who is that pretty lady??? ITS MA MATE DIANA!!! WOOOOOO SHE IS A PROPA HEAD TURNER!!! Hahhaha

    I heart you xx

  17. HOT HOT DIANA!!! :)

    I want those lychee eye drops! My eyes has been so..uhm..watery? Like they are so sensitive to the wind and sun :( I need something! :(

    I also wanna try the Kose Sheet Mask since Ive been wanting to try a mask :)

    YAY!! and btw, I skipped the A Rose ROmance as well :) I'm glad I did because I'm going to San Francisco next week and need money for gas. ahahah

  18. great haul!! you look so pretty!! the palette is really cute too!

  19. as long as she ships to canada by the time i get back..i'll be one happy girl. unless the CAD is super crappy with the USD haha.
    you must agree that the looks in kevin's books are so wearable! i looovee it! well except for maybe a few that i wouldn't do. I wish i could read more chinese! it's like useless for me to read just a few words out of a paragraph. surprisingly i could get through a paragraph with a few words and knwo what he's talking about...only for point makeup. for base makeup i'm stumped.

    i think i made a mistake in my last paragraph..i meant to say i'm starting to get a urge to get makeup primers. haha even if you asked before i probably forgot..i forget things easily lol
    but anyway..i use the primer/makeup base before foundation. if i'm using a bb cream, i don't use a primer at all cuz it's supposed to have primer in it if i'm not mistaken.

  20. Lovely Japanese haul!!

    looking cute with Yasumi's jewelry!! She's always so generous with her goodies :D

  21. Yay great goodies from Betty! You look pretty with yasumi's necklace~ :]

  22. WIFEYYYYYY! ok be careful with that sexy girl stuff, i might lick you mwahahha

    oh i use the same cotton pads! they're so fab <3

    those pics of you are PRECIOUS! you're PRECIOUS! myyyy precious!

    ok i'm creepy >.<

  23. woo hoo great haul!!!! i want i want- i am obsessed with peach scented products- thanks for the review!!

  24. Hey, I got to try those eye drops...


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