Thursday, April 2, 2009

Random Update

My blog just turned one year old! Yup, its birthday was the end of March. I didn't blog too much for the first half, so I'm not in the mood to celebrate. I'll make it up by celebrating its UNbirthday sometime later this year.

Anyone who doesn't know yet about Yasumi's new blog for her beautiful handmade jewelry should definitely go visit! NOW!! She is selling gorgeous pieces at her shop called Worship At The House Of Blues. If you purchase something, let her know that I pimped her!

I made a video of random things I've gotten recently...but I forgot to take pictures so if you're curious, you'll just have to watch.

I hope you're all having a great week!


  1. congrats on turning 1 lol.

    i didn't get anything from the kk line.

  2. Oooh. I'm going to check our her new blog and make sure to come back and watch your vid! =)

  3. You say "shipping" soooo cutely!!!

    OMG you mentioned me!!! Thank you!!!! I feel special xx

  4. Yay For DS!! I wanted that game! But I have to save up for it! LOL!!HK PIMPED OUT DS!! WHOOO!

    It seems like everyone's buying Dazzlepuss!! Haha... I'm like the lonely Kitty Kouture owner! LOL! Hey I didn't get no tote!! Oh well! haha...


    I love your vids!! Haha!! Make me smile listening to you!!

  5. ooooooooooooh! HK Kawaii overload!

    I love it!

    I have Dazzlepuss too, and I think it's the best MAC lipglass I've ever owned!

    They didn't give me the bag when I was shopping in Detroit!!

  6. great haul... Missing your post so much... look forward for more and more pos from you.
    Besides, the Kitty Kouture is truely awesome.

    Shiny fings fings from yasumi <3

  7. happy birthday to your blog! =)
    pink ds lite and pink HK overload! i miss my ds lite..i dunno why i didn't bring it with me. it's quite boring on the subway.
    would you take a picture of your current makeup collection? pretty please??

  8. Awwww Happpy Birthday Dearrrr Blog...
    Happy Birthday Dear Blogggg
    Happy Birthday Dear D's Blog
    You've madeeeeee itttt thussss FARRRRR.... (woot woot)

    GAH!!! NINTENDO DS all HK'ed out, could you have it any OTHER WAY!!! That's the shiz YO!
    Make sure you get cooking mama too!!!
    I had the French and Spanish version of your game, and they we're awesome!!!
    yah - make me want my DS back girl!

    and mmmMm HK Kouture is soooo sexy, even with just the way the charm goes "pling"

    Muahzzzzzzzzzz mish you dollycakes!!!

  9. Happy Birthday Blog !

    Yasumi does make great jewerly! So many blogger ladies making lovely stuff !

    I basically like everything you bought recently ... lol


  10. I had missed you soo much!
    Happy Birthday Bloggg!

  11. aweeee totally want a DS! sooo jello right now hehehehe omg.

  12. I watched the entire video!! YAY!

    I love your Pink DS and the HK accessories are to die for!! YAY for that :)

    I actually was tempted to get the "Consume Me" because it goes well with the Lollipop loving :) So pretty!

    The e/s that you got are too cute! Which reminds me I need to do B2M too :D

    yay for mUfe also :) and love that VISE palette :D

    CUte necklace :)

  13. omgoshh i love the hk stuff for our ds!! great haul! have fun with your ds :]

  14. yay!! congrats on your one year =P

  15. Oh! I forgot to greet you :(


    I still don't know what to wear too! We should meet up before that day and go shopping. ahahahah! :p I don't even know if I'm gonna wear heels. If we gonna walk around the convention, I need a comfy shoes to go with. Maybe a nice flats? :p Ahhh :P I'm excited. ahahah

  16. wifey update wifey update, happy berfday paperdoll blog :D

  17. I have the same DS lite colour as you!!!! LOL!!! omg i wanted to get that DS japanese coach :( not available here... ganbatte with studies :)

    awesome haul!

  18. happy blog birthday :) nice hauls hun - love the DS!

  19. Happy b-day to your blog!!!!

    Awww you got a DS! heheh yay! Get one of those cards to dl all those games!


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