Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Japaneezy and Nose Pore Pack Review

Happy Friday! So by now, everyone on blog TV knows I love to eat, ha ha. Here are some random Japanese snacks I picked up at Marukai last weekend.

Strawberry Meltyblend...delish! I was told they're called Meltykiss in Japan (true or false?)

Kasugai strawberry hard candies filled with strawberry seed filling!

my favorite Sapporo Ichiban dry ramen's called dinner in 5 minutes (it was what I was stuffing my face with on blogTV)

Myojo Chukazanmai ramen (soy sauce and chilli oil flavor)...$1.50 a pack but me likes

last time on Mona TV she busted out a huge bag of I thought I'd give these a try (you'll prob see me eating this next time on blogTV haha).

Hawaiian chips 'cause they just go so well with all of the Hawaiian snacks Wuz recently sent me!

Alright, I promised a review! I don't really do reviews but eh, here's one on a product I just tried. Now that the weather's much warmer, my skin is more combination-like so I wanted to try something for my now oily (and therefore icky) nose.

KOSE Softymo Nose Clean Pack (Black)

Review at a Glance (out of 5 ♥s):
Product: ♥♥♥
Quality: ♥♥♥
Packaging: ♥♥♥♥
Price: ♥♥♥♥
Overall: ♥♥♥

Price: a box of 10 is about $7-8 USD.

the price is affordable, especially considering you only need to use it once a week (more or less depending on your particular need).
it's black...makes it easy to see what it lifted off your nose...well unless what you're lifting is black's easy to use, you slap it on and there's no mess (or glue-like smell and feeling) compared to using a nose peeling gel.

♥ doesn't come with instructions in English (I'll have to check at Mitsuwa if they added English instructions to their packages), so I looked online and basically found two different ways to use it.
♥ this is a personal con...I chose to use it right after cleansing my face while my nose was still wet (either way, your nose needs to be wet). To me that was a con because my face gets dry if I don't moisturize right after cleansing, so I had to put on the nose pack and moisturize around the area, then moisturize my nose later.
♥ it kinda hurt a bit taking it off so I had to wet the strip and then couldn't see much ickiness left on the strip. It prob hurt since my nose was dry so next time I'll do it after my nose is already moisturized.

My Thoughts: This is actually the first time I've tried using a nose pore strip so I can't compare with any others (feel free to recommend me one). Although I couldn't really see my pore ickiness on the strip, my nose felt very smooth afterwards and I could see visible improvement in my pores! They looked a lot smaller and therefore cleaner so obviously the strip did its job. Too bad it was a bit of a pain to peel off the strip so I had to wet it (which might be why I couldn't really see ickiness on it).

donde esta mi porejo funk?! haha

I also think part of the pain was from the skin of my nose drying itself out since I skipped moisturizer. Next time I'll use the strip after both cleansing and moisturizing to see if it'd still be as effective and if I might like it more. Otherwise I just might find my skin is too sensitive for it. Nine more strips and nine more weeks to go! haha

On the plus nose hasn't been oily all day!

what's that? I have something on my nose? ya don't say...(yup that's a makeup-less me).

More Info: Instructions for use in English here or here (next time I'll try it this way). Buy it at a Japanese market like Mitsuwa or Marukai, or from Marukai's online store or

Have you tried this product? And if so, what are your thoughts? Link me to your blog if you've already reviewed it there!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!!


  1. Diana^_^ hehe i loveee this snackie post of yours! haha xD it makes me want to snack too, but i'm so bloated right now! Anyway, I think they ARE called Melty Kiss in Japan...but you know what's crazy? When I bought them for the first time (last spring), at this Japanese market in Japantown, SF, the boxes said "Melty Kiss" on I'm assuming that it was the original packaging, but they just decided to change the name in the states or something. I will never forget bc the first time my friend let me try some, it was lovee and i asked if i could keep the box for when I went shopping and it clearly said Melty Kiss. haha :P You're so cute with your nose strip! :)

    Also, I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you for some awards ^_^

    <3 caroline

  2. Goodies! I love goodies! Wow - now that's what you call a nose pore strip!

  3. ohh so many yummy snacks/food!!!

    Hrmm do these nose packs work better than american brands?

  4. I have the Biore version in black and it works nicely! Don't use moisturizer though, I don't think it will stick well with the oils. I guess you left it on too long? I find if I leave it too long, it gets super painful so I have to wet the strip which means it doesn't pull out gunk anymore.

    There's a certain amount of timing involved - if i take it off too soon (before it hits papier mache state) it doesn't remove anything either. But anyway good luck experimenting with it :P

  5. hi wifey, is the marukai e store ship international??
    this is a nice post. hehe, yummy tidbits.. nyom nyom nyom =P

    thanks for the links too <3

  6. have you ever tried japanese candy called camucamu??it's yummy but abit hard to find unfortunately.I love the kitkat with various flavours,do they sell it at the store where you bought those yummy snacks??

  7. honey you are supposed to see much more ick than that on your nose strips!! like this:
    the white stuff is gunk from your pores!!!!

    Yes, it's called Melty Kiss, and actually it is not sold in the summer! (supposedly, I'm sure you could find it)

  8. i want those melty-goodies! and i've been wanting to try that nose pack foreverrr

  9. OMG...those Hawaiian BBQ ring chips are da bomb!!

    Haven't tried this nose pack. Just Biore but then I got lazy and starting cleaning my nose by myself with one of those tools.

  10. I'm starting to notice congested pores on my nose :( I need to use my biore that I took from my sis in law lol. I really wanna use that naris peel that pink reviewed on her blog a while ago but it's always sold out >:/

  11. Ahhh sapporo ichiban! That stuff is sooo good!

    I like to get complicating with my mi goi. With that ichiban noodle I like to add whatever I have on hand...shrimp, fish balls, steak, bean sprouts, dried shrimps, assorted veggies....oooh my mouth is watering just thinkin of that! lol

  12. mmmm candy :) i gotta get me some meltyblends soon! oh i LOVE food, hahaha! and i can't wait to try that nose strip.. got one in a love pack. HMM, maybe tonight!! :)

  13. oh so this is not for blackheads? Haha cuz im reading through n i dont see anythin doin with black heads but hmmm ur nose hasnt been oily all day? i think i need this then! i have a tzone =( btw.. did i ever invite u to my private blog? link me ur email plz thanks =) xoxo miss your pretty face!!

  14. YUM YUM Snacks!!! :)

    Ohh, I love that Nose pack. It doesnt get that much stuff out of my nose but when my bro in law tried it, dang!! all of his white stuff on his nose came out! lol!

    PS: I miss you a lot!!!

  15. MMmmmm Meltyblends!! You guys all got me hooked on this! But Chiara did give them to me first! LOL! And you guys keep it coming! :)

    And those yummy Strawberry Candies you sent me! YUMMO!!! :)

    Ooohh The Maui Onion Rings! THose are good! Maui Onions are sweeter then reg ones. Maui Onion chips are the bomb too! :)

    I like the Biore nose strips, I don't think I've ever tried any other brand.

  16. it is called meltykiss in japan! meltyblend makes in sound all.. weird

    i think since its your first time doing a nose strip, the pain is from your fine facial hairs being pulled out together. if u wet it before removing, the effectiveness, well, is all gone. if you moisturise your nose beforehand, it wont stick either.

    i find it more useful if i dont wash my face before i use it, becos cold water makes all the whiteheads shrink back into their pores. i just wet my nose, stick it on, wait til it hardens, and TADA!

    first time comment, hope it is of help :)

  17. Wow, all that eating and you're still so skinny! What's your secret? Tried the nose strip before, didn't worked well for me. :( You shouldn't skipped the moisturizer cause the strip strips away your oil too!

  18. Hehe I just bought noodles and chinese/japanese beer today. Hehehe!

  19. Instant noodles! And other snackss!!

    Pore strips don't work on me, they extract the fine hairs on my nose and that's it!!

  20. awwww Hiro likes Chukazanmai too and we both LOVE Calbee crisps - my ab fave is Nori Shio - you cant mess with that flavour!!

    Diana I like that pore pack too - have you tried the mens ones? They are even better!! I am going to send you a tester pack of pore packs if you like - I have oodles!! Let me know dear ok?

  21. OK, you've just reminded me that I've got to place another order with


  22. oooooo yummies!!!! i love junk

  23. LOL @ the last pic. You look lovely even without makeup!!! So jealous~~~~

    I wanna try that nose strip too. I've tried so many nose strip brands and can't never seem to get rid of those blackheads :(

  24. Is it me or did you change your layout? It's super kawaii!!

    mmmm, it's 130 in the morn and you're making me crave for japanese snacks! :P

  25. I LOVE MELTY KISSES. they are my favourite chocolate!!! :D

  26. I LOVE going to Marukai and buying all of their yummy snacks!

  27. Very exciting post :)
    Awe! and that ramen looks very yummy :)

  28. hmm ill have to try i have been looking for something for my nose.

    ya know what also works for me ? i just use for nose but its those exfoliating glove things? they are pretty good for stubborn nose things. hehehe

    takes care

  29. great post! I love snacks, asian instant noodles are AMAZING!!

  30. just stopping by to say hi!

  31. i have the same nose pack as you.. theyre okay i guess! they dont pick much dirt, i prefer the mens!!

    oohh japanese snacks.. i have to always have to fight the temptation here, especially with the potato chips :(

  32. I bought the same nose strips like 2 months, they never stop hurting, ouch! I don't have dry skin, however I did see the little blackheads once I pulled it off. At least it gave my husband a good laugh.

  33. i like using nose strips, but i hate how my face gets dry, cuz i use it right after cleansing as well. i feel that it won't stick properly if i moisturize my face first. when i peel it off, i like to stare at it to see the gunk hahaha

  34. FOOOOOOOOD. this is why youre my wifeyyyy. :D

    hmmm i never use nose strips, usually just use a metal thing that removes oil buildup, my stupid nose is oily and dry at the same time and the strips seems to irritate it Dangnabbit!

    never had Myojo Chukazanmai ramen , but if you say its good, i shall try!


    i personally haven't tried it but it looks like the combo works well :) of course the price is meh.. but.. you know. i just might hate whiteheads that much.


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