Friday, May 1, 2009

Swap with NingStar in Malaysia!!

HAHA I was suppose to post this last weekend or early this bad! But here it is, the last part of the video I made. It was a little over YouTube's max time limit so I cut it into two videos.

I got a package from Malaysia! A while back NingStar asked me if there was anything I wanted that I couldn't get and she was kind enough to get the VOV Castledew eyeshadow palette for me (I'd been eying this sucka but didn't want to get it overpriced on ebay).

VOV Castledew DiaCut Baked Eye Shadow Palette 901 Planet Diamond
I just LOVE how beautiful the packaging is. Honestly...Asian/Japanese/Korean beauty products have got packaging down to...something that's a mixture of both lust and love for me. It's like I just HAVE to get my hands on it...and oh, you can bet it'll be a while before I use this baby, seeing as it makes me happy to just look at it in its beautiful form!

Anyone who frequents NingStar's blog knows that she's a big enabler of Skin Food products! After seeing her rave reviews and using a sample she'd sent me, I asked for a few full size Skin Food products.

Peach Sake Emulsion
Peach Sake Pore Serum

Banana Yogurt Wash Off Mask

Pomegranate Ferment Essence (Whitening Skin Care) + Mask Sheet, Lettuce Cucumber Water Essence Mask Sheet, Watermelon Mask Sheet

VOV Daily Fresh Mask Sheets - Strawberry Collagen and Pomegranate Collagen

The Face Shop Mask Sheets

My Beauty Diary Provence Lavender Mask Sheet
Hello Kitty cosmetics bag with lots of samples

Skin Food Potiron Au Lait Eye Cream sample

Crazy Rumors A La Mode Banana Split lip balm

She gifted me with a lot of sweet surprises...that I'm too lazy to go into details here but if you watch the video(s) you'll see what I mean! Thanks a lot, NingStar, this was such a sweet swap and I love everything!


  1. wow everything looks good I've always wanted to try skin food!

  2. how sweet of her!! great swap :] can't wait to see the looks you come up with with that really PRETTY palette!!

  3. Sweet shadow palette! And dang that Skinfood Peach stuff is HUGE! Wow they don't mess around with the volume! LOL!! But mmmmm Peach!!

    You got all your servings of fruit girl!! Bannanas... Peach...Berries! LOL!! Dang she sent you a ton of masks! :) You won't need to buy until Winter!! Not Fall!

    What a cute HK bag! Ohh samples! Inisfree? I think Yume likes that brand too! Aww that blob face is cute! Aww a good luck gourd!

    She was super generous to you! :)

  4. I had the VOV strawberry mask and it's awesome!

  5. aww, wifey glad u like it. Enjoy. whee <3
    I'm currently busy with moving house, will catch up with u soon <3

  6. Such a nice swap :)

    Sooo much face masks . I can tell she hearts u!

  7. nice swap! Ning is the sweetest :)

  8. great swap!! ohhh i loveee that HK cosmetic bag! its sooo cute!

  9. mmmmm what a delicious lil swap -- now i need to go back and drool at the videos... i love me visuals.

  10. he hooked you up!!! amazing swap!!! i want to try that skinfood peach sake series soooo bad- let us know how it's working with your skin!

  11. Man she is such a sweet heart!!! I've seen her swap with other beauty bloggers and man does she spoil you guys!!! hehe <3

  12. nice swap :) that eye palette is soo pretty - I wouldn't want to use it either, just to keep it looking perfect =P

  13. lovely swap!! cute HK bag :D

    aww thanks for the msg on my cbox! haha im working on golden week! >_< well it's nearly ending... was a personal choice... taking time off in about two weeks off, like have 3 days off! xD

  14. more goodies from songling! gahhh that vov e/s palette is calling out to me

  15. you must agree that the peach sake products smell super yummy! the banana yogurt reminds me of yogurt and granola haha..i suddenly want some!

  16. OMG the skin food looks soooo good! ahh i want some!


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