Friday, July 3, 2009

Late Last Weekend Update

Sorry so late! I'm such a White Rabbit, always running late! This is going to be a really long post to make up for my lateness (i.e., very picture heavy!).

First things first, I dyed my hair again! Yeah...what's new...well it was supposed to be "dark ash brown" but it came out black!

My makeup is the same as the last blog post, so you can see how the dark ash shade really minimalizes the redness in my skin tone and cools down my face.

my usual looking-down look

you can look at me but I'm not looking at you! haha jk

My friend Sean got married last weekend! Our friend Ann came up from San Diego to be my date. We got makeovers done at MAC...haha, I didn't realized a new MAC Pro Store opened last month at Cerritos mall, which is closer than the other locations I was going to!

I look unreal!

I found it interesting that the MUA used a light foundation shade (Studio Sculpt SPF 15 in NC25) and a darker powder (MSF Natural in Medium Dark, caramel beige) because I'd read somewhere that the powder should be a shade lighter than your skin. It actually looked nice and natural...except when my camera's flash was on (you'll see).

Here's all the makeup I can remember she used:

♥ Naked Honey Collection High-Light Powder in Golden Nectar - Muted golden tan with shimmer
♥ Powder Blush in Peachykeen - Very baby peach (Sheertone Shimmer)
♥ e/s in Blanc Type - Creamy beige (Matte²)
♥ e/s in Mythology - Copper (Lustre)
♥ e/s in Mulch - Red-brown w/bronze pearl (Velvet)
♥ e/s in Black Tied - Black w/silver sparkle (Velvet)
♥ eyebrows e/s in Espresso- Muted golden brown (Matte)
♥ lipstick Viva Glam VI - Terracotta-plum with pearl (Lustre) (corrected)
♥ tinted lipglass Viva Glam VI - Warm plum with pearl (Frost) (I'm guessing VI)

What I ended up getting (the makeover is free with $50 minimum purchase):
♥ Naked Honey Collection High-Light Powder in Golden Nectar
♥ e/s in Mythology
♥ e/s in Espresso
♥ lipstick Viva Glam V
♥ empty e/s quad

(sorry no time to take good pics!)

Though I'm contemplating exchanging the lipstick. Honestly it wasn't the color I'd picked out myself, but we were in a rush and MAC was too crackin' so I had to "hurry up and buy!" Plus the MUA convinced me I'd need to touch up throughout the evening (I only did once with my own Dior lipgloss). I will prob bring it back for a lighter lipgloss, something golden or bronzy or more warm to look like honey.

I spotted this multi-layered necklace at Forever 21...but I only liked it for one layer! I bought it anyways to wear for the wedding reception.

going to have to ask Mona or Yasumi to recreate this piece! gold with cream pearls
'cause here's the full multi-layered necklace (crappy pics taken inside the store)

Damn I hate hair/"bangs" were blown astray by the wind on the way in, and in most of the pics they kept falling and looking like a hot mess! So sorries.

with my friend
all wedding receptions must start with a drink...but look how gothic pale I looked with flash!
no flash...still with my drinky drink...

And because I love food...I'll leave you with this!

my fav breakfast, Hof's Skillet at Hof's Hut in LB!
portion's pretty generous so we always add extra meat and sides and split it! here's my half...mmmmm
what it is...
we get ours with sourdough toast, eggs over easy (hers), scrambled eggs (mine), ham (hers) and bacon or sausage or all! (mine...I love to eat!)

*Whew* That's it for this post! Hope you have an awesome 4th of July weekend! I'm loving the weather in So Cal right now, so perfect and summery! Ciao bellas!!

CORRECTION: Sorry...apparently she sold me Viva Glam V but what she used on me for the wedding reception was VI = Terracotta-plum with pearl (Lustre).


  1. you look gorgeous! great haul too :]

  2. u look gorgeous in all the pics!

  3. you look gorgeous!!i love your hair
    mmmm....that breakfast looks tasty...can't wait to have something liket hat in toronto!

  4. Great pics! And wow...the food looks so tasty! =)

  5. You look 100% gorgeous all the way through, and thanks for the food porn, lol!

    Looks like a wonderful wedding, too! Thanks for sharing--must have taken forever to upload!

  6. Looking good! Your hair is lovely with those sexy curls!

  7. Great pictures :) its always exciting to go to wedding party :P I love dressing up n putting more bold colours that otherwise I don't normally use

  8. you guys look hot :DD Very pretty sexy look there!

    I love the curls on you!! did you do it in a salon or DIY? if DIY = tut ;) LOL.

  9. Awww... your makeup really looked really natural when the flash wasn't on! I guess the MAC MUA's method isn't really suitable for people who enjoy taking pictures.

  10. Girl, I'm always running around like a crazy person and running late for everything! Drives me crazy no matter how well I plan.
    Yay for MAC makeovers!!! How did you not need to touch up your lipstick all night?? Share your secret please!!!


  11. oooo i think you look great :D i like viva glam V.. it was my first lipstick purchase by myself (well, with the help of a MUA).. used to love it a lot but then i realized i prefer more peachy or pink tones. plus it melted.. so it looks all funky.. hahaha. dangit, stupid hot cali weather.

    weird that she used a lighter foundie and a darker powder.. any reason why? was it a mistake? :\

  12. Wow, love your makeover & haul. I have the Viva glam V lipstick and it's my everyday lippie. :P

    Looks like you had fun at the wedding :)

  13. your skin is just gorg! :) envy! and you look so statuesque on the wedding.. :) very pretty indeed. :) have it exchanged. i'm loving my viva glam vi! :)

  14. wifey, u are so gorgeous and the necklace is beautiful!

  15. Look at you all sexified with the dark tresses, and hot MAC makeover in your sexy slinky pink dress! LOL! HAWT THANG!!

    Seriously though, you and your friend looked gorgeous!! And the wedding looked super fun!

    You sooo would leave me with FOODPORN! ;)

  16. Hi Pretty Lady!! It looks like you had a great time at the're right your date is so are you!! =)

    OMG I can't believe the little boy trying to take a peek..freshie!! They start so young!! LOL

  17. You look like a doll!! oooh missus you scrub up nicely!! LOL

  18. I love your make up!!! The MUA did a very good job!! I miss hauling MAC!! You are just too lucky! How do you like the highlighting powder? I want one just to highlight my cheek bones :D

    I have been wanting that VIVA GLAM V too! ahahah!


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