Saturday, August 22, 2009

Self Spoilage/Self Loving!!

Some people like self-preservation, but I'm more about the self spoiling and self loving!! I'm kidding...but since it was my birthday (I know, you didn't hear a peep about my birthday from me before my birthday)...I think because my birthday comes at the end of July, and I'm a first day Leo, I somehow tend to celebrate all Leo month long, hehe.

Anyways...what I'm trying to say is the fun don't stop...haha!

I joined the iPhone family!! Got the new 3GS.

I love it...I'm addicted to it! I've been putting it to good use (I check my Twitter on it only, hehe).

Of course I downloaded a bunch of apps/games on it and immediately got hooked on Sally's Spa Lite, I finished it right away so I just HAD to buy the full version (it was on sale! 40% off)...and spent hours playing that until I finished the whole game, hehehe, yes, it's super addicting!

Beauty/girly bloggers can appreciate this game...the concept is the same as the hot dog stand game (haven't played that? it's available online) but of course, with a spa theme. You (as Sally) open spas all over the world and in each spa, you serve clients with saunas, facial treatments, massages, uh...spas/baths, and manicures and pedicures (instead of serving hot dogs and fries and cheeseburgers).

Don't have an iPhone? You can download and play online for free! (Though I haven't played the online version, but it seems like it's the full version of the same game.)

I gotta tell you, after playing the really makes me want to go and get pampered myself!

Tokidoki LOVE

My sister and I went to the mall and caught an awesome steal on some Tokidoki bags!! We both bought one the first day...

Serena bag in Portafortuna print,
12-1/2" W x 7-1/2" H x 6" D

Then we went back the next day because she wanted another one...instead she opted for one like mine and another handbag (non-Tokidoki) and I just couldn't resist getting a smaller bag to match the one I have!

Ragazza in Portafortuna print,
9-1/2" W x 6" H x 4-1/2" D

Why? Because...I'm a small girl and I like small bags, so the first one is good for like an overnight/carry-on/event type of bag for me (hey it can fit a flat iron, some makeup and toiletries, etc.) and I'll use the other one as a regular purse/handbag!

I really love the Portafortuna print, especially since it's mainly black and white so I don't have to worry much about it clashing with whatever I wear!

And if that wasn't enough to make a girl know this wouldn't be my blog if I didn't share pics of food, hehehe.

After my birthday, I convinced my friend to have lunch with me at Boiling Crab....mmmmm...makes my tummy happy just thinking about it!

hello raw oysters...and spicy crawlfish and shrimp all soaked in The Whole She-Bang! (Rajun Cajun + Lemon Pepper + Garlic Butter)and a side of Cajun fries (though I prefer sweet potato fries)
people love crawlfish...
but I'm all about the CRAB!! King Crab Legs....soooo goood!!this thing was huge!
I don't think you quite understand how big it was...
I SAID...I don't think you quite understand how big it was!!
Look at all that crab meat...yummy yummy

Happy weekend everyone!!


  1. Congrats on the iPhone! You'll love it!

    Great bag and thanks for the food porn!

  2. mMMmmmmmm!!!! look at all those yummie seafoood!! delicious stuff! i need to go here again! haha is this the one in oC? the one near my house is soo small n crowded... btw cute bag!!

  3. wifey, your iPhone is sooo gorgeous!!!! and food... is crabbie.... nyom nyom nyom

  4. prettty iphone! i really want one but i just got my blackberry in january! lol so i definitely dont need a new phone haha cute purses!!

  5. Yay for iPhone!!! Ooohh you got the black one :) thinking of exchanging mine because you can literally see the burnt battery at the back now. So sad! :(

    food food!!!

    And that bag is the cutest!!!

    I miss you Diana! Hope to see you sometime soon!!!! :)

  6. I need a new phone and am debating on the iphone. Glad you like yours. Love the boiling crab, it is delish!

  7. MMmm... look at all that delish goodness! I LOVE SHELLFISH! LOL!

    ANd sweet TokiDoki bags! Very cute! ANd iPhone huh?! LOL! Stylin with that as well! Hey I say you can celebrate your Bdays all month long too! :)

  8. ahhh 3gS is too expensive to buy from someone! haha, I will never get another contract with at&t :P I'll have to wait a few more months before the price goes down on the streeet ^_^ but that oyster & other seafood loooks delishhh.. and I want a tokidoki bag! :D

  9. iphoneeeeeeeeeeeeee!! i want oneeee.. hahaha. whenever it's time to renew my phone, i'm getting one. xD

    mmmm.. fooooooooooood..

  10. ooo i love that sally spa game too haha. yeah - iphone family- i love my iphone too :D

  11. OMG Great food porn I'm such a Crazy Crab lover, thanks for sharing the pics.

  12. Great bag, love the print!

    I have to get to the Boiling Crab, it's so close to where I live. I LOVE crab!

    The phone is great too.

  13. Gimme those Tokidoki bags!!!! This is a stick up!!!
    iPhone... I'm a Blackberry girl :)
    I wonder if I can find Sally's Spa for my Blackberry?
    You West Coast girls and your CRABS!!! lol, I want some CRABS!! heheeh

  14. Love your toki doki bags, sooo cute! I want an iphone! YumMmM I love the boiling crab. It was your birthday? =) Hahah! Just kidding!

  15. Happy belated b-day! Super cute bags and Phone and yay for Boiling Crab!

  16. awwn happy belated birthday :)
    i have an iphone too and i looove it <3 cant live without it now lol
    && the food loooks amazing ^^

  17. boiling crab is soooo yummy! and i frikkin LOVE raw oysters! ur makin ME hungry! ;)

  18. Yay for your iphone and the bags are so cute.

    Love your food porn pics. I must try Boiling Crab soon, I've heard too many great thing about them, It's making me hungry.

  19. Hi Diana!
    Been a long time fan of your blog, but always reading never commenting...
    I've finally been inspired enough to start a blog also!
    Now I can participate more actively in the the beauty blogger community :)
    So feel free to check out my blog, thanks!

    haha, it's kind of a random name

  20. oh no you got an iphone? I'm more of a blackberry person, but it looks like you're enjoying your iphone congrats on getting one. Food looks so good I want to eat some crab now lol.

  21. wah u r so lucky to have an iphone :]

    and omg....Tokidoki bags!! those r soo cute ~

  22. Happy Belated Birthday darling!!!
    sorry i am so late, i am so out of it lately!

  23. congrats on the new phone - very nice :) tokidoki bags are so cute! one can never have too many bags :)

  24. mmm...all that food looks so tasty *drooools*


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