Friday, September 25, 2009

Hello, Fall...

Well, not exactly...but guess what? I managed to get my hands on the Limited Edition Jill Stuart mook! Yippie!! I got one of the last two at Kinokuniya. Been wanting this since I'd seen it on Rouge Deluxe and was also reminded by Yumeko.

I have a slight addiction to buying small cases, but I figured this was ok since it sort of matches the Liz Lisa case I got with an issue of Cawaii a while back ago.

Now these two cases hold my currently-in-rotation makeup, while the rest chill in my larger train cases.

It's a good size, fairly roomy but not too big. There is a removable divider and you prob already know the top has spots for brushes. You can see it easily fits 2 MAC quads, 2 MAC powder, my 2 VOV Castledew palettes, and more. Not bad!

Almost forgot, it came with a mirror of the same print. Cawaii!!

I also spotted this October issue of VOCE.

It grabbed my eye because the cover model is so pretty and yet her makeup is simple for fall. It feels nothing like fall here, what with our 80-90+ degrees weather, but the sun definitely sets earlier and nights are cooler, but it's definitely time to say bye to summer and transition style- and makeup-wise. It was also cheap for a Japanese magazine, just $7!

It came with a Paul & Joe bag too.

And also some Paul & Joe samples, woot woot!

I swung by Mitsuwa before Kinokuniya, but they had sold of of the JS mook already so I picked up the limited edition Bihada Ichizoku chocoate mask. Now I'm thinking I should have bought more since I don't want to open this one just yet, 'cause the packaging's too cute!

Tried my own version of the Voce cover model's look...

Makeup I used...

Point makeup: Visee Glam Hunt Eyes G-3, Canmake Cheek Gradation Peach Stripe 05, MAC Hello Kitty lipstick Strayin', Kiss Me lip gloss, NARS The Multiple in St. Barts and Copacabana for contouring and highlighting, MUFE Aqua Eyes in Pearly Brown 2L, MAC e/s in Texture and Mulch for eyebrows.

How unlike fall is So Cal right now? It was 100+ degrees the other day! Perfect day for a frozen yogurt treat.

Had a little self control this time! Mainly Peach yogurt with a little bit of Cheesecake yogurt + Strawberry yogurt + Dutch Chocolate yogurt, toppings were strawberries, mangoes, peaches, mochi and granola.

My cup's always filled to the max. =P

Oh yes, makes my tastebuds and tummy very happy! Now off you go to treat yourself to a happy weekend! =)


  1. I went to the Kinokuniya in downtown L.A. and couldn't find the JS mook so you lucked out girl. Haha when I was there I picked up VOCE for the exact same reason, the cover model looked so gorgeous! I love the p&j bag inside too =)

    Your making me crave Yogurtland like it's no joke!

  2. Cute bags!! And lucky the mags are there for you! LOL! :)

    Love your version of the VOCE cover look! I may be biased but I love yours more!! ;)

    Mmmm... Yogurtland!! Gotta love fro-yo! LOL!

    Well even though I'm gonna be on L's schedule I know I'll make a spot just to fit you in!! :) Can't go all the way up there w/o seein you!!!

  3. Excellent haul! I subscribe to VoCE too, and I really like your look!


  4. Diana!!! Lookit you looking oh so pretty & ready for the fall.. I see you have been hauling cute things lately & i love what you been buying! Reminds me I want to get me one of those magazines to get an idea what to wear for fall/winter. I love OC weather because where I live, it's so hot.. It gets from 95-108 sometimes. But at night it's cooler. :) I love cool weather. Wish to see you soon!! Maybe for a cup of coffee or something :)

  5. So pretty look!
    Like your make-up bags! Looks lovely too :)

  6. VoCe freebies always come from high end brand and good quality!

  7. You should try as a model I think, you are very nice.
    This yoghurt looks so tasty :D

  8. cute makeup bag. like the dividers on them! love ur FOTD!! yogurtland looks bomb!!!

  9. oooh great mags haul!! u look better than the model ;]

  10. Yummy yoghurts! I want them so bad now it's sticky humid here XD
    Cute mook and cute fall look :) your eyes look very nice and big.
    Btw,I'm back from viet n I know why your dad can't find more jap/korean products bcoz there aren't many.n they don't have drugstore like watsons or boots ^^" your dad had tried hard I'm telling you lolz

  11. Nice look! Cover page worthy!
    So lucky you live in So's freezing where I am...
    I wish I could eat frozen yogurt without shivering

  12. You are Voce's Cover Model!!! WORK IT!

  13. wheee u got it
    and look at the yummy yogurt


  14. i love the cute little makeup bags. they do carry a lot for being small. and YUUUUUUM YOGURRT

  15. very cute bags - i like the p&j one!

    i like your take of the voce fotd - very subtle :)

    it's chilly in my office and i'm actually wearing a fleece pullover, but that frozen yogurt looks oh-so-tasty right now, haha...i always get mochi as part of my toppings!

  16. love your fotd :) and yay for new bags!

    yea it's NOTHING like fall.. at all.. i think the last few nights have been KIND of chilly but then it might have just been santa barbara, being near the beach and all. who knows.

    dude, we have to go to yogurtland together so i can see this topping madness! ;)

  17. I want some jill stuart :P maybe when I'm rich! It's soo expensive.. LOL :) and I want to go check out this fro-yo joint by my mall.. I hope it's good :D we don't have anything like pinkberry type places over here :P and if we do I must not be looking in the right place lol :D

  18. i also have this pouch and i love it !hehehhe
    thankss god i managed to get one

  19. hey girl

    love the jill stuart pouch
    i wish jill stuart's stuff would be more available in the states.

    and btw, im a new follower and love your blog. hopefully you can check out mine too.

  20. what a sweet beauty cases^^
    The yogurt seems so yummy. Frozen yogurt I've ever tried so far was not that full with the toppings :D


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