Sunday, September 20, 2009

VOV in the Housssse!!

You like my cheesy post titles, I know. =P Guess what? I've implemented a VOV Daily Fresh mini pack schedule for myself! haha I know I have issues, because even though I have a lot of masks right now, I still want more!! But I've decided to exercise some self control and these Daily Fresh packs should hold me over the next 7 or so weeks. I'll keep track of my thoughts on each kind (I have 7 of the 9 types) and post once I've tried them all. =)

I went to the VOV website to see if I could find info on the mini packs, no luck since I can't read Korean and can't use a web translator for the site (damn Flash and images-instead-of-text word descriptions), but I saw a new Castledew eye shadow palette that caught my eye!

VOV Castledew DiaCut Eyes (Multi Type) in M 601 Platina Shinism

But before I go deciding whether I want to order it on Gmarket, I figured I should use the Castledew palettes I got months ago from my swaps with Songling and Yumeko. *sheepish grin*

VOV Castledew Diacut Cheek (9 colors, Baked Type) in Planet Love Dia
VOV Castledew Diacut Eyes (9 colors, Baked Type) in Planet Diamond

I used each column of the 9 shades to try 3 different looks.

Take One
alien face!! i was messing with my camera settings and got this (ISO 3200)
but the best pics happened when I was sitting on the floor...go figure
faking that cute and innocent look
used the right column of the e/s, colors are Dia Beige, Dia Peach and Planet Brown

everything on my face (used the left column of the cheek palette, colors are Pure Pink, Love Pink and Love Hole). Lipgloss from Kiss Me from Millie.

Take Two
lighting makes a dif (at least it does on my camera)
used the middle column of the e/s, colors Platium White, Planet Gold and Planet Bronze. Filled in my eyebrows with MAC e/s in Texture.
everything on my face. Cheek colors Orange Dia, Planet Orange and Peach Hole from the right column. Lipgloss from in MAC in She's A Star.

Take Three
again, lighting changes everything
used the left column of the e/s palette, colors are Dia Pink, Planet Pink and Planet Wine. Gotta love the names.
again, everything on my face. Used a mix of the left and right columns of the cheek palette, and this time the lip gloss is MAC Dazzleglass in Dazzlepuss.

So what do I think? Staring at makeup in its pretty packaging and form is not the same as actually trying it on, haha. I thought my favorite e/s column would be the left with Planet Wine (the deep plum color), and that I'd love the cheek palette. But I actually liked the right column with Dia Peach, which is actually a pretty peachy pink shade. Planet Wine is a pretty plum but the bottom row of shades isn't as pigmented as I'd like it to be. Aside from that, some of the shades are very...frosty, especially Planet Pink (the one just above Planet Wine). On that note, the cheek palette is actually a bit frosty as well (I guess sort of like MAC MSF but more noticeably). Overall I do like these palettes, especially because they are just so darn cute to look at (even if I wish they had more weight to them but they're plastic) and the look I'd most likely do again would be the first one. =)

So...what's new with you and how was your weekend?


  1. oh man they are awesomeeee to look at :) what a pretty pretty thing to see!

    ah, my weekend has been consisting of trying to find a good moisturizer for my oily face. .>__<

  2. OoO so jealous of your Castledew palettes, they are sooo pretty.

    Haha, love your sitting on the floor pictures, very cute!

  3. aww, is a new palette...
    nice look <3 <3

  4. LOL faking "cute & innocent" looks! That's not fake at all!

    And these are great looks!! And using only 2 palettes! That is cool!

    Masks for 7 weeks?! Dang girl! YOu're stocked up! LOL!

  5. OMG, I want that new Castledew palette!

    Ahhh, your pictures look so natural! Me likey! =D

    I don't think Malaysia has as much choice as Vietnam. We certainly don't have Integrate, Visee or VOV here, but we do have Kate, Majolica Majorca, The Face Shop, The Skin Food, Etude House and some middle to high end Japanese stuff here.

    I think it is easy to shop for Asian stuff here, these brands are everywhere in bigger cities haha!

  6. Oh thanks for the tips I will stick to major drugstore ans report back XD I will only stay at HCM for two days...I know it's way too short but I have class the following monday :(
    I always like VOV castledew palettes!! I like how you can create many different looks from one palette. Those two you have are really nice and you do look cute and innocent believe me ;) lolz

  7. Don't you just love those palettes?!?! I've got both, and they're endlessly blendable!

  8. ive been lemming on those palettes for too long now~__~ next gmarket haul im getting them!^^ thanks for your thoughts on them~~xx

  9. heloooo gorgeous
    its lovely to see you are enjoying them palettes!!!

    i am going korea in a week's time , will definetely pick some up
    <3 yumeko

  10. I LOVE MY DIACUT EYES PALETTE!! The middle row is my fave.

    Guess what? I was on gmarket and i thought I had made a massive discovery with finding that platina palette....and when i googled...YOU CAME UP!!


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