Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Be Dazzling Benefit Cosmetics Holiday Contest on Polyvore

After I saw Mona's dazzling set, I just had to jump onto Polyvore and try playing with it myself. Here's my set for the Benefit Cosmetics Polyvore contest.

Benefit Be Dazzling Holiday

The Benefit contest ends tonight! (Midnight, Pacific Standard Time, I believe.) So if you want to enter, better hurry!

I spent way too much time playing with that last night! I'm still new to it but if you're on Polyvore, here's my profile. Are you on Polyvore too? =)


  1. Fab! Very Christmas-y with all the gold tones =D

  2. wow good luck at the contest!!!

    love the polyvore outfit, its really pretty!!!!

  3. love the coat you chose! i keep hearing about polyvore but havn't gotten the chance to try it out! maybe i will... :)

  4. I keep hearing about this Polyvore! But I'm afraid if I jump on it, it'll tide me over for a while then become neglected like my poor PupeeGirl! LOL!

  5. i heard polyvore is very addicting! heheheh! you put those together? that's too cute! too bad I wasn't able to join..

    Text/call me about saturday ok? :) I will print up the coupon so you can get your mia! yay! hahahah!

  6. I'm on it but I never play!! I'm gonna see if I remember my account info and log on!

  7. I'm not on it but I wish I was. How did you get on in the contest?

  8. I have an account, but I never use it, I just can't seem to figure it out.

    I really love the dress in your collage, so cute! and the shoes too!



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