Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Love Pack from Mayaari!!

I got a sweet surprise in the mail from my big-hearted Diana, oh if you only knew how much I love receiving snail mail!! Takes me back to the days of penpal letters and letters from my friends down south while I was up north, etc. etc. I am a big sucka for cards and blogger babes send the best LOVE PACKS EVER!!

Mayaari's goodies!! so sweet and thoughtful

She is so attentive and always puts a lot of thought & care into her packages (not to mention she's the best at gift wrapping, hands down!), she knew I'd asked which Silk Whitia masks she recommended and sent me both an Anti-Oxidation Whitening mask and Whitening Essence one!

And how pretty is this uber glittery purple nail polish?!

This guy didn't quite make it on one piece (off with his head!) but I tried to put him back together again. Regardless, this one smells so good! But wait, what is it? Looks like a Lush bath thingie, I don't eat it, do I?! Stop me before I bathe with something I was supposed to eat =P

Thank you so much, my dear Diana!! I am working on a Love Pack to send you in just don't know when but you're going to get hit with a surprise from me!! ♥ ya.


  1. LOL you too boobies are cute! LOL! And she is one of the BEST wrappers for sure! LOL!

  2. haha minor casualty with mr butterball there :) he's a LUSH bath bomb, so definitely don't take a bite =P but he'll make your bathwater super nice for dry skin!

  3. hahaa i thought the lush product was ice cream at first!!! i was like... "how'd that survive in the mail???? ;P" ooh and i have the same purple paper diana used! haha! belated merry christmas to you! :)

  4. I'm glad you didn't take a bite lol. Too cute!


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