Saturday, January 9, 2010

2009 Beauty Favorites

Happy New Year!!

An entire calendar year of blogging has introduced to me to wayyyyyyyy more beauty products than I would have tried or lusted for otherwise! But rather than haul every so-called amazing product out there, I have to admit I'm rather choosy about what I get, and spend a lot of time (too much time), lusting and debating before I even get something! (Impulse shopper I am not!) So here's my list of the favorite products I've encountered in 2009.


Boscia Oil-Free Daily Hydration SPF 15
Great moisturizer for spring and summer if you have oily-to-combination skin! It moisturizes without causing your skin to become oily.

Boscia Balancing Tonic
I love this so much that I just bought a full size bottle after using quite a few different toners this year! It's refreshing and smells nice.

VOV Daily Fresh wash-off pack in 17 Cereals, Seaweed Purity, and Volcanic Powder
Although they're hard to find Stateside (aside from Gmarket), they have ridiculously cute packaging, are very affordable (if not outright cheap), and what counts most is that they work! These three are my favorite because they make my face insanely soft and Seaweed Purity gave me an ethereal glow.

My Beauty Diary sheet mask in White Truffle (Luxury Line)
I just started using My Beauty Diary over the past couple of months, so I'm still testing out the many "flavors" that appeal to me. So far, White Truffle is my favorite! I'm definitely going to stock up. These fit my face well, have a lot of serum, noticable effects, and are very affordable. It's a bonus that the packaging is beyond adorable!


Guerlain Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer
I know it's pricey and I could live without it...but right now, I just don't want to. It's lightweight and fluid, and brightens my face as well as tone down any red in my skin.

Guerlain Extreme Parure Liquid Foundation
I fell either in love or very deeply in like with this! It's lightweight but offers good coverage. It looks natural and makes my skin look nearly flawless without looking caked up.

MUFE Aqua Eyes
Pearly Brown 2L was my first and summer favorite; now it's Champagne 23L. Either way, it doesn't matter because these babies are my favorite eyeliners, period. I never worry about smeared panda eyes! I also love that they can fill in the outer corners of my eyes with ease.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner
While I have noticed that some of these do crease without primer,they are really great for when I want quick eye makeup for work or just going out the house. My favorite is Samba-dy Loves Me (I love the shade and name), and second is Busy Signal.

My favorite Japanese eye shadow palettes. Whenever I feel like changing up my eye makeup, whether it's for day/night, I reach for one of these. Pretty colors and good pigmentation.

Benefit CORALista
This is my favorite daytime blush, it gives you a very pretty flush without making your face look too red, and I wouldn't be surprised if it looks great on everyone!

NARS The Multiple and Blush
I love using The Multiple in St. Bart's and Copacabana to contour my cheeks, and then sweep Orgasm on top. The Multiple blends like a dream and Copacabana really keeps Orgasm from making my cheeks look too reddish pink!

YSL Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15
Luxurious, creamy, indulgent, and very pigmented. This is my "I'm spoiled" lippie. Looks just as great at night and with camera flash for pictures.

Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick
Creamy, pigmented, and affordable. Pretty and wearable shades, they're great for daytime.

Dior Rouge de Serum
Very smooth texture and supposedly it softens and improves your lip texture. While I'm not sure if it really does improve over time, it's my favorite work lipstick - smooth and very natural/neutral-looking (has sheer pigmentation, needs several layers, but I worry less about it looking a mess).

For 2010, I've decided I'll focus more on skincare products and less on makeup. I've never had perfect skin, and I'd like my skin to look young and healthy. The better your skin, the less makeup (and Photoshop) you need and also the better makeup looks on you (and better applied too).

I have a lot of new products that I can't wait to try out and see if they'll make the cut for 2010! It'll be interesting to see if I find favorites for which I have none, like mascara, and also see if I find better and/or less pricey favorites for my current ones. (A girl can hope!)

What were your 2009 favorites and what are you hoping to find in 2010?


  1. Oh wow, you got the Guerlain Primer! I have yet to try it. It just looks so pretty! and yes I need to buy some more My Beauty Diary Mask! :) It looks so adorable in box :D

  2. ooooo do many nice things! you must tach me about face masks! yes? yay! lol

  3. Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed reading it, I think I have to get an YSL lipstick since it looks super pretty.

  4. Love your favorites..where did you get your my beauty diary masks??

  5. wink wink, u will be a Guerlain babe soon. haha xD
    so many people like that primer and foundation and it looks very classy

  6. I have wanted to try the Guerlain Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer but have yet to take the plunge.

    OMG the NARS Multiple in Copacabana is straight bomb dot com! I love that thing, I just bought one over the holidays and I use it almost everyday.

    Great list Diana!

  7. Yay for BOSCIA and MUFE!! WHooot!!! ;) You got some great picks up there! And you're right some of them got pricey! LOL!

    Haha doesn't it always seem like item on our wishlists gets pricer every time?!

  8. great list :) the guerlain foundation is so lovely - i love the even finish i get when i use it!

    i think my biggest goal for finding a makeup item this year is to find a good primer, and get clearer skin, lol

  9. I want to try the seaweed mask now!! I bought the cereal mask & a few others, but I'm pretty sure I didn't get that I'll be sure to add it to my next

    Benefit Creasless Cream shadows were definitely on my favorite of 2009 too. A few others are: wet n wild gel liner (great & super affordable!0, face shop mask in acerola (clears my blotchiness right up), the acne patches from the face shop (green box, I think they're so much better than the nexcare patches.).

  10. love your faves~~ i've still yet to try the Guerlain primer^^ we dont have MUFE her=__= such a shame. cz everyone raves about the aqua eyes liners. i just want a smear-proof liner. so hard to find one~
    i love benefit cream shadows^^ and
    coralista too.

    nars orgasm i really want to buy it.. but i need to save^^ xx

  11. I'm definitely loving the Benefit Creaseless liners..when I'm not in a make up mood, they are just so easy. Also, I'm quite obsessed with sheet masks thanks to you lovies!

  12. I love the Guerlain Parure Extreme and the Dior Serum De Rouge too!

    Great post!

  13. Sweet list! You got me craving for some stuff now haha

  14. volcanic powder? wow something new for me!
    you got good stuffs here... i like your blog... i'm following now...

    you can also check out mine..


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