Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eki Love's Alice in Wonderland

When I saw Eki post previews on her site last week, I was immediately attracted to the Alice in Wonderland pouches! The print is very pretty and yet with a hint of mystery or mischievousness since we all know Alice is the It girl for following her curiosity, exploring the unknown and discovering the many wonders that life has to offer. Who doesn't love Alice in Wonderland?

Alice pencil pouch
(description and photos from

Alice pouch comes in 3 colors, all decorated with heart lace.
The interior is fully lined with pink satin fabric with black ykk zipper, comes with signature crystal charm.
Measurements: length 7 X height 2 width 2.5

I was particularly drawn to the pink and black pouches.

I made my decision and rushed to place my order as I knew her items would sell quickly! I received my very own EkiLove package last Friday. As much as I wanted to rip it open, I knew I had to wait and take pictures.

gift can tell it was packaged with a lot of love
the details let me know how much thought and care went into the package
I love her business cards! the designs are so pretty
the back sides...
when I opened it, it was filled with much more than what I'd ordered!
extra goodies included
♥ My Beauty Diary mask in Mixed Berry
♥ Catena Collagen eye masks
♥ Tazo Organic Chai tea bags
♥ Hershey Kisses

Thank you, Eki!!

and for my order itself...

I chose the black pouch, it's a little more me because the look is more classic than the pink pouch (which to me is more girly looking). I also love the way the pink satin interior looks against the black and white!

closer look at the heart charms, again, very detailed
and a close up of our dear Miss Popular, Alice

I really love it! I hope Eki will continue to make more items with this print...maybe say a makeup brush roll?! =)


  1. so pretty!! love eki's creations!!! im lucky that u get to buy it :)

  2. i think you got the bag i wanted! lol i wanted that black one but it got sold out

    it's gorgeous! :)

  3. super cute bags!!...sweet of send the love package

  4. Aww that's the pouch I wanted! Eki's stuff is always so Kawaii!! And she so sweet too with her extries!!

  5. pretty...I always love eki's creations...

  6. you are really lucky to own this! i always want an Eki pouch.

  7. Hi Diana~ <3

    Im so happy you are happy with my creation! <3
    Thank you so much for making a post its much appreciated! ^___^

    gotta get back to sweat shopping LOL

  8. Oh my gosh, that is soo cute! *^_^*

  9. Oh pretty!! That would be such a nice bag to carry around in your purse.

  10. So cute!! Eki makes the most gorgeous stuff! :D

  11. Oh dear, eki outdid herself with these pouches! This Alice themed one is supeeeeer adorable!

  12. I have an Eki makeup bag, and it always goes with me on my travels!


  13. omg this pouch is super adorable!! Eki makes the cutest things :)

  14. Absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe I missed this..I live for black and white!

  15. eki makes the most adorable pouches, doesn't she? and all the little extras are so thoughtful!

  16. Awww :D I just love her pouches, they're so cute. And that's nice that she threw in those freebies :D
    I also agree that her business cards designs are pretty :]

  17. That is just so sweet of her! I love the bags too!


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