Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Love in a Box from Make Me Blushhh

I got a love-filled box from Mona a few weeks ago. She and I share an addiction for hauling sheet masks and so she sent me tons to try! I took these pictures over a rainy/cloudy weekend, which is why the lighting isn't so good but I really wanted to use some of the masks right away.

love in a box (not pictured, box)

sheet masks galore!!
Silk Whitia Whitening and Moisturizing Mask
I used this one already and it felt really nice, very lotion-y (smells like it too)

Mamonde Brightening Mask

I haven't used this one yet...saving it!

Laniege Star White Treatment Mask
saving this one too!

Laneige Water Bank Maskyup, saving it too, these are my first Laneige sheet masks!

My Beauty Diary Chocolate Maskthis one smelled so good! but I fell asleep with it on since it was so cold on my face from the weather

My Beauty Diary Mixed Berry Maskthis is one of Mona's favorites, I thought it was nice and smelled like candy, specifically, Sweet Tarts

My Beauty Diary Sake Yeast MaskThis one smelled like my face was going to get drunked up! I guess 'cause I've never had sake before =P

My Beauty Diary Apple MaskThis one also smells really yummy, but there was a bit of a stinging effect

VOV Daily Fresh Mini Wash Off Packs

aw her three favorites also happen to be mine! 17 Cereals, Seaweed Purity, and Volcanic Powder

The Face Shop Fresh Fruit MasksI really like using these in the warmer seasons because they're not too heavy or sticky! The grape and acerola ones are my favorite

Lush Snowcake Soap!!I really love this holiday scent, I keep a small slice in my makeup bag!

But what really made my heart go a flutter was this...

Nicole by OPI in Winter Glitterland!! She knew I wanted it ever since I saw it on her blog and couldn't find it, so she got one for me!! Aww I love it and I love her!

photo taken with my iPhone

Can't wait to try it on top of other nail polishes too. It's soooo pretty!!

I love everything, THANK YOU, MONA!!


  1. Wow now that is a box of sheet mask heaven! LOL!

    ANd ooh Winter Glitterland! So famous now cuz of M! LOL!

  2. Quite the lovely loot you have there! I'm practically drooling from the mask photos D:
    & Winter Glitterland is such a pretty polish! So many sparkles. I've been hunting for it too, but no luck 2:

  3. Hi~!
    I'm a new follower ^^
    Anyway! Wow, I suppose most of these products are asian?
    I've heard mostly about LaNeige before.. Not sure but is it korean or something like this?
    Well, anyway, the packages are really cute ^^ hihi

  4. oohh!! im slowly getting into sheet masks and omg she gave u a ton!! lucky u!

    oh that nail polish glitter is sooo prettyy!


  5. awesome package!!! you can never have enough sheet masks

  6. Wow- that is one awesome box of skin care lovin!

  7. Wow! There is a lot of stuff!
    More sheet masks!

    The nail polish is so lovely! Cute sparkles!

  8. Wow great package! So many sheet masks!

  9. Wow, thats like a sheet mask jackpot! congrats!

  10. ooo what a hot hot nail polish :D

  11. that nail polish is so pretty :)

    so many masks! sake yeast is a great one :)

  12. awwwww.. mona is too nice :D You got like sheet mask bombed! ^_^

  13. How sweet of her! Ah, the masks look so tempting! I can't wait until I got the store and get some!


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