Sunday, January 16, 2011

2010 Blogger Favorite Times

Happy 2011!!

Yes, I know, I've been completely MIA, I pretty much fell off the blogging wagon. fairness, I did tell you I was taking a break, and's a new year!! And I'm back. =)

I want to start by sharing some of my favorite blogging moments in 2010.

Secret Valentine!! Kay and I did a Secret Valentine gift exchange since we had so much fun doing her Secret Santa. The big surprise for me was finding out Kay was my Secret Valentine!

IMATS!! This was my first time going and I really enjoyed being able to attend some of the classes as well as haullllll!! Also I got to meet some of the folks at Beautylish.

Thanks to Iyah, I met Giang, Christina, and Juli for the first time when we went to Guppy's and Yard House.

We had such a good time that we got together again for a Girls' Day & Night a week later and this time I got to meet Angelique . We had sooo much fun!!

And a month later, we had yet another Girls' Day and our Hello Kitty sleepover. We spent 24+ hours together!!

Girls who love and appreciate beauty, food, retail therapy, and who know how to have a good time = my kind of girls! Miss you girls and hope we can all get together again soon!

MAC Venomous Villains collection event with Iyah, Giang, Caroline, and Jilly. This was my first time meeting Caroline and I'd met Jilly not too long ago when we made our first Imperial Beauty run, hehe.

I met May when she came down to visit! I also met Sarah for the first time. With Iyah, the four of us had fun just hanging out, and eating and shopping of course.

It's clear that my favorite part of blogging is all of the wonderful people I get to meet!! There are still many girls I'd like to be able to meet and hang out with in person too! I hope that will happen this year. A lot of people may think us blogger girls only share love of beauty products and retail therapy, but the truth is we share a lot of other loves and often times we can confide in each other, go to one another for advice and even lean on each other for emotional support. It's amazing what good things come from just blogging about "superficial" things, don't you think? =)

And now...

My New Year's Resolutions
Work out regularly. This is my resoluation every year, haha, but so far, I'm off to a good start. My fitness goal is not to lose weight but to be in overall better shape and tone up.

Cook more and eat out less, and also eat more veggies and fruits and less meat and junk food. So far...been kind of busy to cook, but I'll make it happen. I'd like to have vegetarian days at least once a week. (Today is one of those days!)

Work on getting into grad school for next year. I'm going to take a couple of classes to help me to do that (so far, I'm waitlisted for one).

Celebrate every holiday. Sounds trivial, but sometimes I am too caught up in other things that holidays just kind of come and go (sometimes with relief), but afterwards, I feel a little bummed that I didn't celebrate and that I have to wait another year.

Focus more on myself and less on others. What I mean is, I want to be more patient, understanding, and forgiving with people...but I don't want to let them bring me down or take away so much of my time and energy that I'm not doing all of the things that I want to do (priorities and balance).

Better myself. Have more faith, trust, and confidence. This is somewhat an extension of focusing more on myself.

Save more, spend less and spend wisely. This is hard for me, or at least challenging. But I think if I maintain better lifestyle habits, like what I've listed above, this will slowly become easier to maintain as a lifestyle habit as well (i.e. gym and studying keep me busy and allow me to save more than if I were out shopping, eating and drinking all the time).

Annnnnnnd...of course...I will do my best to blog more (or at least, more consistently)!!

THANK YOU for being a part of my life, one that is both entertaining and yet also supportive and understanding. ♥ I appreciate that you let me be who I am and give me freedom to always come back. =) I hope your 2010 was a good year and that your 2011 will be even better!!


  1. That's so wonderful how you got to met so many bloggers! I hope I get to meet some of you guys too! =)

  2. it was a good year for meeting some lovely blogger ladies :) good resolutions for 2011 - I'm trying to eat better and get back into working out again as well!

  3. love the summary and the resolutions :) we can do it!!!

  4. It sounds like you met great people in 2010! :)

  5. Great resolutions... hope u can be able to fulfill it!! haha... so nice to find blogger frens with same interest... lucky u... i wan too.. haha


  6. aweee!! 2010 looks so much fun isn't? and welcome back to blogging ^_^


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