Sunday, February 27, 2011

Belated Winter Gear and Rainy Weekend

This might seem silly to post as it's almost spring and Cali winters are pretty bipolar (sometimes it's in the 80+ degrees, haha), but I love winter clothing. Luckily it rained and has been somewhat cloudy and chilly and breezy lately, yay! But...major dislike for being sick and stuck inside for the entire weekend. =(

Anyway this post is pretty random as I'm still waiting for a few gals to send me pics of their Secret Valentine packages until I can post that, so please forgive me.

My fav thing about January is hitting up all the sales, especially if you go right around New Year's. I picked up this coat at Express for 40% off. (I want to say it was originally about $200 so I got it for about $120.)

It's actually not black but a very deep navy blue. At first I didn't like the bottom pleats, but I actually liked the fit (it's very slimming) and I am a sucka for military inspired fashion. It's also very warm so it does it job well.

Instagram love still going strong...

Having a new coat made me want a new pair of ankle boots (my last pair from Forever 21 sadly cracked, haha), and so I came across these on the Aldo website:

Definitely my style! And the best part? Marked down from $120 to $55.99. The worst part? They ran out of my size both at the closest store and online. But luckily for me, a friend was able to pick them up at Glendale Galleria and I got them from her in LB. Meant to be!!

On cold mornings, I throw a hoodie over my head to stay warm. kekeke Dorky pic below.

I pretty much love wearing winter coats or hoodies...but you already know that by now...

It's been raining off and on the past couple of weeks, but I love how it looks at night. Here's a not-so-great-quality picture I took last weekend. I found it amusing because a bus dropped off a group of high schoolers dressed up for some winter event...but I'm sure the girls were cold.

Hmm I guess that's it for this bit of randomness...stay warm and hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Love always....your ninja. ;)


  1. Really? The funny thing is, once I wear it, I pretty much forget all about the bottom, hehe.

  2. i actually like the ruffles detail at the bottom. i'm a huge hoodie fan too.

  3. Love the pics Diana!

  4. CUTE boots and jacket!! love it :)

    my secret valentine pics are up on one of my posts! :X idk if you got my DM about that.

  5. Thank you! Can you believe it's March already though? Everyone's busting out the spring colors and warm weather clothing now!


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