Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Lunar New Year!!

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!! Lucky year of the wabbit...or cat if you're Vietnamese! Did you celebrate? To tell you the truth, I didn't really. haha Fail for one of my New Year's Resolutions, right? Well, I did take Friday off, I saw my family last week and will probably see them again later this week, and I went to eat in Little Saigon because I was craving Vietnamese food.

By the way, I am hooked on the Instagram app! Instant dope! I only wish for more filters hehe. The pics below are from Friday, shared on my Instagram.

I was craving for bánh bèo...freshly steamed rice cakes with shrimp and mung bean paste, a childhood fav of mine...

I didn't want the fast food kind, so I went to a restaurant in Little Saigon called Quan Hy since I knew they had it there.
It's a quaint restaurant for Central Vietnamese cuisine, which apparently is where my ancestors are from (keke maybe that explains why I love bánh bèo, it's in my blood/ancestral heritage!). The entrance has a little indoor pond, although I'm not sure if there are usually fish in it (there weren't this day).

I also grabbed a slice of Vietnamese cake from Van's Bakery, it's a green sponge cake with coconut stripes inside, so simple but so good. Unfortunately, I didn't take a pic of because I devoured it before rushing out for kbbq. Fear not though, for I shall return to the bakery for another slice...because I am such a dedicated blogger, kekeke jk but really though, I need to pick up and drop off pants at the tailor's above the bakery and I am craving another slice. =P

Today I went out for dim sum with some friends at Capital Seafood at Diamond Jamboree, which I haven't had in a long time (today was not a vegetarian day...although I wonder where I can find a vegetarian dim sum place).

Instagram pic
regular cam pic
I guess I don't eat dim sum often because I am not a big fan of shrimp, but this is my favorite dim sum item (can someone tell me what it's called, please?). It's the flat rice noodle thingy with Chinese bbq pork inside and it's saucy.

However, it was my first time at this restaurant and they didn't make it the way I like it (it was all chopped up inside with green stuff, I dunno, cilanto, whatever). I just wanted it simple and more noodle-y (actually can't you tell I am a big fan of rice noodles/rice flour thingies, I also ate bánh ướt this weekend).

I must have been feeling hella Asian or just really craving Asian food, hehe. After kbbq again on Saturday night, I went to Lollicup for boba, didn't taste that great and seemed overpriced. (sorry Lollicup fans). So after dim sum I had to fulfill that craving properly at Guppy Tea House. Not a fan of their food but their coconut butter brick toast and boba are really tasty. I had honeydew with lychee jelly at Lollicup so this time I got Thai milk tea boba instead.

The best thing about living anywhere in Southern California (or one of the best things) is being able to be outside and enjoy beautiful sunny days. It's so chill and relaxing, I've really been enjoying my weekends lately (even if it's a tease because it starts to get cold and dark early since it's not actually summer).

I did some camera whoring for you...because I wanted to show you my new Inglot lippie! But since this post is already so long, I'll post my Inglot goodies later and just leave you with my camera whore photos. ;)

have I told you how much I love hoodies? (iphone pic)

I'm actually breaking this post up into 3, so I'll being posting more this week! Woohoo, I'm being a good blogger! (Even if I'm currently failing on some of my other resolutions...) Until then...DEUCES!!

(kekeke yes I know, I'm a silly girl.) Kisses!!


  1. Happy New Year! All your food pics are making me hungry! -_-

    Oh and boba sounds good right now too!

    It's been so warm lately.. perfect for going outside.. love the hoodie color. That's pretty much what I've been waring too. haha

    Take care!

  2. I love dim sum, and I love vietnamese food. South Chinese food is so yummy!

    The rice noodle rolls you like are called cheung fan in cantonese!

  3. happy bunny year dear!
    i absolutely love all the food pictures! dim sum FTW! looks like you had loads of fun. xD

  4. i like dim sum, the best food ever that u can eat nonstop. haha, well, I can eat non stop....

  5. I loooooove dim sum (never seen vegetarian ones though, most if not all of the dishes contain meat, meat and more meat!!).

    Ahhh, that's chee cheong fun. I prefer ones that are stuffed with pork or prawns only (no other crap please), they taste so much better!

    I like boba but not the pearls, so I usually order the drink itself only and get weird glances from the shop staff lol

    Happy Lunar New Year!! Hope you are having a great one =D

  6. wow the dim sum looks totally awesome i am so jealous!! I havent had proper dim sum in quite a while!!! Happy lunar new year, Diana! Also, thanks for adding me on FB :D


    you're so cute ;) I love you in a hoodie!

  8. nomnomnom! the food looks so good, hahaha. and don't be so serious when you're eating! food is good! love your hoodie too :)

  9. Happy Lunar New Year!!

    I love banh beo which reminds me that I haven't had some in a while! Must get some soon! Aww, that sucks that Lollicup didn't go well. =[ I've heard great things about Guppy Tea House but too bad they don't have one here in the east coast...we have only Lollicup haha. Plus I'm so jealous of the gorgeous California sun you're getting!! I've had enough of snow, ice, and gloomy weather here. >_<

    Thanks for the birthday wish too! <3

  10. nom nom nom! I'd kill for a good banh mi right now :) the dim sum looks yummy! my favorite dish is the puffy taro balls, they're like, fried balls of air, haha :)

  11. I believe the flat noodle thing is called, "banh uot" or "banh uoc". Different dialects and pronunciations depending on which part of Vietnam that you're from.


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