Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Inglot Goodies

So I kind of rushed over Inglot Cosmetics in my previous post...I meant to say that they only have a few flagship stores in the US (5 to be exact), although you can order online I believe as well as catch them at trade shows. However, I highly recommend checking them out in person if you can. Why? Keep reading, kekekeke.

My cute little Inglot bag

Originally I thought of getting a 5-round-pan palette of lippies (yah, it didn't occur to me to mix and match lippies and eye shadow in a palette), since I've probably never in my life finished an entire lipstick. I swatched like 30 shades and narrowed down to 6, which then became...2. It's worth taking the time to try them on your lips, because the prettiest shades on my hand were too dry on my lips, and it's worth seeing in person because when I looked at my shades online they look boringgg.

They look the same, don't they?! And...boring, haha. And unfortunately they only have numbers for names (and no color descriptions online), which makes it a bit difficult to remember when you're looking at tons of choices (write 'em down).

In person, to me, 226 is a neutral almost-berry pink and 121 is a pale/light pink...but in the tubes, they do look very similar.

I think this is 226...

and I think this is 121...



You can definitely see the color/shade difference when swatched though.

226 top, 121 bottom...

226 top, 121 bottom... (ew macro with all the lines/cracks)
and in bright sunlight...

I know...both colors are fairly neutral and not that different from what I usually wear, but I just can't help it. I like pink lippies and even though I tried bolder shades, I felt these looked more flattering on me and with my skin tone. (Maybe I'll get a pan of a bolder shade next time, hehe.)

What I wore in my last post was 226...see?

The lipsticks were only $12, and the texture/consistency is smooth and very creamy. The pigmentation is not bad, I find that I like to layer it at least 2-3 times but maybe that's just me. I really like the quality for the price, and I like the option of being able to buy it in a palette in pan form ($22 for a 3-round-pan palette or $30 for a 5-round-pan palette, you'll have to check other palette prices).

However, I wouldn't say just yet that I like it better than MAC. Why? My favorite thing about MAC is that I can almost always trust the color/shade/pigmentation to look just as nice in pictures as it does in person, both with and without flash. Maybe that's vain of me but I dislike and feel disappointed when I take a picture and my makeup looks non-existent or just plain ol' bleh.

But...I'm willing to go back to Inglot and check out their eye shadows. Hey, it's nice to have options and variety, don't you think? ;)


  1. 26 looks so smooth and pretty! it flatters your skin tone really well! :)

  2. Hi Diana!

    I just went to the Inglot in Vegas a few days ago and wow was I overwhelmed. I ended up getting a few eyeshadow palettes that I will post soon. I really wanted to get a lip palette too but I was not comfortable with testing them in the store. The way they have it set up is kind of weird.

  3. You can't order from inglot online yet. They are going to launch that soon. I heard the eyeshadows are really good. Def test out the freedom sys where you get to pick and choose the eyeshadows you want.

  4. Totally putting this and Imperial on my list of places to visit when I'm in the area in two weeks. Hubby won't like it..but OH WELL. LOL.

  5. @MENG you can order by emailing gsp@inglotusa.com. =)

  6. I love the lipstick! :D I want some inglot eyeshadows!! I heard they raise their prices :( You look beautiful! ♥

  7. i always go for boring shades too :X either that or some obnoxious red that i don't wear. hahah! ugh~

  8. Really nice! I've seen tons of people rave about Inglot! :p I've never heard of them, but looking at the quality of these lipsticks, it's making me curious :p
    So glad I discovered your blog!! :D New follower! yay!

  9. Jen@lifeandlensofbeautyJanuary 13, 2012 at 9:51 AM

    Hi :) i just discovered your blog from Iyah's blog <3 I love Inglot! their product range is so diversified :)


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