Monday, June 27, 2011

The Body Shop Body Butter Sale

This is a boring post, secretly (or not so secretly) I could call it the "I skipped dinner even though I'm hungry to blog" post, or the "No, I didn't go to IMATS even though everyone else did" post...but I won't. ;)

About a month or so ago I missed the Groupon $40 for $20 Body Shop deal (*kicks self*), but luckily I was able to catch the Memorial Day online sale and now there's another sale.

Buy 3 Get 2 Or Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Sale, annnnnnd $10 Select Body Butter or Body Scrub Sale

I am a freak of nature who always, always needs to use moisturizer and so I always stock up. I've tried many body butters but somehow, I may be the last person to use The Body Shop body butter. Aaaaahhhh! What is wrong with me? Go figure.

my new little family of TBS body butters

Actually, I think whenever I used to go in The Body Shop, uh, shop, I always had the misfortune of missing a sale and of being overwhelmed (borderline disgusted? jk) by all of the scents (they do not ALL smell good). But, what a shame because I realize now that I was missing out on a good thing.

The body butters are regularly priced from $16-$18, but with the B3G2/B2G1 Free sale, they average to $10. That means each body butter basically costs about the same as a drugstore brand, but these are of much better quality! (No petro/mineral oil or urea ingredients.) Most of them (if not all) are made with Community Trade cocoa butter or shea butter. They moisturize very well and smell nice (well some, not all). I also like that each body butter is labeled for different skin types - normal, normal to dry, dry to very dry, sensitive, or all skin types. There's also a useful list on the website (though it doesn't include all the body butters) which looks like this:

Well, I don't want to rave too much because I've only just started using them, but so far I'm happy because they're really great for the sale price and just wanted to share the sales info in case you were ever interested in trying their products. I go through body moisturizers quickly and wanted to find something very moisturizing but affordable. I actually tried a few drugstore ones like Yes To Carrots body butter but found it didn't well for me, booooo, and I'd liked the Queen Helene Fair Trade cocoa butter creme a lot but seems it's been pulled from shelves for mislabeling. are the ones I'm trying out now.

Mango body butter

This Mango body butter smells delicious, even though I actually think it reminds me more of nectarines (perhaps I'm just weird like that). I happen to love mangoes and it's a plus that this one is for very dry skin, so it's very moisturizing. I'm so glad my 언니 May recommended it to me.

Vitamin E body butter

This Vitamin E body butter is best for all skin types, but I found it's definitely not as moisturizing as the Mango one, so I wouldn't buy it again and wouldn't recommend it for the winter. It says it has a "heavenly tea-rose scent" but it reminds me a bit of the powdery baby lotion scent. It's not a bad thing though and the scent is light. I actually added more Vitamin E to mine.

Almond body butter

The Almond body butter is best for normal to dry skin. It is rich and the scent isn't the mouth-watering Almond pudding scent I was hoping for, but I don't mind it. It is similar to the scent of the Dr. Bronner Almond Castile Soap.

Moroccan Rose body butter
For some reason I didn't think I would care much for the Moroccan Rose body butter but it actually smells very nice, very "pretty" in a subtle and not overwhelming way. It's best for normal to dry skin so I am hoping it will be as moisturizing as the Almond one (yep, I haven't used this one yet).

Passion Fruit body butter
The Passion Fruit body butter is a limited edition one which is a shame, because it smells soooo good! I couldn't stop sniffing it in the store. It's fruity and has a delectable aroma like the Mango one (but obviously, not the same scent). This is also best for normal to dry skin and I look forward to using it in the I can smell like I want to take a bite out of myself, haha.

Again, I'm really happy with these (even if it makes for a not-so-interesting post). I would definitely recommend the Mango and Passion Fruit ones, as they just smell so delectable but are also moisturizing. I was surprised because I thought I'd like the popular fruity scents that are intended for normal skin, like the Strawberry and Satsuma ones, but seriously, Strawberry just smells really artificial sweet like Sweet Tarts and Satsuma just smells like oranges (technically clementines), so there. =P

Good night, everyone!

Note: To clarify, the sale is not just body butters, but the entire store, with some exceptions listed on the website.


  1. i'M SO IN LOVE with moroccan rose scent!!!
    btw, I spotted the Korean drama list, pls watch Lee Min Ho city hunter drama... is so nice!

  2. The mango is my favorite!! and I LOVE THERE STUFF!!! They have the best body butter in the world!!!My other two favorite ones are the olive oil and Grapefruit...


  3. I've been tempted to try these for awhile now! I still haven't, I know shocker! he he They sound amazing and I've smelled a few in store and they seem really nice!

  4. Hehe, I have the Mango body butter. I agree it's so delish, when I first bought it I just kept opening up the tub and sniffing it ahaha.

  5. I ♥ their body butters! I've discovered that I can never get through one of the large tubs without it expiring/the scent fading, but the little tubs are perfectly sized! I have strawberry, coconut, and mango, and mango is by far my favorite :)


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