Friday, August 19, 2011

Late Summer Lusts at Victoria's Secret

Ahhhhh!! This always happens to me, hehe, I want something too late. =( A friend showed me her Victoria's Secret body mist the other weekend, and although I didn't love it I did like it but turns out it's all sold out in stores around me. Sadface.

Victoria's Secret Limited Edition Bombshell Summer Scent

It contains notes of juicy grapefruit, black currant, and lily of the valley. While it's not absolute LOVE at first sniff for me, I do like it a lot as it's fruity and floral, light and just a bit of subtle sexiness, hehe. I found the the parfum bottle in store but it's $50 for a 1.7 oz size. I'll never finish the bottle, haha, so it's not worth it to me to spend that much. I'm debating whether I should snag the body mist from eBay for $30 (retail price is $25 but apparently I'd missed the $15 sale). What do you think?

I've also been wanting more swimsuits so I browsed through the VS swimwear section, only to find that the ones I really like are sold out in my size. Damn you, VS, damn you.

How sexy would this have been?! (It's still available in black but completely sold out in all sizes in white.)

Very Sexy Gold-trim Monokini

And this! I almost bought it last night but didn't check out, and when I checked this morning, the smallest bottom is a medium (too big for me, I know my booty is a small, haha). Hmm should I just buy the top anyways? I loves it. =X

Very Sexy Stringkini Metallic Triangle Top

Here are a few more swimsuits I was eying on the site, but I think I'll pass as they're all more than what I'd like to pay, and summer is coming to an end after all and I know I can and will find swimsuits just as cute and cheaper somewhere else.

Beach Sexy Balconet Top with Cheeky Bottom (comes in coral/white dot or black/white dot)

Liya Push-Up Halter Top with Double-String Bottom
(comes in many colors but I love the neon coral)

Beach Sexy Maya Bandeau Top with Double-String Bottom
(comes in many colors but I love the neon coral)
same as above but in black/white dot

And bad ass would you be to wear this?!

hehe leopard print swimwear is not my style, but she def has the body for it and it totally reminds me of drawings of comic book female characters, all super fit and sexy!

Lastly, here are some sexy lingerie that I was eying at the store. Of course when I see it I wants it, but then it also makes me want to have a boyfriend to share it with, haha. lingerie = motivation to have a boyfriend, and not the other way around for me. ;)

been eying this one for months now...

this one must be their newest color!
Hope you're all making the most of your summer 'cause it's coming to an end soon! Happy Friday, everyone!! ♥


  1. i like the Liya Push-Up Halter Top with Double-String Bottom 

  2. the pink polkadot bikini is very cute!

  3. I would totally haul more of fragrances and mists if I could... but it's actually really expensive and over-priced in Japan!! like 4x the price lol. the bikinis are cute :D

  4. I noticed your kdrama list mentions Stairway to Heaven - that's my all-time ( fave kdrama (although I haven't watch much LOL)

  5. I love the white and gold bikini, thanks for posting all these pictures :)

  6. Oh really?  I actually just started watching Goong/Princess Hours, hehe, because I didn't know what to watch but I'll def watch Stairway to Heaven once I finish! <3

  7. Aww yikes!  So expensive.  =X  I ended up buying the body mist on eBay, hehe.  I like fragrances but don't buy them too often since I don't use them as much as I'd like to.  But...if I were you, I'd def buy them when traveling outside of Japan!


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