Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weekend Getaway in San Francisco - Day 2

Waking up in SF was something like this...

Korilakkuma, my "comfort" item keke

Morning view...

the comforts of home... 

uhh somehow I'd forgotten my contact lens case and had 2 bottles of solution instead...luckily I had my eyelash case to substitute, keke

my face, aahhh!!

I got to spend my Saturday with May and Catherine.  They are so sweet and down-to-earth girls and the day went by so fast!  The weather was surprisingly very nice and sunny, making the day even better. We started with a late brunch at Mama's on Washington Square and indulged in not one but three types of benedicts.

 ready to spend Saturday with these beautiful girls, Catherine and May

late brunch at Mama's (our benedicts table!)

Dungeness crab benedict with fresh spinach, mmmm

Smoked salmon benedict

Shrimp and avocado benedict with grilled tomatoes

there was a street festival at Washington Square and we saw this random but cute booth

somehow, I think we look a little too calm to be party animals, hehehe

random scene with Saints Peter and Paul Church in the background

After brunch, we left Washington Square made our way to Japantown for crepes!

nutella crepe with strawberries and banana slices, yum

I saw a lot of random cuteness in Japantown...

a journal cover...

haha I love Angry Little Girls!!


Momiji dolls, soooo cute

Kimmidoll, so cute

a sneak peek at my Daiso basket, which warrants a blog post of its own

back in downtown SF ♥

We decided to grab dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Our server there was excellent, btw.

Roasted Vegetables and Goat Cheese Pizza (Roasted Eggplant, Red and Yellow Peppers, Grilled Onion, Artichokes, Kalamata Olives, Tomato and Mozzarella)

Warm Crab and Artichoke Dip

Fresh Beets, Apples, Baby Arugula, Pecans & Goat Cheese.

Kahlua Cocoa Coffee Cheesecake

I had a great time with those girls and am so thankful to them for taking time out of their busy weekends to show me such wonderful hospitality!!  Can't wait to see them again, hopefullly soon. ♥


  1. I love Japantown in SF! I still have my antique kimono chest I bought there in the 90's. Thanks for sharing!

  2. ong, a lot of cute stuffs here xD~ I love the rillakuma plushie <3

  3. looks so fun! I'm drooling on the cripss!

  4. I'm drooling over your food pics!!! Ahh i ca never get tired of rillakuma XD

  5. whoa rilakkuma is everywhere now =p
    angry little girl is so cute haha..


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