Friday, February 3, 2012

Review: Skin79 Diamond Absolute Total BB Cream

This Korean bb cream was a gift I'd received in the summer. At first try, I knew it was too light for me to use in the summer (I'd been going out during the day a lot so I had a good amount of color in my skin). I liked how the bb cream felt though and decided to wait until I got lighter in winter to try it again.

Skin79 Diamond Absolute Total BB Cream Review


HIGH CLASS BB CREAM FOR BRILLIANTLY SHINING. Diamond powder and jewel ingredients are included to maintain healthy and transparent skin while a special patented ingredient protects the skin from outside irritants to help keep skin moist. This multi-benefit BB cream provides wrinkle care, UV Protection, whitening and deep moisturization to the maximum. - from Skin79 North America website.

Best for this skin type: Skin with excessive oils, dry skin types, dull looking, unblanced skins, skin with blemishes and pore problems, skin with visible lines, all skin types

Main Ingredients:

Diamond Powder, Peptide MX-II Complex, Deep Sea Water, Blooming Jewel Complex, Natural Extracts Mixture, Flora Bouquet Complex

twist the top to unlock the pump


Apply a small amount of bb cream all over your face and pat lightly to help absorbing. For brighter skin tone, reapply small amount of bb cream where needed.


$35 for 40g and $21 for 15g

Where to Buy:

Skin79 website, iMomoko, Sasa


♥ non-oily
♥ feels lightweight
♥ pump dispenser that you twist to lock and unlock


♥ says it's moisturizing but is actually a little drying on my nose
♥ light coverage that is buildable but then gets more white in color
♥ a bit expensive
♥ only comes in one shade (which is about MAC NC25 or lighter)

grayish undertone

My Thoughts

I like it but I don't love it, and unfortunately it's just too light for me to wear.  I could see it being good for someone with a lighter complexion and oily skin type who wants a natural yet brightened look.  That's definitely not my skin.

What's on my face

♥ Inglot Lipstick #226
♥ Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush - Pink Frosting
♥ Wet N Wild eye shadow palette - Silent Treatment
♥ Fairy Drops Waterproof Mascara - Black
♥ Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer #6
♥ DollyWink Liquid Eyeliner - Black
♥ Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes pencil eyeliner #0L
♥ Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes pencil eyeliner #23

check out them flaws! haha *sigh

Luckily I have other bb creams that are better suited for my skin tone and will review those soon too.  =)

What are your thoughts on this bb cream or any other bb creams you've tried?


  1. Thanks for the tip! My fave is Missha No. 23.

  2. Oh really?  This shade might work for you then.  I know a couple of girls who wear Missha No. 23 and they have light complexions. =)

  3. WHat?!?! I have never heard of a moisturizer that dries before. That's a bummer.

  4. I dont have this one but i think it'll work better when you use a powder to set so it wont look so light ^___^

  5. i was about to try it before..
    but i always have second thought

    thanks for sharing very helpful 

  6. thanks for the review...been searching for a nice bb...since skin79 received quite a few raves...but seems to me I won't be liking this bb as well...=(

  7. Gosh I have been wanting to try this brand for ages but when I swatched this in Taipei, I thought it was too light for me but it was summer then. Maybe this would work on my winter skin...

  8. Oops forgot to add that I think Missha and Hada Labo BB creams are the bomb.

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  10. Hey I'm your new follower here! ;)
    Jennifer Huang 
    I actually own this Skin79 Diamond BB Cream too & the compact.  I too find it can be too light if applied too much. I find it at times too shiny & oily.  Not much coverage too. Think it's slightly better during the colder months as my skin's drier.

    Pls do visit my blog when you have time! Would you like to follow back too? hehe ;p

  11. Thanks for letting me know!  I agree it dif looks much lighter if you apply more, and that prob makes it look more shiny because of its light reflecting (diamond) properties.

  12. Aw, well I think if you already have bb creams that you love then you can skip this one, hehe. =) This one is prob best for someone with very fair skin, esp. because I think the coverage is on the sheer side and the more you wear, the lighter/whiter it will appear in color.

  13. Have you tried any other BB creams yet?  This one is a little more on the pricey side, but if you can, you should check it out in person for swatches on your skin.

  14. Aw if you have second thoughts to stop from buying it, it's prob for good reason.  Otherwise, you will keep thinking about it until you give in and buy it, hehe.

  15. Thanks! Hmm I use translucent powder and light powder so I don't think that will work enough for me though.

  16. Shame to hear that it's a bit light on the skin.. that's the problem with BB creams - the lack of colour variety - at least you've found others that's worked on your skin tone :D Pretty eye makeup!


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