Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadows

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadows Tough as Taupe & Bad to the Bronze Review

Picked up these babies a while ago in one of my drugstore frenzies and have slowly been using them more lately. I bought them one a massive haul where I stacked sales on sales on sales, and as such, I am pretty sure I got one free or for no more than $1. Yes! Score!


Dare to wear our longest-lasting shadow.
Our ink technology creates super-saturated color.
Cream gel smoothes on for vibrant color that does not fade.

  • Ink technology creates 24HR wear shadow for our most intense, long-lasting color saturation
  • Cream formula glides on without creasing and keeps color vibrant
  • Ophthalmologist-tested. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

Tough as Taupe...kind of hard to type that really fast, keke


about $6-$7 USD

Where to Buy:

in drugstores and Target (keep in mind, I believe Target only accepts returns on unopened makeup), or online (but why if you have to pay shipping?)


♥ affordable, and you can find it on sale since drugstores often have buy one get one free, buy one get one 50%, and 40-50% off sales
♥ simple and nice packaging in glass jars


♥ doesn't last very long, fades within hours (if worn without eye shadow primer or eye shadow on top)
♥ only 10 shades available
♥ textures vary depending on color/finish
♥ pigmentation is okay, not the best

Bad to the Bronze...oh yeah!

My Thoughts

First I must say that these products do not live up to the hype of their description. They don't last anywhere near 24 hours, honestly on their own I don't even think they really last 6-8 hours without showing very considerable fading. I don't even have oily eyelids, you might already know that my skin type is dry-combination. Also because they don't last very long, I think they are not as pigmented as they may seem at first. So for me, these babies don't replace MAC Paint Pots or Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows if I really want something that will last and stay pigmented for long hours.

However, that being said, I am comparing them as to how they are on their own, without using eye shadow primer underneath or even powder eye shadow on top. I'm sure once I start doing that, it will make a significant difference and then I'll be using these mostly as a base.

Bad to the Bronze (l/s) and Tough as Taupe (r/s) swatches

Tough as Taupe and Bad to the Bronze are two neutral colors that I thought would be the most usable for me. Bad to the Bronze is more creamier in texture and easier for me to work with, but also a bit more on the sheer side and fades more quickly and noticeably than Tough as Taupe. Tough as Taupe is more pigmented with a matte finish but for me, it's not as easy to apply because the texture isn't as creamy and so it applies unevenly and will start to dry and peel if I'm not applying more quickly enough.

swatches, BttB on the left and TaT on the right

I think for what they are, meaning what you get for what you pay, these are good products for the price. (You can easily buy two or even three of these instead of one MAC PP or one Benefit CC or one MUFE Aqua Cream eye shadows.) I do like the colors and the shimmery and matte finishes. They are easy to use and I like using cream eye shadows for days when I don't want to spend a lot of time on eye makeup, so for work, running errands, etc. Because of that, I'll probably reach for these more on a daily basis and save the expensive stuff for special occasions, keke. I hope that Maybelline will add more neutral colors in the future.

What do you think? If you've tried these, are they a winner for you and replacing your more costly cream eye shadows? Also what colors would you like to see? I think a rusty copper and a dark jade green would be hard for me to resist buying. XD

P.S. Sorry I do not have any FOTD/EOTD pics to go with this post, but you will probably see me wearing these in future posts. So far, my pics have been epic fails at showing the eye shadow and instead are just very natural looking FOTD pics!

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  1. i hv both of these!! i've never tried them alone since i know they will crease due to my super oily lids. they work pretty good as a base. for the price, i shall not complain too much lol

  2. Bahhh, was really hoping that they wouldn't crease. Hmmm, I wouldn't know! I'm not much of a cream shadow user. A dark jade green sounds nice but would you get lots of use out of it?

  3. Oh yes, definitely for the price they're good, hehe. I'm going to start using them as a base too, but too bad they can't really be worn alone because I do like the colors.

  4. Hmm for me, it was more fading than creasing, but I think it will be much better with an eye shadow primer etc. I think I thought of dark green because the current green looks like a medium, almost teal color. Then again I usually wear neutral eye shadow colors lol but color could be nice once in a while.

  5. You made a good point...these don't replace MAC PP in terms of quality. I think they are good bases as well but not that great on their own. I think some of the MAC PPs can def be used on their own, e.g. groundwork.

  6. thanks for your review - I've been contemplating whether or not to try these out, and I think I'll save my money for more of the L'Oreal Infallible shadows :) at least you didn't spend that much on them after the sales & coupons!

  7. I love these and I find that they don't crease on me when I use them without a primer. 

  8. I've heard a lot of rave reviews on these shadows but haven't tried them myself. Bad to the Bronze looks so pretty! Thanks for the great review and swatches :)

  9. You're welcome! They're not bad as long as you don't pay full price, hehe, and drugstores always have sales and coupons! Ohhh what other L'Oreal Infallible colors are you thinking of getting? I need to use mine more, hehe.

  10. Oh yes! And even Benefit, but the ones I have have dried up a bit so this Maybelline ones definitely save me money.

  11. Aw you should try to grab one when there's a sale! I find I don't feel so bad buying drugstore products when I get a good deal on them, whether or not the products turn out to be as great as I hope they'll be. =)

  12. bangbangsheshootsApril 1, 2012 at 6:08 AM

    I LOVE bad to bronze! I can't use it a full eye shadow though. I guess it would make a nice dark base, although I prefer lighter ones. I prefer to use this a liner though - it's really long lasting when set properly. I still much prefer Benefit Creaseless shadow as a makeup base though. Great review! You are so lucky to pick them up for a $1!!!

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