Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Seoul and SHINee Love~!!

Hiyee~!! First I just want to say thank you to everyone who participated in my Seoul and Tokyo surprise giveways or left me comments and tips even if not entering. I really appreciate it, and am still enjoy reading all of the info shared with me!

I landed in Seoul earlier today after a very long day at LAX yesterday, so I'm still settling in but should be able to pick a winner by the end of this weekend (at least for Seoul, Tokyo winner might be chosen later).

Also thank you to all of my wonderful friends who I have had the blessing to get to know through blogging for being so, so supportive and excited for my trip! I don't know if you realize by now but I can be shy and enigmatic or at least very I think actually more of you know about my traveling than my "real life" friends. XD

In non-related news, one of my favorite Kpop bands just recently made a comeback...*drumroll*


Lee Jinki! Kim Jonghyun! Kim Kibum! Choi Minho! Lee Taemin! SHINee!!

*whispers* "SHINee's back..." *louder now* "Give it up, give it up, give it up for...SHINee~!!"

Their comeback song is very catchy and I've been listening to SHINee's new mini album while driving around running errands. Truthfully, I prefer their older songs but I'm sure the new songs will grow on me since I love SHINee. Why do I love SHINee? Well, I love their music, I love their singing voices, especially in their older songs that are more R&B style (my first music love), and they are bad ass dancers too, and on top of that, very funny and sweet boys (watch Hello Baby! and look up 온유 상태 or Onew sangtae/condition, hehe, actually just want anything with SHINee and you'll see what I mean).

KBS Music Bank Live Performance. Jonghyeon's muscular arms...*oogling* Yeah, I don't like Taemin's long hair for this concept but at least it looks better when tied back/up and not covering that attractive face of his. And yes, I know he is a baby but he's one good looking kid and holy hell he can dance. :3

Hello MV. This song is so cute, it was once my ringtone, hehe.

Lucifer MV. This was their first video I ever saw and I was really in awe of their SHINee-ness hehe meaning their style and impeccable dancing. (But I had already loved their songs like "Stand By Me" from Boys Over Flowers kdrama and "누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay).")

OMG I laughed so hard when I first saw this variety show clip, and it still makes me laugh. Watch until the end...and if you don't laugh...then I dunno how we can be friends. =X Just saying, keke. (The noona after the revised Juliet dance doesn't look so happy, does she? keke)

Okay, so maybe if you're not a fan like me or just not interested, you scrolled right passed all of those. But then guess what? I started looking online to make my Korean lust list and guess who I saw on the Etude House website?! It's SHINee~!!

The promo is a mini drama and I love that as Dara is getting a kiss from Taemin, her cell rings and it says "My love Minho" and leaves Taemin kissing the glass window, lol. Too bad there isn't one with Onew (lol a comment on YouTube said Onew was busy with his chickens, lolol). Wahhh I'm totally going to buy Kiss Note if that will bring SHINee to me, ahahaha I don't even want their kisses...they can just sing and dance for me (or even just sing, hehe).

Click to enlarge, of course...and then kiss your SHINee boy of choice! lol jk
L to R for those who don't know: Onew, Key, Jonghyun, Taemin, and Minho

Sorry, I totally spazzed. I think I'm still a little delirious from traveling (but no complaints, adventures await!) and I had other pics saved to post blogs while I'm away but I'm not sure if I uploaded them all or left them on my home comp. In the meantime...just enjoy SHINee, haha, why not?! ;)

Okay okay, lastly, a recent pic of me, another failed attempt to show how Tough as Taupe looks on me, which just looks natural haha. And yes, I need a haircut. Keke I'm outtie! Thanks for indulging me. *HUGS*


  1. I hope you have a lot of fun in Seoul! It's so exciting ^^

  2. oop, i didn't know you had a giveaway!!  (next time...;p)
    funny i don't know any of them. lol
    you look pretty in the  picture, though. your hair looks nice. you could go another week or so! (i need  a haircut on the other do you usually go to a korean salon? ^-^)

  3. So exciting now you're in Seoul!! Have loads of fun, take lots of pics and show us :D <3

  4. Thanks babe! It's been very interesting. Btw any idea when BEAST's comeback is or when their new album will be released?I'm really hoping it will be while I'm here but it doesn't seem like it. Btw I took a pic of their ad at a subway for a beauty company, lol.

  5. Oh, sorry! hehe I am still getting recommendations and making a shopping list, hehe. I think there may have been an Etude House sale yesterday? Not really sure since I couldn't read the ad online except for the 30% and date and didn't have time to go. :(

    My last hair cut was at a Viet salon, but the times before that were at a Korean salon. I noticed the times I went to Viet salons, they don't give me the kind of bangs that I like or want, so I think I will stick with Korean salon. Ahhh bangs, why so love/hate, hehe.

  6. Thank you! It's definitely something to experience! :)

  7. Yay they're back! I'm glad to see some of the more long time boy bands making a comeback again. Lately I've had Big Bang's Alive album playing nonstop on my Ipod so it'll be good to have some new music to listen to :D

    The comeback song is pretty catchy, I can't wait to hear the rest of the album!

  8. Wot is wrong with my Google Reader? I didn't know about this post! We could have spazzed about SHINee way earlier hahaha.

    Oooh btw, I love the song Trouble Maker. Hyuna sang it with Hyun Seung, a member of BEAST right?

  9. Oh yes! Especially since I didn't really get to know their music etc. until quite a bit after they release (I started listening only a couple of years ago), and it's also such a trip to see how young they were & how much they've grown.

    Ahh I've been hearing lots of BIGBANG here in Seoul these past few days and their new songs have grown on me.

  10. Aww that happens to me too, but we can spaz lots now! lol And yes, you are right about Trouble Maker! 4minute & BEAST are both from CUBE (I like 4minute's music a lot too), and I read that it's DooJoon (BEAST's leader) whistling in the song, hehe. Also Hyun Seung had trained under YG and was cut from debuting with BIGBANG (I watched both BB and BEAST's documentaries). It made me sad to see him get cut but made me happy to know he became a part of BEAST (and I think he fits in better there too). =)


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