Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Japanese Kit Kats and Narita Airport Pics

Okay, here's really the last of my Tokyo trip pics. ^_^

It was a bit rainy before I left. Not heavy storms but just a light drizzle. It seems a bit odd at first to see so many people using their umbrellas but after walking around a bit, I realized you have to or else eventually you do start to get very wet and your clothes will start to soak too. What I like about Tokyo (and Seoul too) is that so many people walk in the rain and so you always see a parade of colorful umbrellas (in the U.S./LA/SoCal, people like me are always driving and black is the preferred umbrella color, haha).

view from my hotel room

I took the airport bus from my hotel to Narita airport and snapped a few pictures on the way. It was about an hour and a half, so different than just driving anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes to local airports here, including LAX.

If you're ever in Tokyo, you don't have to worry about scouring for Japanese Kit Kats because they have tons at the airport! I mean by the boxes, and in shops all throughout the terminals.

Strawberry Kit Kats...

Green Tea Matcha Kit Kats...

Green Tea Cherry Blossom or Matcha Sakura Kit Kats...

The other flavors I saw were Wasabi (ew), Blueberry Cheesecake and Strawberry Cheesecake.

Did you know?

Okay, okay...enough of my Kit Kat whoring. XD What else would one buy duty free? Sake~!!

The sales lady insisted these were the best.

Aside from Kit Kats and sake, there were lots of cute souvenirs like these girly magnets. It kind of made me laugh that one is all cutesy looking and the other is round like a balloon, but of course, still cute.

Kimono-wearing Hello Kitty dolls! Doesn't the one in red look like she's bowing? keke

I thought of getting it but I'm pretty sure every Hello Kitty lover I know already has one, hehe.

Naruto book...to me, I found this more exciting than Hello Kitty.

Lastly...pretty bottles of sake! Isn't the packaging so pretty? I would have thought they were perfume bottles.

Boarded and ready to go!

I love how my view can go from rainy and gray to a neverending bed of fluffy, white clouds. =)

Next post will be beauty-related and then finally I can post all of my trillion Seoul pictures! =)


  1. i have tried wasabi ones before (i bought one of those boxes at duty-free haha)、taste really weird :P it's a shame the weather was crap during your trip >_<

  2. Zomg, so cute!! I love howJapan is so creative.... Sakura kitkats? Awesooooome!! I wish it wasnt a Japan only flavour >< haha is sake any good? I have yet to venture into Japanese alcohol~

  3. love the pics! i <3 jdm kitkats. 

  4. Aw, how cool! I love Japanese kit kats soo much ^___^

  5. I love kitkats! I searched desperate for them in every supermarket until someone told me that you can get these only as souvenirs at several hotspots! For example, Yokohama, Kamakura, Kyoto etc. That's why I never found them, lol. I have the strawberry cheesecake from Yokohama Bay, couldn't find any other despite Matcha in a konbini and pancake at Donki. But I don't like Matcha as a chocolate. (Drinking it as a tea the whole time though :D) Did you buy any kitkat? If what, which one? (I like the Fuji-san packaging by the way :D)

    I have to admit I never drank Sake although I live in Japan nearly a year now... shame on me!! But everybody keeps telling me it tastes like vodka but not as strong ;_;

  6. How fun! Japan has always been one of the places I want to travel to. Hopefully someday... hehe~ I can't believe you didn't get the Hello Kitty doll!?!? It's so cute! You know what's sad? For years, I've seen these Japanese Kit Kats on people's blog and I still haven't tried one *sigh*. I even tried looking at J-town in LA and no luck. :X

  7. I love Narita airport! It's really like a world of its own. So fun!

    I saw the Green Tea Matcha Kit Kats when I was in Japan but never got around to actually trying them. Regretregretregret! They look so good in the pics now!

  8. Arghh don't remind me. I lack kit kats grrr. Using my phone to leave this comment so hopefully everything goes okay

  9.  Lol I wonder who loves the wasabi flavored ones. One flavor I'd really liked before was the aloe, I hope they will have that again! Aww it's okay, I just know that means I need to go again and be better prepared next time! :)

  10. Me too, I wish we had flavored Kit Kats too! Sake is okay. It's not my favorite but I drink it every now and then. I actually just had some at a sushi bar last night. :P

  11.  Oh really?! Hmm I saw some in 7-11s and Family Marts though. I guess maybe it just depends on area. How was the strawberry cheesecake? I thought the airport price was a little expensive for the mini sized ones. I tried the blueberry cheesecake and it's more tart than sweet. I bought those, matcha, matcha sakura, and strawberry. How are the konbini and pancake ones? I haven't tried those. Oh the Fuji-san packaging is beautiful! lol I'm tempted to just keep the box.

    Agreed, sake is not as strong as vodka (vodka is my favorite alcohol!). I've never gotten drunk from sake alone (but I don't drink it often so probably just haven't had the strong ones). You should try it at least once, maybe with sushi dinner. I actually just had some last night, hehe. Also I really liked the one I had in Tokyo, it seemed rather smooth compared to what I've had  before here in the US. =)

  12.  Oh really?! Have you tried Mitsuwa? You need some sort of special alert, hehe. I've gotten a lot of Kit Kats from Mitsuwa from time to time. You should definitely go to Japan one day! I want to go back again, lol, there's so much to explore there, I barely saw a bit of Tokyo! Hmm I love my Hello Kitty from Round One though, she's super soft. XD

  13.  It is! I also love Incheon airport. Aw I'm surprised you didn't try the Japanese Kit Kats. I hope you can next time you're in Japan!

  14. I never found them there, but I could imagine they have them maybe on tourist spots? Because the one I found were at Ueno Lawson, so maybe they sell them at kinda famous spots. I didn't try them though because I don't like matcha with chocolate! :) And my friend bought the pancake ones as souvenirs, so didn't try these either. The strawberry cheesecake ones were too sweet for my liking but despite that as cheesecakey as a kitkat can get ;)

    I guess I have to drink sake on my birthday next month, def. wanna do that before going home :)


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