Monday, May 7, 2012

Play Time in Tokyo

Hiyee everyone!! I've decided I have so much to post from my trip and since NicNic posted recently about our meet up, I shall start from the end to the beginning! (Her sense of time makes more sense than mine, but just enjoy it anyway, will you?)

Me in my hotel room, feeling all refreshed and ready to go out and about! Yes, my hair got very long since I'd wanted to cut it but a friend told me to get it done for cheap in Korea and I did not find any convenient hair salons where I felt comfortable enough to take the risk (not all salons are cheap, some are expensive, and not all speak English obviously and I am rather picky about my bangs).

Makeup used: Nanoce BB Cream in 02 Healthy Ocher, MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (Half Baked, Booty Call, Suspect, and Tease for eyebrows), Physicians Formula Eye Booster eyeliner, Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes eye liner (0L black and 23L champagne), Faerie Drops Volume Burst waterproof mascara (black), Illamasqua blusher in Lover, and Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait orrr maybe it was Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge in SPK105 (or both, keke. Peach Parfait is very sheer on me so it was probably Missha or both).

I had four full days in Tokyo, where I felt oh so very lost. Luckily NicNic was so kind and welcoming as to spend some of her precious free time with me.

en route to Shinjuku station from the south entrance

We met up on a Friday in Yurakucho 有楽町 and had Japanese-influenced pasta for lunch. I choose this one which was made with some sort of Japanese herb that I can't remember since unfortunately I can't read Japanese.

It looks small but I still could only finish half of it, haha. I am a slow eater. I do have a genuine love for pasta though so I will eat it anywhere, no matter where I'm traveling.

We followed up with tea and dessert at a nearby cafe and gabbed more! (Sorry, Nic, if I blabbered too much!.)

She is a cute, fair-skinned and thin little thing, don't you agree?

I had some sort of passion berry tea, I think, and this delectable strawberry sakura treat. I go goo goo for sakura. XD

The lighting in the cafe was rather bright and white so it washed out our desserts in the pics, keke, doesn't it look like we're just eating flying strawberries?!

Afterward Nic had to run to work but we also met up in Harajuku the next day.

Where I bought...

nothing! haha

Surprised, aren't you? Well I hadn't quite finalized my shopping list, and Harajuku was crazy crowded so we didn't even spend more than a minute in Daiso, a place that is dear to my heart, hoho. (Simply standing in front of the false eyelashes section made us feel like we were in the way of frantic shoppers.) Surprisingly I saw more Daisos and spent way more time at Daiso shops in Seoul, keke, go figure.

We walked around where I oogled like a dorky tourist at shops and their merchandise as well as gawked at lolitas walking around the, not really, but sort of, maybe. After we'd circled the area, we decided to chill at a cafe for tea, and her hubby joined us and bought us these yummy desserts.

I had the blueberry cheesecake which was a little on the tart side but still very tasty!

Afterwards we headed to a sushi restaurant for dinner. I can never say no to sushi!! (Actually the first time I'd ever gotten food poisoning was from bad sushi, haha, but it has still never phased me! I'm a little crazy and reckless, aren't I?)

Our starters, we had way more than this! But my tummy took over and I ate everything in sight before snapping any more pics, sorries!

The sushi was fresh and delicious, the wasabi not horribly harsh like I usually think it is, and the sake was also smooth and delicious. I want more!!

Afterwards we walked it off in Roppongi Hills, a very scenic area to visit for a beautiful night view. Unfortunately we did not snap any pictures together, we were just constantly on the go or relaxing and enjoying our time. I really had a great time and even though it was my first time meeting NicNic in person, it felt very comfortable since we have been blogger friends for several years now! Blogger meetups are now rather normal to us, I think, but I still must say it's pretty cool to be able to connect and meet up with a friend halfway around the world as a byproduct of blogging. Thank you, NicNic!!

NicNic gave me a welcoming gift which was very sweet (I'll post pictures of it later). She also helped me make a small drugstore haul but you will just have to wait for the unveiling. ;)

I still have like 15,495,045,237,823,034 more pictures to go through and resize and post! >.< Please bear with me as I will continue to post about my trip whenever I can make time.

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  1. Oh I'm really glad you enjoyed your time in Tokyo!!  It was lovely meeting you! I'm hardly thin but I guess my face is on the thin side :S lol. Anyway looking forward to seeing your hauls hehe.

  2. Now for the really important question...did you call that guy?? lol 

  3.  LOL...aww you crack me up. I actually didn't call while I was still in Tokyo, but I texted him after I came home to Cali and now we're FB friends. But I can tell we're not each other's types so we don't have much to chat about now, lol. Thank you for encouraging me though! I will be sure to tell you if I meet any other guys while traveling. ;)

  4. kasiah mitchellMay 7, 2012 at 3:58 PM

    All the food looks delicious!!!! 

  5.  Oh you are too modest! You are indeed thin and don't you dare go trying to lose any weight! XD Thank you again and I'll definitely let you know if I visit again! <3

  6. Yum! All of that food looks so delicious. Super jelly of your trip... I feel the itch to go somewhere again! 

  7. The food looks delicious! Now I'm hungry while looking at your pictures... hehe~ I cannot wait to see what you got. :) You both girls look lovely.

  8. ohhh the desserts look so yummy! and i really like japanese style pasta. esp the ones w squid ink even though it doesnt really hv a distinctive taste the gross color calls out to me LOL

    can't wait to see the rest of the pics!!

  9. Hey dear,
    it's nice to see you had a great trip to Tokyo! I am currently living here and oh, you can feel so lost! Especially when you're not able to speak the language it's really terrible :/ But the food is always delicious, I'm hungry when I see your pictures! :D

  10. Delicious food! Now that we've seen a bit of the scenery and a bit of what you nommed, can you please show us your haul? hehehehe xD

  11. Ahhhhh it looks like you had such a great time together! I love Nic Nic, she's soooooooo NIIIIICE and easy to talk to! pics @_@ looks so tasty....Cannot wait to see hte rest of your pics!

  12. looks like you had a fun time there, and all that food looks delicious!

  13. I know this is kind of late but that pasta look sooo good!


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