Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Innisfree Haul from Myeongdong

Here is my first skincare haul from Myeongdong, Seoul! I have more but think it would be too much for one post, keke. Innisfree is a natural Korean skincare brand. I had heard of the brand before but never tried any of their products, nor was I previously aware that it was a natural brand so of course I was intrigued and wanted to try their products.

I promise it had nothing to do with Lee Minho (of Boys Over Flowers kdrama fame) being the Innisfree poster boy. (Sadly, I did not see any Innisfree posters of him or else I would have asked for one, keke! All I saw were Yoona promos.)

eco-friendly Lee Minho

Is that serum for me? thanks, Minho-oppa! (jk)

Innisfree poster flower boy boy Lee Minho, surprisingly he doesn't look uber thin here

Oops...enough fangirling, keke (even my mom thinks he's a hottie).

About the Brand

Innisfree, the first natural brand from Korea, is dedicated to sharing the clean and pure energy of nature for healthy beauty.

Innisfree, the pure island where clean nature and healthy beauty coexist in harmony.

Innisfree is a natural brand that shares the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju allowing for vibrant beauty and pursues an eco-friendly green life to preserve the balance of nature.

The Symbols of Innisfree

On with my first Innisfree haul!

Innisfree Green Tea Gift Set - 42,000 won

♥ Green Tea Seed Serum
♥ Green Tea Seed Cream
♥ Green Tea Mineral Mist
♥ Green Tea Energy Masks (3)
♥ Green Tea Pure Deluxe Kit (Green Tea Pure Sleeping Pack, Green Tea Pure Cream, Green Tea Pure Skin, and Green Tea Pure Lotion)

Buying the set was like getting the mineral mist, sheet masks, and mini kit for free. Score!

Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam - 6,000 won

I'd run out of my favorite cleanser, the H2O+ green tea cleansing milk, just before my trip and wanted to try something new since the H2O+ cleansing milk has been discontinued. I couldn't choose between these two so I ended up with both, hehe.

Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Foam - 10,000 won

Here are the samples or "service" that I got with my haul.

Innisfree Eco Science Deep Cream samples

Innisfree Green Tea Pure Skin and Innisfree Green Tea Pure Lotion samples

Innisfree Vital Essential K Masks - Pomegranate

Cute Body Loofah Thingy

I didn't bring a loofah so I just bought this since it was cute (not realizing until afterwards that I could have easily bought a cheaper one at Daiso). I'd also bought a pumice stone and brush scrub, but that's not really worth taking a picture of.

I have already started using some of the products and will happily post reviews in the future! :) What do you think of the brand and have you tried any of their products? I would love to hear what your experience is like!

Lastly...in truth I don't go goo goo ga ga for Lee Minho, but here's an Innisfree Lee Minho CF (commercial film). It's random and in Korean even though it was for their China promotion, but still cute (don't blame me for the video's screen capture). XP


  1. ahh I like a bit of Lee Minho haha!

    That sounds like a pretty good deal.. I have heard about this Korean brand before.. sounds natural with full of goodness!

  2. Great hauls! I haven't tried any innisfree skincare but I've tried their bb cream before and I don't quite like it. The consistency is really thick and difficult to blend thus I never try anything from innisfree anymore =(

  3. The green tea set looks amazing! 42000 won sounds like a lot of money but actually it's a bargain for so many items!

    Hmmm not a Lee Minho fan, I'd probably step out of Innisfree with one or two items. If only Shinhwa endorses some cosmetics brand LOL

  4. Oh i love Innisfree. and Minho too ;-) Very great haul. Thanks for sharing this photos with us.

  5.  I feel silly for not knowing before that it was a natural brand, hehe. It's quite obvious on the website but I don't recall reading it in product reviews etc!

    Ahhh if only they had Lee Minho's face all over the shops, kekeke.

  6.  Oh no! Sorry to hear that. To be honest I didn't really pay much attention to their other products but good to know about the bb cream.

  7.  Hehe yes, I didn't even know there were masks in the set, lol, I just figured I'd be getting the mist and mini deluxe kit for free!

    I'm actually not a huge Lee Minho fan, but I do think he can be quite good looking at times. LOL you are a big Shinhwa fan girl now! That's cute. =)

  8.  Hehe Innisfree and Lee Minho go very well together! =)

  9. Id still want a yoona promo poster XD waaah, koreans are so generous with their samples.

  10. That green tea gift set looks awesome and you got some fab samples! Lee Min Ho doesn't do anything for me either :)

  11. wow so many samples *_* can't wait to see your reviews. I love green tea infused stuff. :)

  12. 'I bought it cos it was cute and then later realised I could have got a cheaper one from Daiso' - story of our lives..... xD seriously though it was worth whatever you paid cos that is the mores adorable loofah I have ever seen!

    Lee minho....SO FINEEEE!

    I didnt know/don't know much about innis free actually, so I have learnt somethign today! Nice hauling! :D

  13. Innisfree looks really awesome and ecofriendly :D
    Such a nice deal on the gift set and you got so many free samples!

  14. The loofah thingy is soo cute!  I really want to try Innisfree one day.  Love your haul!  :D

  15.  Oh really? keke I have nothing against her, but not a fan enough to get her poster. They really are generous with the samples though!

  16.  I was happy they had a set because I wanted those three main items anyway, hehe. Lee Min Ho can be quite good looking at times but somehow, he's just not my favorite. =)

  17.  Me too, me too! And it's such a bonus that it's natural too. =)

  18. I still can't get used to men being the face of Korean skincare/cosmetics brands....they always make me chuckle on the inside.

    I was given a tube of innisfree mask and your post makes me wanna break it open. I haven't tried it myself but one of my Japanese gfs raved about their bb cream.

  19. oh no, this is the first time i saw 이민호's pictures, although i've heard about him. he is not my type! (hehe not that it would matter.)
    i love green tea as skincare property, the set sure look great, though.
    and i want that loofa thingy! :D

  20. Aw thanks! LOL it really is the story of our lives! Especially when traveling because everyone says, "Just buy it. You're on vacation!" XP You know...I haven't even used it yet, eek! Hmm I think it was 3,500 won, so not too bad. XD

  21. Yes! I never knew that before, I feel silly! I think maybe because they don't have as many products as other brands? But I do hope they will become more popular and successful, I always hope that for eco-friendly brands!

  22.  Thanks! I hope you get to try Innisfree. The products seem pretty good for their affordable prices (as long as you don't buy it at super marked up prices).

  23. Hehe oh it makes me chuckle too, but you know, girls love their kpop idols and Korean celebrities! Ohh you should try your Innisfree mask (unless it's the wrong timing/season for your skin). I'd love to hear if it works well for you.

  24. First time?! Obviously...you don't watch kdramas, I'm guessing? hehe Even when I was watching kdrama on Hulu, I kept seeing 이민호's Camry commercial (which is kind of hilarious, btw). Lol I love how you noted "not that it would matter," a phrase that I need to tell myself whenever I look at Korean stars and find out they're so much younger than me! XD

    I love green tea as skincare property too!


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