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Korean Musical, Kpop and Random Hauls in Seoul

While I was in Seoul, I got to watch the Korean production of the Broadway musical, "Catch Me If You Can" ("?? ? ?? ? ?"), starring Key from SHINee. *squeals* Okay okay, admittedly Key's not one of my favorites from my favorite group, but it was still cool that I could watch him perform live. Basically, see him in person and hear him sing live!

The musical took place at Blue Square, Samsung Card Hall, in Hannam-dong, Seoul.

Yes, this billboard is on the front of the Blue Square building, same place where SHINee drove by in the Korean variety show "Taxi." (Knowing this stuff makes me happy, keke.)

Here is the TV commericial.

Key's video

Key played the main lead, Frank.

The Korean production rotates cast members and the other main lead actor was Kyu Hyun from Super Junior. says he got paid in 3.66 tons of rice grain! JUST KIDDING. I have no idea what it says other than 3.66 tons, kekeke.

Fan girls walked by (I'm really tempted to say that Blue Square is connected to the subway station, but can't remember), screaming, "It's Key!" At his poster. Gotta love Korean fan girls.

The main floor where I walked in, the floor where I actually bought my ticket, and then the entrance to the show were all on three different levels. Here's the outside entrance to the show.

There was a booth selling souvenirs/merchandise/paraphernalia. Of course, I had to get something, keke. I got Key's postcard photo set.

I also got the program book, hehe. I love program books, lol, it sounds silly but I like having it as a reminder that I was there. (I wonder, do they sell programs and special concert merchandise when there are Kpop concerts in the US?)

It was really cute because all of the workers were dressed in themed costumes. The ladies were wearing matching stewardess (I know we call them flight attendants now, but back then, they were stewardesses) outfits and the men in pilot costumes. Inside, there was a large billboard of the stars.

Like everyone else there, I took a picture. Ummm my selca turned out better than the pictures other people took of me, hehe.

me and the homie Key

Even the elevators had posters of the actors. Here's Kyu Hyun's elevator.

Can you tell I was excited? hehe It's just that opportunities like these, to see someone you watch in videos online and whose songs you listen to, don't come often especially when it happens to be kpop and you don't live in South Korea. =)

Inside the actual theater. We weren't allowed to take pictures but I took one shot. And I've seen tons of fan cams with HD videos and high quality pictures online! Naughty, naughty fans.

I'd actually bought my ticket the day of the show, and it was Key's last show before I left Seoul, so I felt very lucky. I got a business class ticket which put me in the 15th row, 4 seats away from the aisle. And omg, Key ran through and stopped in that aisle about 3 times! Ahhh I felt like I could touch him, haha, okay maybe not, but still I thought it was so cool that he was probably about 4 feet away from me.

Even though my Korean is not fluent enough to understand a kdrama without subs, I was still able to enjoy the musical since I already knew the story, plus, it's singing and dancing! I'm really glad I was able to experience something like that on my trip. If I could do it again, I'd buy the first class ticket so that I could hopefully be in the first row, haha. (It's much cheaper than a first row ticket to a large kpop concert in the U.S.)

Speaking of kpop and what not, it goes without saying that one of the small pleasures of being in Seoul is walking around and seeing your favorite stars' faces plastered everywhere.

Here's a large cardboard cutout of Gikwang and BEAST in an ad for A'Pieu I saw while walking out of a subway station.

Gmarket ad with BIGBANG in yet another subway station.

Strawberry yogurt pack with IU on the front! (So if I eat this yogurt, would I look more like IU? The answer is no, it didn't happen.)

Korean celebrities endorse everything in Seoul. It's both cool and funny. Aside from cosmetics and skincare, you'll see ads and commercials for cell phones, chocolates, etc.

Of course, I had to buy at least one kpop album while I was in Seoul, so I bought SHINee's Sherlock mini album, and also their official 2012 diary, keke.

I saw 5 versions of their album, each with a different member on the cover. Being the indecisive person that I am, I spent much time debating over which one to get (it was hard since I didn't really like the concept or their photos). Anyways, I later went back to the hotel and found out online that it doesn't matter, since the cover is actually clear and it's the member's booklet that you see, and all of the albums have the same booklets inside. HA HA.

the members' booklets and "album covers"

the back sides of the booklets
The SHINee diary that I got came with a set of 15 postcard photos. Worthy purchase, indeed.

Okay, that's enough from me about Kpop-related matters. Here are some small hauls I made.

Mamonde and VOV Daily Fresh face masks from Watsons. So cheap!

Daiso haul. I saw quite a few Daiso shops in Seoul!

I love the coral pouch <3
I'd needed the umbrella because it rained on one of the days while I was in Seoul.

And...can you believe I still have another Korean beauty-related haul to blog about? Hopefully sometime in the near future, keke.

Lastly, this picture doesn't have a home, so I'll post it here. Rabokki ???, which is ramyun and dokbokki (?? + ???) with cheese and all kinds of extra goodies. So tasty, so not the way to lose weight or be healthy, lol.

Until next time, kids! ^_^


  1. I am always impressed about how huuuge the fan-scene is in Japan and Korea!! It's absolutely not like that in Europe, we are just no fans of anyone LOL. (Obviously that's not true.) What I wanted to say is I am always impressed about all the huge promotions and collaborations and ads and products they are doing! If you are fan of someone who's bigger you can get anything from them like towels, soap, chocolate, musicals, albums, films.... it just amazes me all the time, I'm not used to it xD" I am happy that you were able to see Key before you left, you were lucky! :)

  2. ohh so jelly you got to see key's musical!

  3. Oh totally! I love that I was walking around and it's normal to see idols' faces plastered everywhere, and hear their music everywhere, especially their new and current songs. <3 Definitely don't see that here. I like the official merchandise though, the fanmade etc. stuff sort of gets too over the top and makes me feel like I'm looking at kpop vomit hehe (screen printed ovenmitts, house slippers, wth?). And thanks! If I'd know the theater was small and had purchased earlier, I definitely would have spent the extra 20,000 won for first class tickets. Live and learn, keke.

  4. It was a fun experience! I'd definitely do it again and for any group member that I like. <3 People who live in Seoul are so lucky they get lots of chances to go to shows, music programs, concerts, etc.! I'm jelly of them and when I see blog posts from people who just "happened to be there" and get to go to free events and see their favorite idols, hehe.

  5. Hey! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :3

    I've followed you btw. Care to follow back?


  6. So much.. SHINee <3 and kpop everywhereeeee <3333 lol, I love the Rabokki! I need to see if we have this available here.. it looks so tempting to eat my screen right now D:

  7. Kpop stars are LITERALLY everywhere there... it's good because there's a lot of eye candies hehe... SHINee are huge aren't they?! I couldn't find any VOV masks though - didn't know they were sold in Watsons.. Otherwise I would have hauled a bunch haha!! Key musical looked really good!

  8. Yes! It made me so happy, so much SHINee and kpop!! <3 Ohh you should definitely try rabokki at least once! hehe I know I definitely wouldn't mind eating it again (except that I've cut myself off from ramen, we'll see just how long I can last)!

  9. I love it!! It made me so happy, <333 SHINee is much loved, hehe. BIGBANG is also pretty popular too. Aw sorry you weren't able to haul VOV masks. Isn't it interesting, the Korea things that we see and get all the time online actually aren't that easy to find in Seoul unless you know exactly where to go. The musical was fun! I hope in the future I can go to more shows, hehe. <333

  10. woooowwwwww - I wanna visit SK someday =) Followed you back sis =)

  11. Aw thanks! I hope you can visit someday soon too! I'm sure you'd love it.


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