Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review: Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Circle Lens

I'd ordered this pair of circle lens from Pinky Paradise during one of their Buy 2 Get 1 Free sales since I really like the Princess Mimi circle lens in Sesame Grey and wanted to see if these would look more natural on me.


Life Span: 1 Year Disposable
Power Available: 0.00 to -8.00
Diameter: 15.0 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 38%
Manufacturer: GEO


The Pinky Paradise website has a New User Guide and Wear and Care Guide. If you plan on buying and wearing circle lenses, please make sure you are familiar with the guidelines for taking good care of your lenses so that the health of your eyes won't be jeopardized. Even though this is not my first pair, I still like to check over the guidelines whenever I get new circle lenses just to make sure I don't forget anything before I actually wear them.


$23.90 for one pair, includes cute animal lens case

Where to Buy: or other trusted source


♥ beautiful, multidimensional design
♥enlargement effect
♥ available in prescription
♥ comfortable to wear


♥ not natural looking

My Thoughts

I don't love these but I do like them. The color and design don't look natural on me, but it's not so fake looking that people immediately notice. If anything, others either think I'm staring or giving them puppy eyes. The design definitely draws attention to my eyes, and while the enlargement doesn't quite give me huge dolly eyes it does make my eyes look larger and stand out more.

The comfort level is good and I can see fairly well with these. I do have astigmatism so it's a bit difficult for me to see details clearly, which is noticeable when reading street signs while driving or watching tv, and to a lesser extent using the computer. Therefore I don't wear these very often since I drive and use the computer a lot, but otherwise I don't have a problem with wearing them for 6 or so hours.

Makeup used

Ultimately, I think I prefer more natural looking contacts but these are nice for when I want my eyes to stand out more. I don't think the design is meant to look natural but I do think it's beautiful and I plan on getting them in green also. The Princess Mimi series is really popular thanks to Tsubasa. What do you think of them?


  1. I guess the Bambi series don't look natural at anybody since it's just so bold! Maybe only at people who nearly have black eyes <: I do like these in pictures though! I wouldn't wear these in a day since all my friends told me they look kinda creepy. I love the effect in purikura though!! :D
    Oh and I don't know if you know this but you should never use the computer when wearing circle lenses.. I forgot exactly but I read a medical report that the combination of circle lenses and staring at a desktop is really harmful to your eyes because some substance is developing or... something like that, can't remember exactly! :)

  2. bahh! they look fab when you wear them (so i mean, yay! ;p)
    unfortunately, these were the worst looking pair on me and i had to wear lots of makeup to balance out the look. you look quite natural with minimal makeup on with these. falsies look great, too! ;)

  3. I think you look cute without them. ^^

    The lipstick looks so gorgeous! I should have bought some when I went to Etude House in Korea. I'm so silly to buy a ton of other stuff but one lipstick from Etude House. T_T Though the lipstick I bought is lovely.

  4. Love your FOTD...very cute and fresh!

  5. Hi Diana, I love these lenses on you, the designs are awesome :) I have them myself but unfortunately I don't like to wear them on a daily basis, too drying for me as they are quite large :D you look so pretty!

  6. Chocolate Brown looks really good on you. I was iffy about getting them at first as they tend to appear a tad bit red at times, but your pictures are very convincing!

    I like the colour of the lens case but that is one weird looking character. Do you know what is it by any chance?

    I used to have Apple Green and it's really pretty. Go for it!

  7. Hmmm am not sure if my first comment went throuh...anyhow

    I think these look very natural on you, actually. The colour is very pretty. I have them, too, but haven't opened them cause the 15.0 dia put me off slightly. Am afraid I'd look odd.

  8. Gosh, you look so cute in these pictures!

  9. They do make your eyes pop! They work well with your lashes and with your camera shots, even if they seem unnatural in real life ;)

  10. Hehe I'll take your word for it since I love your cute purikura photos! It's so interesting because I had thought a friend's circle lenses looked really nice and somewhat natural on her and she told me it was the Princess Mimi ones but now I find it hard to believe (either that or she's like the rare % it looks natural on, keke). Hehe the grey ones look a bit creepy on me in real life. =P

    Oh I never knew that about circle lens and using the computer at the same time! Thanks for letting me know!

  11. Lol aw thank you! Daiso lashes are so cheap. <3 I think the Princess Mimi enlargement effect is not super huge and dolly like on me even though other people say it is for them. I guess for some reason these have quite a variation in the way they look on everyone. My friend has them in green and I thought they looked much more blended and natural on her! Luckily there are so many circle lenses to choose from. =)

  12. Aw thanks Huong! I can't wait to see everything you bought while in Korea! I bought a lot of Etude House so I could get the SHINee freebies, lol, I couldn't help it since I'm their noona fan! <333

  13. Thank you! I've been wanting to grow out my bangs again but it looks so horrible in pictures. =X The pigtails really helped a bit, otherwise I don't think I would have tried it, hehe.

  14. Aww thanks Diana! I don't like to wear these too often either but they are fun to play with every now and then. =) I definitely use eye drops a lot when wearing circle lenses since I'm concerned that they would be drying on my eyes too!

  15. Thanks hun! Ahh I do think they look a bit redder at first than I would imagine for "chocolate brown," but luckily it doesn't look so when I wear them. I honestly have no idea what some of those cute animal characters are, LOL. I have a few of them and I think one is a pig but this is like...a hippo or something?! keke Ohh I'll definitely add Apple Green to my list. I remember seeing it on your blog and it looked very lovely and dollylike on you!

  16. Ahh sorry, I don't think your first comment went through but thanks for posting a second! Hmm even though it says 15.0 diameter I actually think the enlargement effect is subtle, and not super noticeably huge. I think it has to do with the design but of course, it might look different depending on your natural eye size and shape compared to mine. I doubt it would look odd on you though, especially if you think it looks natural on me! Do give it a try one of these days and let me know how it works out for you! =)

  17. Aw thanks Nic! I think the false lashes help bring them out. I think if I wore them around you, you might have felt a bit creeped out and wondered why I seemed to be staring so intently at you, LOL. These are definitely more fun for camera shots, keke. =P

  18. Pretty! This is the ONE pair of mimi's I don't own!! >m< I haven't opened mine yet, so i can't really say much, but they looked great on stock photos and on bloggers like yourself so I'm super excited to try mine out now ^^ I still think they look awesome, even though they're not natural looking. I'm just worried as the design is pretty detailed and strong and even though you say the comfort is good, compared to other circle lenses, is it less comfortable??

  19. Hey Diana !! your chocolaty brown colored lenses are looking very nice and ya they are looking very pretty on you. You must try blue color lenses, I think it will also suits you a lot.

  20. Aw thank you! I haven't tried blue contact lenses before but it's definitely on my to do list so I'll take the plunge soon! =)

  21. Ahh I think you will have lots of fun with your circle lenses! The design makes it fun, hehe, and your eyes will definitely stand out. Hmm the most comfortable lenses I currently have are by Vassen, and it might be because the design is more simple so I can see better and am able to wear them longer. I think I've read that circle lenses shouldn't be worn for longer than 6 hours. With these, I think they're fine as long as you have good eye drops to keep your eyes from getting dry (that's what would make them uncomfortable for me). I hope that helps! =)


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