Monday, March 31, 2008

Asian American Films

One of my favorite girlfriends, Leah, and I took a weekend trip to SF two weeks ago. We were lucky because not only do we both love the city, but we were also able to check out the 26th Annual Asian American Film Festival in Japantown!

I look pretty happy to be in Japantown...'cause I'm a Japanophile at large! jk

watching one of the bands perform

Seriously...the band, hehe

Me, reflecting on the past as we were leaving SF (& rocking the new Tokidoki hoodie!)
While I was there, I answered a few questions on the spot about Asian American media. The video clip is actually posted on, so you can watch me...say "Um" a lot, move my head around, and giggle (especially at the end).

You can watch one of the films that played at the festival, "I'm a Cyborg But That's OK" on YouTube (in 11 parts). I'm sure there are also other films available online.

A side note, I also watched some Wong Fu Productions films on YouTube earlier today. I'd have to say my favorites are "You've Got A Friend" (a collaboration with hip hop group Far East Movement), "Just A Nice Guy," and "Yellow Fever."
"You've Got A Friend"

"Just A Nice Guy"

"Yellow Fever"

The bloopers are also fun to watch. Definitely a must add to my iPod Classic!

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