Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday Makeup Mega Post

I got the greatest gift in the mail!

*le sigh* What girl wouldn't swoon over a MAC gift card and a Williams Burke Spa massage gift certificate?!

I haven't gotten anything from MAC since March, so I'm so excited that I'll be going now just in time to check out the holiday collection that I've seen so many of you bloggettes rave about!

As for the massage, I'll wait and use it to reward myself when I ace the GRE later this month.

Today I also got my Beauty Crunch goodies (thanks to Vanessa for blogging about the site! If you don't know, they basically carry high end cosmetics at deeply discounted prices, including Too Faced and Stila). I placed my order at 4:30 a.m. on Friday and got a shipping notification at 8 a.m. the same day! I got two Too Faced palettes: the Good Girl/Bad Girl Palette and The New Romantic Make-up Collection - Unicorn Earthly Enchanted Palette for basically half off (including shipping).

During my last trip to Target, I gave in and picked up a new makeup organizer that I'd been eying. I think it's so pretty with its black lace, it sort of has that vintage/retro glam feeling that I just love so much.

Now it houses my high end American cosmetics. I think it goes very well with any vintage packaging!

Today I also went and got my flu shot since I'd gotten sick so often last flu season. I'm a Hello Kitty soldier in the war against germs!

I'm SO EXCITED that tomorrow is Election Day!! Time to see a positive change for America's future. Go out and get your vote on tomorrow, and enjoy these freebies as a reward for voting! I love America. ;)


  1. **unicorn tears**

    i smell a sugar ♥

  2. Cute hello kitty bandage! :D I won't mind getting a "bubu" if my bandage is that cute! hahaha! :D

    Oh, I like I also check their site for new products. :D And how lucky are you to get those gift cards *envious* :D

    I hope I could go shop with you someday! :D

  3. Man you get all the cool products in the mail. Wish I did too lol.

  4. Everyone's got hauls going on!! And yours is just as nice!! Your HK bandaid is too cute!!

  5. Hey HK soldier hehe ^_^
    I've got those bandages in my pursie as well :P.
    Retro chic organizer, D! Your goodies have a nice home hehe. oxox

  6. the makeup case is freaken cute!!

  7. yay! isnt beauty crunch awesome?!i kinda like the randomnessof their products lol what are you gna get from MAC? yummy giftcards those are so guiltless hehe oh!! and you go girl w your badass bandage!

  8. Great gifts! You're reminding me I'm dying for a massage!

    I love cute bandaids haha. I use Nexcare ones with those funny faces on them like a frown-y face =P

  9. Thanks for the tips! Most of the time 34s don't work for me.. and I'm a 32A! hahahaha. So no luck for me! haha. And the problem is my boobs are HIGHLY uneven. One boob could be a B, the other is barely an A.. -_- haha. It's kinda funny, but sad at the same time hehe.

    One of the only VS bras that work and I love is the Very Sexy definity edge gel convertible.

  10. very cool train case!

    i like Hello Kitty too. I got a small box of those bandages from target and used one for no reason just because it was too cute. lol!

  11. The train case is so kawaii! :)

    Are you getting the Smokey Eyes palette?... hehe~ Don't mind me I'm nosy and I love how you're tempted by the things I use... hehe~ I like that a lot!!! :D

    Don't tempt me from starting Naruto... hehe~ I definitely know it's very popular with the students. The students tell me I'm the coolest sub they ever had because I know so much about anime... lol~

  12. omg i just took a look at beauty crunch and OMG @ the prices! i have that stila smokey eye talking palette and paid $40 plus tax and their selling it for $15!!! (i see theirs is the Korean talking interesting!)

    woo hoo! time to browse at more goodies!

  13. i love that train case ;] AND HELLO KITTY bandaids lmao.


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