Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Humor and More Pics from My Swap with Yume-chan

Merry Christmas if you're on the other side of the world!!This is a super long post! Sowwie.

"I told the witch doctor I was in love with you, I told the witch doctor you didn't love me too, and then the witch doctor he told me what to do, he said ohh to the eee the ooh the ah ah, to the thing to the tang, walah walah bing bang!"

Do you know where that's from? HINT: "ALVINNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!" haha yes, the damn song was stuck in my head yesterday and it's from the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks. I thought I wouldn't like the movie but I tivoed it and it's grown on me. I like listening to it in the background as I wrap gifts or do other things. My favorite scene of the movie is the Christmas scene where the chipmunks give their gifts to Dave, it goes something like this:

Alvin: "Meeee next!"

Dave (opens gift): " wallet."

Alvin: "Do you like it? Realllllllllly? I wanted to get you something you use every day."

Dave: "And I have been using this, for almost 10 years now. Very thoughtful, Alvin, thank you."

Alvin: "Yeah...the look on your face says it all, Dave." while I was wrapping gifts, I was thinking about wrapping people's toothbrushes, purses, cell phones or something and giving it to them in reference to the movie.

You can watch the entire Christmas scene here, but this is a version slowed down to their real voices (I prefer the chipmunk voices but couldn't find it):

I loved the cartoon as a kid, it was one of my favorites. My favorite was Alvin (much more awesome in the cartoon than movie) and Britney from The Chippettes! Here's the video for the movie version of "Witch Doctor"...beware! I'm warning you, it's catchy...'cause ain't no party like a chipmunk party! ;)

I haven't gotten around to using all of the goodies I'd gotten from Yume-chan, but here are more photos anyways.

She gifted me with lots of Hello Kitty surprises! Such a sweetheart.

Cookies-flavored KitKat and caramel macchiato mixes and candies, oh my!

This pretty BonBon nail polish and Japanese half falsies (I used the falsies for the pow wow!)
A Hello Kitty blind box!

Mine had Twin Stars! My friend Hannah could appreciate this, hehe. It also had yummy Hello Kitty biscuits which I ate while taking pics =P

Another Hello Kitty bag...what could be inside?
All of this! 2 Visee Jewel Crush eyeshadow palettes, Visee x ViVi limited collabo, Majolica Majorca palette, Canmake blusher, and a surprise eyeshadow palette! I will take individual pics when I use them =)
I also got some winter editions of things! Like this Kesalan Patharan Water Defense Moisturizer...(I got hungry so I ate some Hugs and they ended in the pic)

Lavshuca winter neutral set!
and I HAD to get the winter K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo eyeliner!

Merry Christmas, everyone!!


  1. You got some nice Christmas gift :) I love the pictures with you and tia, very lovely.
    Merry Christmas !

  2. now I'm not the only here in the bloggy world that other girls can call "SPOILED"

    i loooooooove everything you got from Yume-chan, that mega swap elf that she is!! -- and I sawwww errrrrrrything in person, so FUN!!!

    i lurve our cali snow bunny pix at the book store with the deco/lighting, it just looks festivus!!! with the furrrrr....rawr.

    what a fun day, i hear mitsuwa in your hoodie goodie ^_^

    Merry Christmas my favorite doll!!! I hope santa brings you everything you want AND THEN SOME!

    xoxo TIA

  3. i like Theodore!! hes's so cute!! and i can't wait to see some looks with all these goodies! have a merry christmas!

  4. Nice swap!! Sooo much goodies!! For face and tummy!! YUmmy!! LOL!! I LOVE ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS!! Theodore was always my fave... He's soo sweet!

    The bf loves the new movie!! LOL!!

    You and KT look soo cute together!! I wanna Mitsuwa!!

    I use the bb cream and the MAC MSF Natural in MEDPLUS. That's been the best for me so far.

  5. ps, OMG!!! I forgot to say


  6. your gifts so nice!!!

    Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

  7. Merry Christmas! u two look great in the pics :-)

  8. I love the picture with you and Tia =)

    Merry Christmas !

  9. Woooooowww!!! I love those hello kitty stuff and yes girl you are truly spoiled!:) Lots of goodies!! Are you getting some dame edna products? :) You look really pretty! Very nice skin :)

    Happy Holidays!

  10. lolz..I love chipmunks!! and what a nice swap you got there :D
    merry christmas to you!!

  11. Look at you pretty ladies! Your hair looks gorgeous! I'm growing my hair out so I can curl mine like yours! What a whole lot of goodies! I need to try to find some Canmake stuff!

    Alvin and the Chipmunks was on when we were at our family gathering during Christmas Eve!

  12. I canceled my MAC appointment because I didn't wake up on time. :( I guess it was ok since I saved money from not buying the Dame Edna. Yeah I'm thinking of not getting it because I wanna spend a lot on Hello Kitty! I'm planning to get the Dazzleglasses! Haha and more :)

  13. Oh and about the MAC brushes, I want to!! But yes they're very expensive. But brushes are important to us make up addicts! LOL!

    Go to CCO, they have cheap MAC brushes :)

  14. Look at all them goodies! I especially like the visee palette, I see it in so many magazines but haven't gotten my hands on it yet =/
    can't wait for your reviews/swatches

  15. great stuff and wow! i am in love w your smile :)

  16. Aw! Thank you! You're too kind! Sexy figure? You mean stick figure?? I'm trying to gain weight. I feel too skinny :( I have not been sleeping really good, eating really good so my weight dropped down from 116 to 105. Yes a lot! :( I think its stress.

    Laneige is Great especially the peel but see I picked up a different kind of laneige than the one I tried (some samples) so I really don't know if this one is gonna work or else I'll exchange it to the other one which they gave me to try. Theyre too expensive :/

    Yeah I will slowly buy the MAC brushes. Maybe 1 per paycheck? hahah so it wouldnt be a burden for me :/

    My skin is not that great in person. You'll see :) But its getting better than before :/

  17. Look at all that HK! So kawaii~ And you and Ms Kimberly look fabulous in the winter gear!


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