Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Wrap Up

It's too cold to do anything but cozy up in bed and blog on my laptop, haha. This Christmas was truly madness...sooo hectic, as much as I love (or loved?) Christmas, I'm glad it's over. It's nice to finally have a break and just relax and reflect on everything. Though I'm still not ready to think about the entire year, I just wanted to think a bit on Christmas-related things.

Favorite Holiday Movies
♥ Bridget Jones's Diary
♥ About A Boy
♥ Serendipity
♥ Elf
♥ Love Actually

Favorite Holiday Songs
♥ "Winter Wonderland" Jason Mraz
♥ "Yule Shoot Your Eye Out" Fall Out Boy
♥ "Merry Christmas, Baby" Otis Redding
♥ "Grown Up Christmas List" Kelly Clarkson
♥ "Angels We Have Heard On High" Christina Aguilera
♥ Mariah Carey songs

I actually have a lot of holiday was my intention to give cds to people but uh, too late (except for Princess Leah). My sister had also bought really cute handmade Christmas cards and I'd wanted to make some too...but the best I could do was make one (it took quite a bit of time).

My sad handmade card and its inspiration...

one fricking card out of all this Christmas card-making vomit

my room of Christmas vomit...
Christmas vomit-turned-into-wrapped-presents, finally under control! (had more presents after this pic too) oh, and the tissue box cover's name is Haruno Sakura ;)

Here are some of my Christmas goodies...

Mariah Carey's Luscious Pink gift set!
Victoria's Secret Vegetable Candle, smells lovely!
a cute mug with a heart-shaped notepad...

Christmas tin of homemade cookies and brownies, mm mmm!!
Barnes & Noble gift card from Tia! I used this baby to order me some more Haruki Murakami books, (you'd be proud of me, Yasumi...I ordered After Dark!)
True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere body butter from Bath & Body Works...smells like dessert! Like "lick/eat me" dessert

My December NARS's a lot! Part of it Christmas gifts and part of it I feel guilty for buying but I had Sephora $15 gift card codes from Tia and Melissa, plus I used ebates (cash back for online purchases! if you haven't signed up already, do it now and use my name for referral haha paperdollrevenge @ gmail dot com).

NARS The Multiple in St. Barts and Copacabana, The Multiple Duo in Orgasm/South Beach (you saw this already), Blusher/Bronzer Duo in Orgasm/Laguna, Blush in Deep Throat, Lip Gloss Duo in Orgasm/Hustler and Lip Gloss in All Night Long

One thing I really like about Christmas/December is all of the lights and decorations! Here are some random pics from my sis and me running down to Second Street/Belmont Shore for candy apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolates...

the bear's shirt says "Life's too short to eat cheap chocolate"
we bought chocolate caramel-covered apples for my nephew to give to his teachers...

I promised I'd try to take some mall madness here they are! It's actually not too bad, they're from Friday before Christmas, early afternoon. I know it was much worse during the last weekend and remaining days before Christmas!

at South Coast Plaza, inside Sephora
across the way from H&M (though this one is small and only one story)

part of the holiday display where you can take pics with Santa (next year, hahaha)
and the reason why I went to South Coast, for the MAC Pro store!
it was crowded and not enough space for me to take a shot of the whole store

oldie but goodie from last after work in front of the two-story H&M next to Tiffany's in Old Town Pasadena!

and lastly, me and Princess Leah having dinner and dessert at Cheesecake Factory in Old Town Pasadena after shopping...great way to end a long day at work. =)

And that's it! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas...I'm exhausted! It's back to the I owe it to my new makeup to use them and take pics of new looks! Annnnnnd...before you know it, it'll be Valentine's (I saw Valentine's merchandise at Target already!) and time to haul from spring collections, ahhhh!!

P.S. Still time to enter my mini contest! Click on the link in the right sidebar. =)


  1. I love all those movies :) and making stuff gets so messy with all the materials, doesn't it? I think that's why I put my scrapbooking on hold, haha. mmmm NARS...I'm starting to become such a NARS girl, haha.

  2. That was a lot of xmas vomit!! LOL!!

    Your card was cute!! You should make more and sell um!!

    H&M, MAC Pro.. what are those?! LOL!! Just like VS, Olive Garden, Sonic, In & Out, Target... hahah... soon though.. they will come!!

    HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! *startin out early!*

  3. That was a lot of xmas vomit!! LOL!!

    Your card was cute!! You should make more and sell um!!

    H&M, MAC Pro.. what are those?! LOL!! Just like VS, Olive Garden, Sonic, In & Out, Target... hahah... soon though.. they will come!!

    HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! *startin out early!*

  4. I love the ELF movie. It was funny when he started eating all those gums he found on the street and called it "free". lol! and the escalator madness. lol!

    and you're amazing for making those cute cards! Looks really nice! :D wow tornado gifts all over your house! hahah! That happened to my room too! OMG full of giftwraps everywhere :P

    I love the nars things you got. I wish I could spend more but I feel like I already got too much make up :( I guess I'll just wait for Feb for the Hk. and yes they will have the mac 187 there but you know that the full size are so much better than the SE. I have the heirloom brush set which I got at the CCO but I love the 2 full size bruhses more than my SE ones. Try to buy like 1 or 2/month. You will have all of them in no time! :D

  5. wow, nice goodies you got there :D and the chocolates looked really yummy i wish i could have a bite XD

  6. look at all the stuff in the store

    can we change places for a day? i go shopping there and u come shopping in tokyo

    and i am joining ur contest! got it all written, trying to wait for sunlight to get pics!

  7. loveeeee the nars haul! let me know what u think of the hustler/orgasm lippie duo cuz i was thinking of buying it too :] and hurry up and read those haruki books!! they look interesting and whenever i'm dusting shelves i always pick them up to look at them lol :p glad u had a great xmas and can't wait to see some new looks with all those goodies!

  8. Nice, I love NARS All Night Long! Wow, your xmas spirit must have been through the roof with all that xmas stuff!! Hahaha.

  9. I love Serendipity and Love Actually too. What couple do you like the most from Love Actually? I love the writer and the portuguese girl couple. Language barrier is never be a problem if two poepl love each other :)

    Happy Holiday!

  10. thanks for ur opinion! i put on the lippie and i was like whoooa! haha LOVE your nars haul! i got the multiples in st barts & copacabana and OMG i looove love love it!

  11. I love, love, love your Sephora goodies! I have yet to try Nars, but I have to give in soon to see what all the hype is about.
    Plus, I love your Christmas card. I have s0o0o much scrapbooking stuff and think I need to move into card making too.

  12. Sounds like you had a busy couple of days! Look at all the Christmas stuff!!

    I wanna go to the Louboutin store in South Coast Plaza!

    Thanks! Awwww so close! I hope you like it as much as I do! My hair is getting better with each day!

    Thanks! It was real yummy!

  13. omg i looove 2nd street..i make my bf buy me candy apples from rocky mountain!!! SOOO delicious? Have you been to Open Sesame? SOOOOO gooood!!!!

  14. that's super christmasyyyy. you must've been going nuts! :P

  15. where is South Coast plaza at? the mall looks soOOo big! i would like information please =) btw.. i wanna see swatches for deep throat as well... i really want a nars blush! wow look at all those presets! such a good idea makin ur own holiday cards.. i should bring back my arts n crafts too but soOo lazy now a days n im so broke... hmm mayb next year! lol so which present is for me? haha jk

    happy holidays<33333 happy new year!!

  16. ahhhh MAC PRO jealous..

    not much of a mariah carey fan but I am loving that pink gift set it looks delish.

    oh and your NARS collection is growing my


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