Saturday, December 13, 2008

December Pretty Pink Boxes

My Pretty Pink Boxes came yesterday! I was very excited about December's boxes because the participants included NYX, Honeycat, and full size Tu Bella perfumes! This month's box was $10.99 + shipping, so I bought two like Wuz always does so that I could double my chances of getting the products (or even more of the same products) that I was looking forward to trying out.

Box 1
the goodies...
Samples from Forever Living Products, natural and with aloe vera
Exposed Organics, LLC full size Nectar transfomer and Eye Dust in Jenda (dark brown with purplish tone)Bauble Bath Gingerbread Sugar Scrub...smells yum, perfect for the holiday season! A little goes a long way and I got one in both boxes too!Ocean Mist Cosmetics Phantasy Eyeshadow sampleBeauty From The Earth Grape Eyeshadow sampleNYX! Two trio eyeshadowsAnd lastly, a full size Tu Bella perfume! Zen Zero, which I already have a sample of (I was really hoping for Delicato or a different scent)
Box 2
the goodies...
Beauty From The Earth Dawn Eyeshadow sample
Ocean Mist Cosmetics Blue Aquatic Eyeshadow sample
Exposed Organics, LLC full size Liptint in Funky Flamingo
How cute was this gift satchel with a mini candy cane and Purely Cosmetics Hint of Pink Pearlescent Blush?
More NYX! This time three Ultra Pearl Eyeshadows
And lastly, Honeycats Cosmetics Sweet Potato Pie Bubble Bath! I took a bath today just so I could use it, it smells yum and goes well with the Gingerbread sugar scrub too! I love the Honeycat silhouette icon, it's very meow.
I'm glad there won't be a January My Pretty Pink Box but looking forward to what'll be in the February boxes!

I'm starting to feel shopped out. Time for me to make some little goodies of my own and wrap presents. I hope you're all enjoying your weekend!!

P.S. If you're entering my mini contest, be sure to e-mail me with your blurb, pictures and top 5 prize choices!


  1. i want a pretty pink box tooO!! nooo ur shadows cracked? awww..

  2. i always miss these boxes..but so far from the blogs ive seen im not sure if i would be using any of the goodies though!

  3. I'll be joining your contest but I'll send it after finals!

  4. wow!!!! those are amazing things!!:D Maybe I'll get one whenever they will have new boxes again :D

    Yeah, I don't think I'll be getting all those things in my wishlist. i can't spend anymore. haha! Maybe after holidays :p

  5. What a great bunch of goodies! Sweet potato pie bubble bath?! Sounds great!!!

  6. how cuuuuuuuuuuute are your ppbox goodies this time around and darn you didn't get delicato either... I think you and i are just gonna have to bite the bullet and just buy it for ourselves woman!

    and that sweet potato pie bubble bath sounds soooooo sweet and delicious, you must of smelled like a cute lil bakery in your bathtub today!!!

    count down is onnnn cant wait to hang with my doll this weekend!!!

  7. Oh NO!!! Your shadows cracked! Email me.

  8. Awwww your shadow busted!! Linda's real good though!! She'll hook you up again!!

    Isn't 2 boxes great!! Double the fun!! I ordered 3 this time!! LOL!! Greedy ass I am!!! I didn't get any Ocean Mist samples at all though... But that's okay!! Next box come FEB!!!

  9. ooooh u did great this round
    gorgeous boxes

    btw i got your package!!! wahhhh! thank thank you! have u gotten mine??

  10. I wish they have those kind of boxes here T-T

  11. Your goodies look so amazing! Since I gave the Tu Bella Vanilla as a gift I will try to get a report hunnie. The HoneyCat lippie is like a chapstick form of DuWop's Lip Venom and is awesome as a base for lippies! Have you smelled the Tu Bella scent yet? I hope you enjoy sweetie!

  12. Wow so many goodies! :D Sigh, I wish I could enter you contest! I just have no ideas.... :/

  13. Wooo, I'm likin' what I'm seein' hehe. They're always packaged so nicely too :D. The gingerbread scrub must smell divine oxox

  14. whoo hoo! i can still enter :D i want andy to enter too...but he doesnt want to be the only boy T_T hahaha :p


    I love that name!! I actually want to renamemy blog that now!

  16. yes it only has one shade..i've used it for 2 days now..when i woke up this morning, NO more rashes and NO zits :) woooh,i'll keep using this :)

    price? hmmm..i got it for around $28? but its real price here is around $30? something like that..i dunno if you can get it cheaper at ebay though..hehe

    thank you dear :)

  17. that's crazy... so what is it, like no two boxes are alike? lovin' the nyx shadows!

  18. wow....those are lots of goodies! i need to buy those pink boxes next time!

  19. It's all good girl. I've been so busy myself. I've done a lot of shopping these past days and it's mostly for friends and family. Don't you just hate it when you have to shop for others? I do. Anyway, I guess we'll meet at the PW. Hrmm...I still don't have a dress yet. So freaking cold lately. Will you be rocking in dress/short/jean/nada? LOL.

    3 more freaking days!!!! whooohooo!

  20. I got mine too. I got:
    -Exposed Organics Liptint in Funky Flamingo & My Michele
    -Purely Cosmetics in Pearlescent Blush Hint of Pink
    -Beauty from the Earth eyeshadows in Blueberry and Dusty Rose
    -NYX Lipstick in Sparkling Dusty Rose
    -Mi Perfume Oil in Sake
    -And I also got the Gingerbread Scrub, it does smell yummy.

    I hope to get another box in February.

  21. oohhh so many nice things!! Can't wait for a review!


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